NAKED NUMEROLOGYTM | JUST THE BARE FACTS @OneLuckyGirl_28 | © 2019 Wendy Delaney | Vol. 1 #GG33 One of the most brilliant minds of the early Greek period, was Pythagoras, who claimed that numbers were sacred and that “all things are numbers.”  Pythagoras was a mystic, mathematician, and a religious leader. He believed that… Read More INTRODUCTION TO NUMEROLOGY

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August 2020 is a 3 Month

Amazing August is here! Things are heating up in Leo Season, feel the fire and heart start those dreams! August is a month that focuses on individuality, being creative, having fun, strut your stuff, seek out the limelight and add some drama to your life. Be your very own king or queen as Leo is the sign of the leader. It is time to unlock the fierceness within and go for the gold! Make it happen.… Read More August 2020 is a 3 Month