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January 18, 2023 * Starr Report * Volume 104
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Illuminating the Light of the Soul – How Your Sign Will Be Affected

The 2023 Aquarius New Moon on January 21 ushers in the Lunar New Year. The Year of the Water Rabbit (Cat) begins on January 22, at the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice. The New Moon is a time of planting potent seeds of intention. The effects last up to six months! Use this New Moon energy— to launch your highest goals. This New Moon in Aquarius is setting the stage for your loftiest intentions. Manifest your dreams into reality.


2023’s first New Moon, in futuristic Aquarius at 1°, the sign of hopes, dreams and wishes, is the perfect time for setting intentions around common ideals, making a difference in our own lives, for our loved ones and to improve life for everyone. Aquarians are compassionate humanitarians. Set your intentions—see them manifest.

The intentions you make on the New Moon are super potent – as the Moon’s light grows that adds power to your intentions.

On January 21, a New Moon at 3:53PM EST (1°) arrives in forward-thinking fixed air sign Aquarius with benefic Venus (beauty, love, money) in harmony with Saturn, both in collaborative Aquarius.

New Moon in Aquarius in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, sextiling Jupiter in Aries, and trine Mars in Gemini: This is a day bursting with passion, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Savor a moment of freedom, hope, abundance, and optimism. Every New Moon offers an opportunity for a fresh start. Doors open to enterprising opportunities in the coming months. Think outside the box and set goals for the future.

There may be a romantic surprise! The theme of the New Moon is adapting to changing circumstances, many new beginnings, embracing a surprising new direction for you, by exploring inspiration and abundance.

The Uranus-ruled New Moon in Aquarius, the sign of hopes and wishes, invokes the higher mind and is sure to hold many more surprises and breakthroughs.

Uranus (ruler of the Now Aquarius Age) is in steady, stable Taurus. Go with the flow! Uranus is the planet of shifts, changes, and freedom to explore your future! Be open to the miracles that are coming. Manifest your dreams & desires.

Welcome an incredible New Moon in Aquarius — a sign of personal freedom and innovation. Aquarius is an intellectual and has an emotional need to communicate. A creative and independent sign, Aquarius is happy if they can find a partner that is on their level to talk with.

NEW MOON ON January 21, 2023 IN AQUARIUS AT 3:53PM EST— (1°)
The New Moon in change agent Aquarius will open a new path. Aquarius is how we keep life fresh and exciting. It is a good time for pushing forward. A Venus-Saturn meet-up is serious while bursting with love, joy, and happiness. Existing love relationships can be spiced up or it may bring an exciting new romance! Manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

Shimmering Venus is the star of January and February, while in Aquarius until January 26 and then moving into dreamy Pisces until February 20, where Venus is exalted! We can all use her peace, love, and harmony right now. Be what you want to attract. So many great things are in the works for you!

The Sun enters progressive and forward-thinking Aquarius (freedom) on January 20. Uranus (sudden events) rules Aquarius. Aquarius (ideas) is connecting to your Soul Groups in the next four weeks as it rules the 11th house of friends. This is a turning point for you.

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The forward-thinking Aquarius New Moon on January 21 (1 degrees) is the first New Moon of 2023 and will open a doorway in your life. The New Moon is a time of planting potent seeds of intention. The effects last up to six months! Use this New Moon energy— to launch your highest goals. This New Moon in Aquarius is setting the stage for your loftiest intentions. Manifest your dreams into reality.

New Moon in Aquarius season is bringing positive, forward-moving, good vibes into your life, that will last for the next six months.

If you have placements at 28° to 29° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and 0° to 6° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) welcome surprising financial news at the New Moon in Aquarius. Embrace what comes next. Manifest.

Look to what house Aquarius occupies in your chart — to see where the New Moon in Aquarius will manifest and bestow favorable opportunities for you. Embrace good energy manifesting there.

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Full of beauty and grace, Tender Venus reminds us that love rules all. Venus is in Aquarius until January 26, and then will move into Pisces. We move towards unconventionality, independence, and freedom as themes in our social relationships now. Aquarius can be faithful, but it has to be on their own terms!

New Moon in visionary Aquarius will open a doorway in your life.
Discover the New Moon at 1° will shift you and celebrate your uniqueness! Dedicate yourself to blazing a new path toward your goals. The New Moon invites you to trust yourself. Believe that something better is meant for you and trust that it will happen.

Affirm: I express my emotions and listen to my intuition, to come into wisdom, growth, and change.

