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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
January 5, 2023 * Starr Report * Volume 103
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The Full Moon in Cancer 16°, the first Full Moon of 2023, and the fourth consecutive Full Moon at 16°, will rise in the night sky on Friday, January 6, 2023. The first Full Moon of 2023 glows in warm, caring Cancer is about self-care and self-comforts. The Moon rules highly intuitive and sensitive Cancer, so this will amplify the lunar qualities of empathy, emotion, and intuition.

2023 is bookended by a pair of Full Moons in security-seeking Cancer, a feminine, Moon ruled Cardinal water sign, that rules the 4th house of home and family. Those born under the sign of cozy, compassionate Cancer are private, internal, empathic, nurturing, loving, kind, have excellent memories, nostalgic, sentimental and seek intimacy.

The Cancer Full Moon welcomes a triple 7:7:7 activation code with both the Moon and Sun at 16° amplifying the Universal Year number 7 in 2023 (2+0+2+3=7). This is the fourth consecutive Full Moon at 16°.

The energy of the 7 is spirituality with a focus on reflection, going inward, slowing down, doing research, evolution, personal growth, making wise decisions, soul-evolving healing, and gaining knowledge.

  • The number 16 represents discernment, rest, asking you to listen to the deep messages from your intuition and profound inner-wisdom.
  • 16 reduces to the number 7 (1+6=7).
  • 2023 is a 7 Universal Year.

This creates a powerful 7:7:7 manifestation code of spiritual awakening, serving your soul-purpose and life mission. A blessing will happen for you.

“Your intuition never shouts. It always whispers.” – Steven Spielberg

The high point of the coming week is the Full Moon in Cancer on Friday, January 6 at 6:08 pm EST. The Full Moon is the power point of the month when the Cancer Moon is illuminated by the Sun in Capricorn representing completions and endings. Set your intentions— see them manifest.

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Friday, January 6, 2023 welcomes a Full Moon in sensitive, intuitive Cancer. Water sign protective Cancer is caring and nurturing—so great for a heart-felt celebration to welcome the New Year! Trust your own timing as Full Moons are about culmination. It will be worth it.

This will be a deeply nostalgic time in our lives as we reflect back on all of the events that have occurred in 2022. Enjoy spending time at home with those you love and nest.

Energies grind to a halt at Friday’s Full Moon, which ushers in a weekend that may be filled with a few unexpected events and surprises, with retrograde Mercury in Capricorn opposing the Cancer Full Moon. Tense vibes may bring suspicion, power plays, manipulations, and hurt feelings as scheming people will be revealed. Keep drama at bay in your closest, personal relationships.

Keywords are reflection, intuition, gentle, divine feminine, psychic, empathic, protective, nurturing, emotions, ritual, inspiring hope, wellbeing, giving hugs, comforting, love, kindness, home, and family.


  • Imagine a shield of white light surrounding you like a sparkling pearl.
  • Light a white, or silver candle.
  • These colors correspond to the MOON, and goddess energy.
  • Add some aromatherapy to your ritual, burning incense of sage, rose, or jasmine.

Self-care is everyday magic.

Affirm Full Moon in Cancer:
Thank you for the light that blesses my body, my mind, and my soul. I welcome the light into my heart, as it strengthens the connection between me and my Higher Self.

Happy Full Moon! The Full Moon is in protective Cancer, with the Sun in serious Capricorn. People tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon. Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts, and emotional connections are aroused.

The first Full Moon of the year rises on Friday, January 6 — it has a message for you.


  • value your home base and your roots
  • unconditional love
  • your emotional intelligence
  • give and nurture
  • many emotions will rise up now
  • avoid being overprotective
  • your past and heredity
  • respect for family and tradition
  • compassion, home, and family


Cardinal Water sign Cancer is caring and sensitive, so great for a heart-felt celebration to welcome a brand-new year! The Full Moon is a time of culmination and is well aspected to dream-agent Neptune. Take a moment to count your blessings.

The light of the Full Moon is reflected back and illuminates the house opposite to the one they appear in.

