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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars * June 22, 2020 * Star Report *Volume 1

Neptune is slowing down and shifting into reverse on Tuesday, June 23, so you can expect some ups and downs. Seek some new inspiration — your needs are evolving and changing. Dreamy, spiritual Neptune is Stationary Retrograde now at 20° Pisces (Neptune rules Pisces) and particularly links us to our past, hidden truths and past lives— this one and all others. Neptune‘s timeout can help us sort out the truth, deepening your soul connection and heightening your intuition. Neptune (dreams) reminds us that life can truly be about living a dream, we just need to believe it! Neptune is adding confusion and all things HIDDEN to the usual Mercury retrograde glitches like communication and technology breakdowns, nervous tension, travel delays, and lost items. Make sure that you get all the facts before making important decisions this week as Neptune’s influence will be felt the strongest in the days surrounding the retrograde motion.

This is domesticated Cancer Season from June 20— July 22, and we are coming off a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in protective Cancer on June 21 at 0° that coincided with the Summer Solstice, on June 20. During the next month, the Astro Weather is more emotional, very caring and the focus is on Home + Family. Beware of mood swings and feeling secure takes center stage. We want to retreat to the place we feel most at home. Recognize the blessings that already surround you. A revelation or culmination around your home and family may occur. Security and support embrace our needs for comfort.

One of the best stones (crystals) for Cancer signs is Moonstone. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Moonstone, is strongly connected with the energy of the Moon, enhancing your intuition, and representing new beginnings. As a Moon-ruled sign, Cancer’s intuition is naturally strong.

Cancer rules the 4th house of Home + Family. Take care of yourself, others and create a home sanctuary. Stay true to your heart.

In Numerology, the number 4 brings conscientiousness, and a focus on building a secure foundation for the future. It sets the scene for a 2020, a 4 Universal year, filled with infinite potential. You will prevail. The number 4 is ruled by Uranus, the “Great Disruptor” (the natural ruler of Aquarius + the Aquarian age) reflected in the year of radical departure of old patterns in 2020 that we are experiencing. Uranus is a planet of change. Many 4‘s find success in careers involving Law Enforcement, Police and the Military. 4 is the number of law and order, hard work, structures, foundations, and legacy. The number 4 suggests that 2020, a 4 Universal year, has to do with bringing order and system to particular situations or conditions globally. Worldwide, situations will be heavy and intense. 2020 is a major turning point in this new nine-year cycle from 2017-2025.

  • As an EMPEROR year, 2+0+2+0 = 4
  • 4 is the EMPEROR: “ACHIEVEMENT”.
  • The Emperor in the Tarot is associated with Aries/Action.
  • 4 is aligned with the EARTH, mountains, boundaries, and the practical world.
  • 4 invokes your personal power.

This Thursday, June 25, Venus (the God/dess) of love, reverses her backspin and turns direct at 5° in dualistic Gemini. Relationships are back online after several weeks of retrograde motion with Venus (harmony and balance) moving forward again. With the direct turn, we begin to see some forward movement in projects or relationships that seem to have stalled. Focus is on the present/future, less on the past. Remember—you are moving forward.

On Saturday, June 27, Mars starts a new journey when it moves into passionate Aries. Assertive Mars is in Aries from June 27 -January 6, 2021. Mars (action, energy + desire)) feels at home in the sign that it rules, fiery Aries. Power is boosted + our energy is spontaneous, and impulsive in passionate Aries. Mars relates to desire—and the kind of lover you are. Mars will be at maximum fire power. Light your fire.

Assertive Mars, God of War, governs Aries + rules energy, attraction & sex. Mars is the warrior that fights back when you are attacked and is your defender. Your Mars energy makes you brave, courageous + daring. You find constant action wherever Mars is in your chart. Mars pursues.

At the end of June, the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction happens on Tuesday, June 30 signaling large scale achievements. With both Jupiter + Pluto retrograde, the focus will be on past achievements. Something big may happen with Jupiter’s good luck and powers of expansion combined with Pluto’s intensity. Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions are rare and only occur every thirteen years. Jupiter rules advertising, so a retrograde is an excellent time to reassess your marketing plan.

On Saturday, July 4, our nation’s birthday coincides with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so expect the fireworks to be hot and heavy. Full Moon’s bring matters to completion. Maybe an ending affecting the presidential race, with an eclipse on the USA’s birthday. A super-important year awaits, if your birthday falls on July 4, or the day before or after the eclipse.

First Wave—July 2020 is an 11 Universal month in Numerology. 11 is a Master Number that is a Spiritual Catalyst. The 11 energy opens a gateway that illuminates the 11 vibration throughout the month of July. A cosmic portal to incredible abundance and transformation is open. Make some significant connections. Propel your dreams into manifestation! All numbers have Yin/Yang energy. An 11 month produces sudden events that can occur out-of-the blue. 11 provides the dimension of depth. By connecting the details, we see a bigger picture. The 11 vibration illuminates, shines a light and inspires. Caution: People will be very emotional.

The Universe always offers us a roadmap through Numerology + Astrology to guide you toward your destiny. Let me be your guide. I am the Mapmaker. To order a stellar reading with me leave a message on Twitter @OneLuckyGirl_28, Naked Numerology, or email My personal assistant will contact you for scheduling + payment process. I have dozens of 5-star testimonials from my Celebrity clients.

Cosmic Luv,

Elite Numerologist Astrologer

© Naked Numerology

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