This time we are in is full of uncertainty. As things around you shift — adjust and change. Listen to your inner guidance. Trust the process. Your dreams are possible.

Uranus (the planet of freedom and surprises) starts the year in retrograde motion and turns direct on January 22, as the Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th, and with this turn ALL major planets are direct.

You have opportunities to make major progress now in the next three months!

You will enter a Master Manifestation Portal:
• January 22, 2023 — April 21, 2023 •
Make it count. 89 days to manifest. (8+9=17) (1+7=8).
8 is the number of financial abundance!
January 2023 is an 8 Universal month.
ALL planets will be direct! You will receive a blessing!
You’re going to be celebrating something major soon.

You may receive sudden financial benefits from unexpected sources this week. Manifest your dreams.

VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN – A return to harmony in time for the New Moon, as we come into diplomatic Venus conjunct no-nonsense Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of Universal love, helping you feel good about making the right choices. Bond with loved ones through the sharing of responsibility.

With the Venus joined with Saturn (overwhelming force of authority), diplomatic, ambitious, conservative nature, patient, and thoroughness in dealing with partnerships, rules the energy. This aspect brings stability to emotions. You’re ready to make the climb to reach goals.

MOON CONJUNCT SUN – (New Moon) Every New Moon is a chance for a new beginning. The Moon is all about emotions and the Sun (ego) is about the outer self. This meet-up creates harmony between the inner and outer self. This bond brings out your intuition and instinct. You are opened up to an emotional connection with this vital, determined, and energetic energy. Enjoy the energies!

NEW MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO – The New Moon joins with domineering, extremely driven Pluto, making this an ideal time to form an action plan for the upcoming year.

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NEW MOON SEXTILE JUPITER IN ARIES – A major period of manifestation begins at the New Moon in Aquarius sextile Jupiter (wealth) in Aries. Set your aspirations high and enjoy the new affiliations and the pleasure they bring in your emerging vision. Dreams can become a reality. The best is yet to come. Manifest it now.

NEW MOON TRINE MARS – This is a favorable time for boosting your confidence, stimulating you to act and trusting in fortunate outcomes. Take decisive action. You will have a lot of momentum making you fully engaged with your goals and intentions. Reclaim your self-worth. Manifest.

NEW MOON SEXTILE CHIRON – With the New Moon in Aquarius sextile Chiron, you’re in good shape for a chance to heal. Opening up seems to be a key. This aspect brings emotional healing and clarity towards moving forward. Avoid absorbing negativity. Think positive. More blessings will happen for you.

NEW MOON SQUARE URANUS – Whatever happens stay cool! Expect the unexpected with the Aquarius New Moon in a dynamic square with change-agent, radical Uranus. Go with the flow and put your great ideas into action. Uranus is the planet of shifts, changes, and freedom to explore the future!

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Good news! Messenger Mercury, the planet of communication technology and travel, turns direct in forward motion on Wednesday, January 18 ending a challenging retrograde period that began on December 29, 2022. Put your plans into action!

With Mercury, Mars, and Uranus now direct — they will bring much success your way.

Success is yours! All the planets will now be in direct motion until April 2023!

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Aquarius is one of the most analytical signs in the cosmos taking pride in their innovative problem-solving skills that work especially well when remaining flexible. Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign that is into personal freedom like no other — that cares about the world and its future. Aquarians are big idea people with a love of science and technology, particularly when it is going to benefit others.

Too much emotion can be uncomfortable for Aquarius — and they may run from it.

The energy of Air sign Aquarius is related to genius, futuristic, unique, inventive qualities and how to communicate forward-thinking concepts.

At the New Moon bringing our attention to these areas will help us to expand our hearts — and to radiate the essence of who we are. We are awakened to a need for a vision, for socializing and brainstorming, for expressing feelings of friendship, and for infusing our life with more objectivity.

AQUARIUS – SATURN (Ancient Ruler), Uranus (Modern Ruler)
The eleventh house in Astrology is governed by Uranus (modern ruler) ruled unconventional Aquarius. Here is where the team player is in you, the side of you that helps find your peer groups. The eleventh house shows the types of associations, friendships, goals, initiatives, groups, clubs & organizations you are drawn to join. Your hopes, dreams and wishes can manifest here.

Aquarius (ideas) is connecting to your Soul Groups as it rules the eleventh house of friends. This is a turning point for you!

The Moon is your emotional life and your inner self.

As a child of the Divine, I am worthy and ready to receive the abundance and prosperity I so richly deserve. I am ready to accept assistance in all forms to make this happen easily and with joy. And so, it is.