This magical Full Moon on Friday, January 6 occurs at 16° Cancer, affecting people with personal placements at 12° to 20° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). Welcome change! It all starts within you. As the Full Moon manifests tune into your intuition.

Full Moon Affirmation:
I now release the need for those things in my life that are not serving my higher good. I am not afraid to let go. In their place, I receive love, joy, and abundance.

On January 6, an especially potent Full Moon occurs in the sign of Cancer. With the Cancer-Capricorn axis involved, the needs concerning the balance between our private lives, represented by watery Cancer versus our public lives represented by serious Capricorn, is highlighted.

  • Cancer is — Emotional Security.
  • Capricorn is — Financial Security.

The Moon-ruled fourth house of home and family is illuminated as it is naturally associated with watery, sensitive Cancer, at the Full Moon on Friday, January 6. Your living situation, care, and responsibilities of family—and self-care are all brought into focus. Nest in comfort.

This Full Moon is known as the Snow or Wolf Moon, illuminating the depths of the winter nights.

“It seems like everything sleeps in the winter, but it’s really a time of renewal and reflection.” – Elizabeth Camden

This week we have an instinctive need for balance, peace and quiet. A feeling of belonging and safety is what motivates us now. The Full Moon feels right at home in the sign of Moon ruled, nurturing Cancer. This Moon position has healing potential. This should be a dazzling Full Moon!

I give up freely what is no longer serving me, I release it to create space for what inspires me.

What’s in the shadows will come to light.

Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings. This is a time of letting go. Release yourself from the need to please others. This Full Moon in Cancer opposite Sun in Capricorn illuminates finding balance and harmony in your closest relationships. Trust your inner guidance.

Not all storms come to disrupt your life — some come to clear a path.

Full Moon Affirmation: I now release the need for those things in my life that are not serving my higher good. I am not afraid to let go. In their place, I receive love, joy, and abundance.

Get ready to dive deep into your feelings.

Full Moons are time of endings. Release emotional entanglements and negative energy drains— so you can have more vitality. Cut ties with people, places and circumstances that hold you back. Surround yourself with love and care so you can attract positive people and circumstances.

A bounty of blessings will open up as you release what no longer serves you. The Full Moon is when you let things go. Meditate on what you need to release. Burn white candles for mood and intention. Write out what no longer serves you —then burn it.

Let go of negative energy that no longer serves you.


  • focus on your own happiness
  • finding coping techniques
  • focus more on your ambitions
  • become your best self
  • surround yourself with great people
  • enhanced intuition
  • clear the air and reset yourself
  • let go of what holds you back

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FULL MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY Rx – Emotional reflection is intensified with the disruptive outpouring of distracting words and thoughts. It’s possible that scheming people will be revealed when the truth about past actions comes to light. Energy may grind to a halt at the Full Moon opposite Mercury Retrograde, ushering in a weekend that could be filled with suspicion, power plays, manipulations, and hurt feelings. If drama flares up, remove yourself from the situation. Focus on mindful meditation, self-care, and the healing power of crystals to raise your vibration allowing you to advance spiritually.

FULL MOON OPPOSITE SUN – Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. Full Moons emphasize harmony and balance. This means two parts of our life need to be brought into alignment. This Full Moon connects Cancer and Capricorn with a focus on tradition, family, and career achievement. Oppositions involve your relationships. Use this energy as an opportunity for growth and change.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY Rx – With the ego-driven Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde in serious Capricorn, Friday’s Full Moon in Cancer is a good day to review situations before making any long-lasting decisions. Watch your words and think before you speak. Retrogrades rule the past. Keep it simple!

FULL MOON & SUN SQUARE CHIRON – With the Full Moon and Sun square Chiron in Aries, healing through love is greatly enhanced. This is a great time to start any kind of therapy. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Inner spirituality is being awakened. You’re being guided to a greater place. Heal, love, and let go.

FULL MOON SEXTILE URANUS – With the Full Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus, it will shift the focus to the positive & inspirational. Listen to your heart, spiritual and creative vibes are enhanced now. Let your heart lead the way! You will experience a breakthrough. It’s your time to shine! You may be given an unexpected gift!

