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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
March 2021 * Starr Report * Volume 28



This year’s only Pisces New Moon on Saturday, Match 13 is very closely aligned to the meet-up of the romanticized Venus and Neptune, and you may feel the urge to feed your own emotional and spiritual needs, engaging in imaginative and creative endeavors.


The theme and spiritual meaning of the Pisces New Moon is intuition, empathy, compassion, idealistic love, invest in your growth and to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

How do you feel about romance? The Sun & Venus are approaching conjunctions to awe-inspiring, love planet Neptune, Pisces ruler, this week on Wednesday, March 10 and at the New Moon in Pisces, on Saturday, March 13. Celebrate a relationship milestone! Something lasting awaits!

 Mercury clears retro shadow on the 13th. With all of the planets direct until April 27 this is a favorable time to launch new things, focus on our ambitions, start relationships and begin projects. May you manifest exactly what you want. The best is yet to come for you.

The intuitive Pisces New Moon on March 13 is especially harmonious and poetic, as it is quite close to the imaginative planet of Neptune and Venus, goddess of love and money.

Pisces is a Mutable Water sign and rules the 12th house in Astrology. The 12th house is about spirituality, intuition, secrets, and karma. If you have the Moon in Pisces—you are highly emotional and intuitive. You are likely psychic and read others well. You seek a soul mate.

Since Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac—they have qualities of all the other signs.


NEW MOON ON MARCH 13, 2021 IN PISCES (5:21 AM EST)—at 23° This is a fortunate, magical lunation with lovely, joyful blessings of beauty, compassion, and unconditional love. This is the final of 6 consecutive New Moon’s at 23° asking you to fall in love with life and set goals.

This intuitive, spiritual New Moon at 23° Pisces on March 13, will affect people born with personal placements at 19° to 27° of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) the most. Embrace the new beginnings that are unfolding. Set intentions & focus on manifesting.

The Pisces New Moon on Saturday, March 13 is the big day of the week. The New Moon is the darkest and calmest point in March’s lunar cycle, with all the right stuff for making any type of new beginning. Think in terms of releasing during the coming days before the New Moon.

Mercury is in dreamy Pisces from March 15 – April 3, 2021. Communication is primarily focused on others now and thinking is visual, intuitive, imaginative, compassionate, and understanding.


The New Moon in Pisces is a good time to commit to personal goals that express taking a leap of faith, starting a project that requires imagination and visualization skills, consciously putting time aside for peaceful and rejuvenating activities, and sharing a dream with another.

New Moons are new beginnings. Follow your intuition and have faith in the process. This New Moon is conjunct Pisces ruler Neptune, the planet of mysticism, fantasy, and dreams. Hazy, dreamy Neptune (secret fears) tends to hide things. Get all the facts before making important decisions!

Pisces is the only mutable water sign in the zodiac and is the natural ruler of the twelfth house of karma, psychic intuition, hidden or unconscious self and dreams. Mystery, romance, and adventure appeal to psychic Pisces. Pisces is governed by foggy Neptune (soul secrets).

This New Moon is especially creative and imaginative with its meet-up to Neptune, “God of the Sea”. We are likely to feel very inspired, and this can motivate us to take a leap of faith. Reach higher. It all starts with you.

 Take a leap of faith, take time out for peaceful and rejuvenating activities, and celebrate the fulfillment of your dreams. Take time for reflection. Believe that something better is meant for you and trust that it will happen.

If you have placements at 19° to 27° (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) welcome surprising financial news at the New Moon in Pisces. Embrace what comes next. Manifest your dreams.


  • Pisces is the ultimate romantic.
  • Give your imagination the freedom to attract.
  • Let yourself go with the flow.
  • Love is not just a feeling or an emotion—it is a choice.
  • Find your dream lover.
  • Add romance to your existing relationship by having fun together!
  • Love is not something you find—it finds you when you least expect it.
  • May your dreams manifest exactly how you want or greater.

 Affirm: I am attracting the life of my dreams.


New Moon conjunct (joined together) Venus: This fortunate lunation is opening a portal to a brand-new cycle with a good energy for romance and positive financial flow. The keyword for this fortunate New Moon is freedom. Set your goals and wishes now. Manifest your dreams. Let it align for you. Brighter days are coming! The focus will be on: Love Life, Creativity, and Finances. Emotionally, we are happy. Venus is our heart and loved ones. The force of optimism is in the air. It is also good news coming your way. Celebrate!

