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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars

November 13, 2020 * Starr Report * Volume 13


2020 Super New Moon in Scorpio arrives early Sunday. Water sign deep, intense Scorpio rules the 8th house of power, sex, money, life, death, and rebirth. November can be a time of transformation, forward movement, and passion. Now is your moment! Set your intentions and manifest!

Good news! The highly fortunate Super New Moon and Sun in Scorpio are in sextile with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in business-like Capricorn. This energy brings a strong sense of purpose and stability. There is increased optimism and enthusiasm to focus on your dreams and goals!

The Super New Moon and Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces allowing you to get in touch with your emotions for increased understanding, compassion, and empathy. This is a fortunate time for intuitive readings — so order a Numerology and Astrology forecast session with me now.

The November 15 Super New Moon is in aspect to Jupiter-Pluto — bringing out the best qualities like good fortune and success.

This Super New Moon in Scorpio is going to grant you the insight and intuition you need in order to let go of anything holding you back, and assess what you can do to maximize your healing potential throughout the next month. Nothing can stop what is destined for you.

NEW MOON ON NOVEMBER 15, 2020 IN SCORPIO— 12:07 AM EST— AT 23° Good news! This New Moon harmonizes with Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Scorpio Moons are wonderful for working on your self-mastery skills. Scorpio destroys and rebuilds. Your mindset can change your life. Manifest.

This New Moon in deep, intense #Scorpio occurs at 23° affecting people born with placements at 19° to 27° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) the most. Set your intentions—see it manifest.

The Moon is traveling through deep, intense Scorpio bringing healing and transformative energy to us. With the Super New Moon in Scorpio you are seeking out hidden meanings, motivations, and answers. The emphasis is on your emotions, dreams, and inner world.

If you have factors at 19° to 27° (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) welcome surprising financial news at the New Moon in Scorpio. Embrace what comes next. Manifest.

Embrace New Moon in Scorpio • focus on your own happiness • finding coping techniques • focus more on your ambitions • become your best self • surround yourself with great people • work harder and smarter • self-care and self-love • let go of what holds you back

The Moon in deep Scorpio generally favors the following activities: Taxes, accounting, intimacy issues, research, self-examination, getting rid of old things. Scorpio is a fixed sign that motivates us to go deep into the creative work we are doing.

The Super New Moon is in deep, intense Scorpio brings healing and transformative energy to us. With the Moon in Scorpio you are seeking out hidden meanings, motivations, and answers. The emphasis is on your emotions, dreams, and inner world.

Secrets are revealed — as dark is made light.

This time we are in is full of uncertainty. As things around you shift — adjust and change. Listen to your inner guidance. Trust the process. Your dreams are possible.

During this Super New Moon in Scorpio — *Changes could happen in sexual energies. *Emotions and truths will come out. *You may see people being more emotional. *This is a time of observing. *This is also good time of healing and finding the truth about something.

With the Super New Moon in Scorpio, choose the path of love and light. Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, deeply connected to your feelings. Be in alignment with your heart’s desire. Turn up your vibration so you can attract abundance.

Super New Moon in Scorpio •This Moon is about healing emotional traumas and healing grief.

Some good crystals for this: •Amazonite •Jet •Malachite •Rose Quartz •Obsidian

Some good herbs: •Marjoram •Rosemary •Eucalyptus

POWER STONE FOR SCORPIO NEW MOON Obsidian is used as a grounding stone. You can use it to release negative energy or it may help you just get rid of the excess energy. Scorpio can be deeply emotional, which is why it needs some way of emotional release. Do not resist change.

Moon in Scorpio people can read others like a book.

Someone born with the Moon in deep Scorpio is a soulful person who likes to get to the heart of a matter. Challenge—Scorpio often hides feelings and holds on to hurts or grudges for a long time. Scorpio is emotionally complex, secretive, and often suspicious as well.

Healing and Compassion are the themes with the Super New Moon in watery Scorpio. Scorpio is sometimes called the “Psychic Healer.” Listen to your Soul Self. Listen to your Higher Self. People will be feeling more sympathetic & understanding. Envision Brighter Days Ahead!

Zodiac signs most likely to be psychic:

Cancer — ability to read between the lines.

Scorpio — strong connection to the deeper realms.

Aquarius — visionary and genius abilities.

Pisces — naturally gifted psychics.

 Aquarius and Scorpio are two of the smartest zodiac signs.

Water energy is the most psychic energy.

New Moons are potent times for intention-setting, expansion, and creation. Every New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh. Trust yourself. Listen to your spirit. Manifest.

RELEASE MEDITATION FOR SCORPIO MOON “Great Spirit, please help me. My anxieties crowd around me, seeking to trap me. My pain has a hold on me. Release me and grant me the freedom to fly and let go of all traps enclosing me.” 


Aries – In the coming weeks you will be moving projects forward. Set a powerful intention at the New Moon around improved finances. Make progress with your goals. Take action on desire. Your attention is your power. It is all aligning for you right now. This is your time to shine!

Taurus – Around the New Moon on the 15th, sharing your ideas about a dream professional project with a colleague could lead to a win. It feels good to be so inspired. You might uncover important truths about a relationship, getting deep to the heart of the matter.

Gemini -Come the New Moon on the 15th express how you feel to preempt conflict down the road. Think about partnerships for the future. Take better care of your health, self-care, and well-being. You can attract who and what you need now. Tie up loose ends and clear out the clutter.

Cancer – Around the New Moon on the 15th, prioritize spontaneous fun with a loved one. Nothing feels more empowering than speaking and acting from the heart. Expressing your creativity in a joyful way, motivates you to take action. Trust the timing in your life.

Leo – Around the New Moon on the 15th, avoid burnout by zeroing in on top priorities at work and home — and you will soar. A new project that may elevate your status can be yours. Long term decisions boost your career progress. Recognition for your talents is coming.

Virgo – Come the New Moon on the 15th, finding space for creativity and fun bolsters your success. Share your thoughts. You will do well to gather information on a new subject, explore new ideas, and get a sense of connection. Breaking your routine can boost your spirits.

Libra – Around the New Moon on the 15th, take some time to reflect on your work. This can help you polish your game plan moving forward. There can be meaningful revelations around financial matters. Focus on the bottom line now could pay off. Manifest your dreams.

Scorpio – With the New Moon in your sign on the 15th, focusing on self-care brings peace. A sudden revelation or awareness about a situation comes into view. Go in search of the truth. Trade creative ideas with a friend to lay the groundwork for a successful collaboration.

Sagittarius – At the New Moon on the 15th, do your best to be patient and prioritize your needs. Take a stand to improve your work-life balance. The focus is in your privacy sector shining a light on hidden factors. Get extra rest and take care of your mental health.

Capricorn – Around the New Moon on the 15th, join with friends to fight for a cause. You will feel a bolstered sense of community. This is a time of revelations or epiphanies about your need to belong and contribute. New energy is coming into your life. Focus on the present.

Aquarius – Around the New Moon on the 15th, your superpower is the force of attraction as you prepare to meet your destiny. Awaken to the need for well-defined ambition and a long-term goal. Anything is possible for you. Build your talents and the creative side of your life.

Pisces – You will find yourself wanting to shake off the mundane at the New Moon on the 15th. Open up to unusual approaches on the job and at home, and you will soar. Chart a course towards what motivates you. You are arriving at a revelation around someone calling out to you.

Happy New Moon!


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