SUN TRINE URANUS – Expand your horizons! Believe in yourself to make the most of the supportive energy with an enthusiastic trine between the Sun in Capricorn and change-agent Uranus in Taurus. There is an abundance of carefree joy for all. Business and commerce are favored.

FULL MOON & SUN TRINE NEPTUNE – Creativity, emotions romance, sensitivity, kindness, psychic ability, and imagination are all heightened. You may be having some strong premonitions around this time. Forgiveness, compromise, and cooperation are magnified. The Moon represents instincts and emotions. Neptune refines everything it touches. It’s a great time for new ideas, vivid imagination, and intuition. Your instincts are sharp and clear.

VENUS TRINE MARS – Fortunately, Venus, Goddess of love, art and beauty is trine Mars, bringing energy to Venus’s love of beauty…and love, at the Full Moon in Cancer. Mars combined with Venus can give you a strong sex drive. This is very affectionate, sensual energy and is lucky for romance.

VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER – This magical dynamic duo of the two benefics in Astrology is playing a major role in an especially fortunate, abundant, and miraculous first week of 2023! Venus brings money, luck, love, and happiness. There are very positive results when Jupiter and Venus interact! Manifest!

Affirm Full Moon in Cancer:

  • I welcome transformation
  • I welcome growth
  • I welcome abundance
  • I know what I need
  • I am ready

Those of you with natal placements in the middle degrees of Cancer or Capricorn are in for pleasant surprises at the Cancer Full Moon! The stars are coming together to bring you abundance. The Universe is asking you to take charge! Manifest your dreams and desires.

The truth will be revealed at the Full Moon in Cancer.

2023 is a year of big dreams.

The beginning of 2023 is reflected by a special Cancer Full Moon on January 6 that is concentrated on women. The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the intuitive Moon. Embrace your sentimental side, with a sense of comfort, care, and nurturing.

Full Moons bring turning points, culminations, and completion and are felt for several days before and after.

Embrace at Full Moon in Cancer: value your home base and your roots, unconditional love, your emotional intelligence, give and nurture, are feelings, avoid being overprotective, your past and heredity, respect for family and tradition, compassion, home, and family.

I am ready and open to receiving the blessings from the good intention I have set in my heart. I manifest prosperity in the pursuit of my soul dream.

Evolve yourself to reflect your evolution.

Set your intentions for the magical, special Full Moon in Cancer. Speak it and trust the miracles and blessings this Full Moon will bring.

Seeds that were sown six months ago come to fruition at the Full Moon.

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ARIES – Brand new you! Take a step back to boost harmony at home with family around the Full Moon on the 6th. Pay more attention to your emotional health. Take time to nurture and go easy on yourself. Achieve a goal. Life wants to take you in a new direction. Time to improve, evolve and grow. Your intuition and psychic ability will evolve in 2023, so pay attention to your dreams. You are manifesting abundance.

Get ready for prime time! Around the Full Moon in family-focused Cancer, putting cherished bonds in the spotlight, be honest about your needs. It’s time to start receiving your blessings. You deserve it. The focus is on home and family. Some of you could be moving or doing renovations. This Full Moon will give you closure and give you a reason to make an important, final decision.

Stay positive about what’s to come in your life with fortunate Jupiter in your sign until May 16, 2023. You are likely to receive abundance through others. Your path will open with many career opportunities. You may receive an unexpected gift.

Love and gratitude flow to and through me in all moments.

TAURUS – Destiny’s calling! Think about the success that you’ve had around your personal goals at the Full Moon on the 6th. You could shine brightly professionally! You may see your efforts pay off within a month if you are hoping for a promotion. It’s easier to try a more streamlined approach now. Draw on patience and restraint in communications for best results. What you have to say is important now. Meditate on a heart-felt intention. Aim high and dream big. Manifest.

You are so blessed and ready to learn something new! Embrace inspired collaborations at the Cancer Full Moon in your communication zone. The motivation to pursue your dreams for an exciting future is with you in January. Set your long-term goals around ways to manifest your vision now. You may come up with brilliant ideas and solutions to challenges. You may have a contract to sign but wait until around the New Moon on January 21 for the signing. Pursue your dreams, take a short trip, and make future plans now. Pace yourself and find peace.