 Sun conjunct Neptune: The Sun illuminates and brightens whereas Neptune makes everything obscure and hazy, spreading a delicate facade over reality, allowing your view of life to be dreamy and soft. A sudden spiritual or psychic insight may help you solve a long-standing problem.

 Venus conjunct Neptune:

This is a dreamy, sensual, and compassionate New Moon with one of the most magical conjunctions we can experience – between seductive Venus and soulful Neptune. Venus is approaching an alignment with Neptune softening things considerably, and this is good news! It can be a time of coming to a greater understanding with someone. Your idealism is aroused with Venus (beauty, love, art) conjunct Neptune (compassion and self-sacrifice).



The New Moon in Pisces on the 13th is all about your need to recharge before moving forward. You need more time to rest, reflect and just “be.” Use your insight and intuition in a practical manner. You may be letting go spiritually + physically. Dream big for your future.


Around the New Moon on the 13th, share your greatest aspiration with friends—their support inspires you to make a move! Elevating your skill set feels empowering and leads to a win! Make contacts and reach out to others. Assemble your dream team. Follow your intuition.


Brainstorm a career goal at the New Moon on the 13th, while you are in a stellar position. Your path is cleared for new beginnings related to your life calling. People you know open doors to your future. Get ready for success! Mars gives you the X-Factor. Go for it!


Cancer at the New Moon on the 13th, you may long to break away from the mundane in order to have an eye-opening experience. Let your heart lead the way! This is the beginning of a new journey. There is good energy for travel and trying something new, that will enhance your life.


Your star is on the rise at the New Moon on the 13th. You could break new ground & experience professional success. The rewards will be worth it. Embrace new beginnings with shared finances & a new you. You can experience a real desire for positive change with money or love.


Replenish your most important relationships with energy and hope around the New Moon on the 13th. Initiate a project with a colleague. By collaborating, you can hit your stride! You are ready to take charge, as Mars will help you find direction. Believe it and manifest.


Explore new ways to better your wellbeing at the New Moon on the 13th. You feel motivated to make a fresh start in areas of work, daily affairs, health & habits. Researching options boost your confidence! Shine for you are light & wonder! Make way for new and better love.


Express yourself artistically around the New Moon on the 13th through performance, writing, speaking & other arts. Celebrate & enjoy yourself in satisfying ways, you will feel more centered. Plug into passion & use your imagination. Take time for fun, it is time to shine!


Around the New Moon on the 13th, pinpoint relationships, and goals you want to devote energy to for a renewed sense of security and inner peace. You are finding more meaning and purpose through your home life, sparking fresh beginnings. Re-invent those ideas.


The energy is right to forge new connections at the New Moon on the 13th. Use these energies to lay the groundwork for energizing collaborations. There can be new beginnings related to personal interests, studies, or communications. Chance meetings are probable now.


Around the 13th at the New Moon your earnings sector is lit! New beginnings can be in the cards related to your finances and possessions. Articulating your vision, powers up cash flow! Insight directs you toward the answers you seek. Focus on gratitude and manifest.


Happy Birthday! A burst of energy helps you set bold intentions related to your wellness at the New Moon in your sign on the 13th. And thanks to your new drive, handling a large-scale professional project may feel less daunting. Show the world the power of your dreams!


 AQUAMARINE is for creative dreamers who seek out adventure. The beautiful Aquamarine is associated with March. Aquamarine is a “Stone of Courage and Protection” and is the perfect meditation stone for Pisces energy. Pisces is very sensitive, full of inspiration, and clairvoyance. Aquamarine is used to promote verbal self-expression, heightens courage, brings mental clarity and aids in clear communication.

Embrace at Pisces New Moon •heightened intuition •put the past behind you •learn from your past experience so you don’t repeat old patterns •mystical inspiration •breakthroughs •spiritual downloads •share your wildest dreams •meditate to connect with your higher self!

 The New Moon on the 13th energizes compassionate Pisces. This very creative lunation brings a “fresh start” to our lives. We are awakened to the need for a spiritual vision. It’s time to revitalize ourselves through experiences that require imagination and spirituality.

Have a magical Pisces New Moon!

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