I feel peaceful and relaxed knowing I am exactly where I am meant to be.

GEMINI – 2023 is a milestone year for you. Your social butterfly wings are shimmering. Focus your energy on only what matters. At the Full Moon on the 6th, take the first steps to shore up a financial plan. Be sure to tune in to your heart along the way. Reinvest in soul worth. You will be in a better position now going forward to take charge of your earnings, spending, and possessions. Become the change you’re waiting for. Let yourself dream big. A promotion, raise, award or bonus arrives.

You have had some challenging months recently, while dealing with Mars in Gemini since August 20. That will change when Mars turns direct on January 12. Pursue a personal passion. The energy is finally turning in a more positive direction for you in January. Your money, cash flow and earnings zone is lit at the lovely Cancer Full Moon! If you have been waiting for money, it may come around the Full Moon, and it may be substantial.  Your career looks promising. A promotion or raise may be coming as you finalize negotiations. You have big plans now! Set a powerful new goal related to moneymaking. May good energy come your way. Professional growth opportunities are coming in 2023! Manifest it.

Everything is always working out for my highest good.

CANCER – No more hiding in that shell! Set your boldest personal intentions for 2023 around the Full Moon in your personality sector. What a powerful way for you to start the year, rising up as a leader and innovator. Putting your nose to the grindstone expedites results. Make changes in any new ideas and ventures you embark on now. Your outlook for success with a partner is positive and strong. Light up! Take action and stand in the spotlight. Go for it!

Awaken to a whole new year! Set your boldest personal intentions for 2023 around the Full Moon in your sign. What a powerful way for you to start the year. Your outlook for success with a partner is positive and strong. Aim to empower, not enable. Light up! Take action and stand in the spotlight.

Set your boldest personal intentions for 2023 with fortunate Jupiter shining like a beacon at the top of your chart giving your career a boost until May 16, 2023. Putting your nose to the grindstone expedites results. Make changes in any new ideas and ventures you embark on now. Money and ambitions are likely to be strong for you now. Light up! Take action and launch yourself. Go for it!

I am aligned with the energy of pure abundance.

LEO – Enjoy a more soul-centered pace in January. Carve out more solo time relaxing, renewing and recharging around the Full Moon on the 6th. Meditating on what you want may inform your next professional move. Lean into your mystical side. You may feel more confident and energized soon. You may hear very good news about your career! A lucrative new project may come along elevating your status. Focus and you will attract. This will boost your motivation level.

Getting extra rest can lead to an exciting epiphany about a long-term goal with the sentimental Cancer Full Moon traveling through your privacy zone. Seek privacy, rest, and relaxation in January. The universe is telling you to chill. You have the power to find closure. Give yourself a spa day. Everything is in motion and things will soon come together for you. You were born to stand out from the crowd! Shine.

Things should finally perk up in your relationship zone now that Venus will grace it with her presence for the next few weeks in January. Emotional authenticity brings you the outcome you seek. You are all about having a good time! Take the initiative to get the ball rolling and manifest!

I tap into my inner power and embrace the magic within me.

VIRGO – Prepare for a major year ahead. Your relationships get a major boost in 2023. You will do well to join forces with friends on a group effort around the Full Moon on the 6th. The experience prompts a sense of a new beginning. Get a fresh perspective, as it will do wonders for you. Doors to opportunities open with the key to your future. Manifest.

Bliss will find you in January! Your calendar will be packed with the Cancer Full Moon in your friends with benefits zone. Good energy is with you for networking. You have one of the strongest financial outlooks for making money in 2023 that you’ve had in years! Enjoy your good fortune. Collaboration sets up a win. Believe in yourself, the rest will align. It’s time for a well-deserved vacation changing-up the mental scenery.

Make room for new energy. Spend your time on people and pursuits that enrich and transform you. View everything in 2023 as an investment. A team effort can get a goal across the finish line! Reconnect with your inner power and celebrate.

I am excited to attract new experiences.

LIBRA – Set your sights on success in 2023! Reflect on a work-related move you would like to make around the Full Moon on the 6th. Small steps can help you achieve it. Do not be afraid to do your own thing. Push forward and go for it. A new direction with a sense of purpose arrives. Shift your focus and change your world. Leverage what you have achieved. Money matters bring in an abundant harvest in 2023. Shift your perspective and align with empowerment.

Victory is here for you this week! You will have an opportunity to step back into a leadership role. Reflect on a work-related move you would like to make with the Cancer Full Moon in your career zone. Small steps can help you achieve it. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing. Push forward and go for it. A new direction with a sense of purpose arrives. Allow changes in your professional life to motivate you. Leverage what you have achieved. You will earn applause!

Enjoy a prosperous start to the new year when bonus money and gifts increase your spending power. With Jupiter in Aries until May 16, 2023 lighting up your relationship zone, this is by far the best time of year for you to put yourself out there and shine! Your dating life may grow in January! Tune into your heart.

I attract love by being loving.

SCORPIO – Great blessings are coming your way in 2023! Around the Full Moon on the 6th, it is time to take steps to advance your skill set. Make your move — you will love soaking up new knowledge. It is a good time to explore new topics and creative self-expression with a sense of adventure. Strike out in a bold direction. Expand your horizons – it’s time to pursue your dreams.

Time to expand. The Full Moon is shining brightly in fellow water sign Cancer lighting up your adventure zone bringing freedom. Powerful energy is with you for higher learning and travel, as you are filled with determination to improve your life. You will be ready to get out of your old routine. Make a point to learn something new. Manifest your wildest dreams.

By the time Mercury retrograde ends on January 18, all the time spent on reflection, could lead you to find the partner of your dreams. You’re in a transformative state. Make room for new energy. Everything you want out of life starts with you first. Keep your heart open for love.

I am ready for a big change to happen in my life.

SAGITTARIUS – Get ready for a vibrant year in 2023! Pursue goals with optimism and your spirit of adventure around the Full Moon on the 6th. A pathway opens towards new solutions for shared wealth. Intimate matters and finances are in focus. Move away from restrictions. Relax and recharge. Attract the resources you need. A bonus, raise, reward, promotion, or check arrives. Manifest.

Own your self-worth. The Cancer Full Moon is powering you up to make a bold statement move. Luck is once again working for you. A financial opportunity comes to fruition now. Money will come to you — so be receptive to this. A Full Moon begins the year in your money and intimacy zone!

Trust your heart to lead the way. You are falling in love again, Sagittarius! Not only in your partnership but with your life! January is the perfect month to renew love and bond with your partner. Schedule date nights. A long-distance attraction could also heat up. You will be lucky with romance in 2023!

I make space for love, abundance, and prosperity to flow to and through me.

CAPRICORN – Set a new tone initiating fresh starts with a partner around the Full Moon on the 6th. Love lights the way ahead. Talking through your differences, paves the way for harmony. Make something happen by taking on a new attitude. Set some new intentions around relationships. Seek more balance.

Stay connected to your intuition at the Full Moon in your partnership zone. Take stock of your closest, personal relationships. Think, watch, and listen carefully. Set your sights higher now. A higher power is working in your favor. Your primary relationship could get a huge boost. What is meant for you is showing up now.

Prepare for a year you won’t soon forget! Venus is moving through your money zone until late January, fueling your ability to generate cash flow. Mercury retrogrades station to move direct in your sign on January 18 paves the way for executing financial plans. Allow positive change to flow through your life.

Happy birthday, Capricorn! A brand-new personal year cycle for you has just begun. Get instant access to your 2023 Cosmic Roadmap Reading for guidance with actionable advice! Discover the full embrace of your natural gifts.

I am learning to honor and respect the process.

AQUARIUS – Get ready to see more prosperity manifest for you in 2023! This is your year to make it happen. You may be inspired to shift your work-life balance around the Full Moon on the 6th. Creative tweaks to your schedule boost productivity. Solutions are possible now. Move away from energy drains and towards wellness. Take stock of your daily life and health matters. Bold moves await you as goals get grounded. A raise, more lucrative job offers, or promotion arrives. Manifest.

You’re ready to get on with plans for 2023! This a very busy week filled with responsibilities, tasks, appointments, and errands for you.  Productivity and efficiency will be on your mind. Streamline your calendar and priorities this month. Adopt a new mind-body wellness routine. Embrace it and you will glow! Harness the feel-good factor. It’s an excellent time for improving your wellbeing. News you have been waiting on arrives. Trust the signs you are receiving. You will have the focus to tackle your goals.

Venus in Aquarius season from January 2nd through the 26th will be filled with joy for you. Your financial picture improves with a new source of income arriving. Set intentions on your love, money, and career goals in January. Options are available now to finance your career dreams. You can manifest it!

I am open to receiving unexpected opportunities.

PISCES – Prepare for one of the best years of your life in 2023 while Jupiter in Aries dashes through your earned income sector of assets, bonuses, money, and new employment opportunities until May 16, 2023! Develop a solid financial plan. Market your skills and let the world know what you can do!

Dive into a new wellness routine around the Full Moon on the 6th. Anything joyful will keep you motivated. This can be a time of a turning point with creative pursuits, self-expression, love, and children. You have many avenues to explore. Express your vision in some way. Keep your heart open for love. Step into your biggest potential in 2023.

The Cancer Full Moon in your pleasure zone of genuine love and creativity will bring you joy in your closest, personal relationships! You will love January. Love matters are healthy. Double-checking details related to finances is key to keeping your cash flow goals on track. Your month ahead is filled with happiness.

I am creating financial abundance and positive relationships in 2023.

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There is magic in the air as we approach the emotional, sensitive Full Moon in Cancer.  A day of courage, strength and inspiration as changes sweep you into unknown territory with the Moon in harmony with surprising Uranus.

January 2023 welcomes a Full Moon in sensitive, intuitive Cancer. Water sign protective Cancer is caring and nurturing—so great for a heart-felt celebration to welcome the New Year! Trust your own timing as Full Moons are about culmination. It will be worth it.

Look to see what house Cancer occupies to see where this Full Moon energy will manifest — and be directed for you.

Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings. This is a time of letting go. Release yourself from the need to please others. This Full Moon in Cancer opposite Sun in Capricorn illuminates finding balance and harmony in your closest relationships. Trust your inner guidance.

All the WATER signs share the fear of isolation, but they utilize a different defense. The defenses can be enormously creative. Their emotions guide them in whatever they do. Water signs are able to read people better than most.

• True healing will always begin with your thoughts.
• Master your thoughts—and you will master your life.
• Where focus goes — energy flows.
• Your inner spirituality is awakening.
• Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency—and you will attract much better things.


MOONSTONE – Cancers are sweet and sensitive Water signs ruled by the Moon. Moonstone brings inspiration and positive emotions. Emerald—this Cancer stone brings clairvoyance and the ability to predict the future. Pearl strengthens relationships.

I cultivate heart-centered connections.

SELENITE – To assist you with healing the crystal selenite is very helpful. A celestial stone, selenite can soften the hardness in your energy field. Invite in loving energies using Selenite, a celestial stone. If you are feeling blocked in accessing guidance, rejecting intimacy and connection, Selenite (blissful) will help you.

I am worthy of safety and protection.

Place your crystals on a clear crystal, like Quartz or Selenite. They can dispel different types of negative energy from the body and mind, which your crystals absorb when used. Keep your crystals on your cleansing crystals for a minimum of six hours.


•             Essential Oils Myrrh – enhances connecting with others
•             Mother Earth Frankincense – strengthens your inner authority
•             White Fir – releases unhealthy family patterns
•             Cedarwood – supports reconnecting and building bonds
•             Wintergreen – supports letting go

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Full Moon Affirmation:
I am in touch with my deepest and truest self. I acknowledge and meet my needs. I care for myself unconditionally. I am grateful for all that I have. I accept opportunities that come to me. I am deserving of all that I have.

Have a beautiful Cancer Full Moon. This will be a deeply nostalgic time. 2023 will be a better year for everyone.

Thank you for supporting my work and joining me on this journey!

I wish for you joy in your soul, peace in your mind, love in your heart and happiness in your life!

May 2023 bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity.

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