New Moons are potent times for intention-setting, expansion, and creation. Every New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh. Trust yourself. Listen to your spirit. Manifest.

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Read your Sun sign and Rising sign.

Aries – Look to the future this week. Sudden, unexpected career progress arrives for you and may bloom into a permanent, prestigious position. You may get a contract to sign. It is all about collaboration at the New Moon! You will find striving toward a goal has you feeling fulfilled! The abundance of air sign energy puts you in a communicative mood. It is easy to get in touch with your emotions. Optimism returns in your finances. Manifest.

One of your power days is January 21, which coincides with activities that benefit friends and group collaborations. Turn a long-term wish into reality. The New Moon is highlighting your hopes, goals, wishes, and social network zone. Connections will help you get where you want to go. These are the people that guide you along your life path, helping you reach your goals. You may have the chance to build toward a lifelong inspiration. Reach out to people now. Love sparkles. From now until May 16, you could meet your Soulmate connection!

Good fortune Jupiter in your sign until May 16, 2023 is helping you expand your goals and dreams. This is your time to shine bright! You may see an increase in engagement with influential people who will be willing to help you reach your loftiest goals. You are heading into a twelve-month period of financial success! Enjoy your good fortune! Dream big in 2023, Aries! Everyone wants to be you.

I open my heart to receive beautiful miracles and unlimited blessings.

Taurus – The New Moon sets your goals on fire and blesses all dealings to take charge and get things done. This will be the best New Moon for you in 2023 to interview for an important job. Get ready to achieve more. Plan your best and next move yet! Now is your time of harvest. Step up your professional game. Make career moves and embrace increased financial flow.

This is a phase when you will be busy with your career. It’s time to take authority over your life. You may experience a major reward that will enhance your reputation. Career opportunities arrive now that are aligned with your biggest aspirations. Spread your wisdom in ways that empowers others.

Embrace your goals. The New Moon in your career, ambition, status, and reputation zone, will bring luck through your career. A bonus is about to come your way. Step up and own your future. Major progress with long-term career goals can be made now. You are manifesting greater now.

Jupiter, giver of gifts and good luck, enters Taurus in mid-May 2023 for a one year stay of optimistic expansion! Prioritize your loftiest goals and dreams. Good things are coming your way.

I trust that everything is always working out for my highest good.

Gemini – Get ready to spread your wings! Your love of travel will be strong at the New Moon. You are inquisitive by nature and are attracted to anything that is stimulating and different. The energy building in airy Aquarius in January and February will push you to see things from a different perspective. Move forward with changes.

The Sun travels through your mind expansion, higher learning, foreign travel, new experiences, and spiritual endeavors zone from the 20th on, for the next four weeks. Start looking forward! Get ready for release into something bigger. Set reasonable but definite goals. It is your time to learn and broaden your horizons.

Make the most of assertive Mars now direct in your sign until March 25, boosting your energy and giving you enthusiasm and drive! Venus will be in fellow air sign Aquarius until January 26, the best position you’ve had for Venus in months to meet your Soulmate. New relationships will go better now for you.

I welcome love in all forms into my life.

Cancer – Around the New Moon you will benefit from the wealth and resources of others. Keep your pockets open and be ready to receive abundance. Know you are enough. Live your best life and express yourself artistically. Strengthen partnership communication. Only positive vibes. Commit to your dream and manifest it.

Expansive Jupiter is in your ambitious career zone from December 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023, making this the most fortunate professional year for you in over a decade! Expect a promotion, public recognition, a bonus or raise. Some major business moves will be made. This will be a beneficial time for expansion and recognition. Your career dreams will manifest. February looks fortunate for you!

A pathway opens towards new solutions for shared wealth. Intimate matters and finances are in focus. Move away from restrictions. Attract the resources you need. Love heats up in the Spring. Manifest abundance at the Aquarius New Moon.

I am ready to start a new chapter with limitless possibilities.

Leo – Collaborative efforts pay off around the New Moon. Relations with partners and close friends will improve with Mercury now in direct motion. You will feel truly connected! Good news arrives mid-month around a professional opportunity. Manifest.

The Aquarius New Moon travels through your love and partnerships zone in 2023 — someone coming into your life during this time can be significant. If you decide to take a casual relationship up a notch, it will be favored. Luck and good fortune will come to you through partnerships.

Celebrate a romantic dinner with your love partner with the silvery New Moon in Aquarius lighting your house of partnership, commitment, and marriage. You may choose to get engaged or married after this sparkling New Moon. This could open a doorway to stronger relationships, commitments or taking your relationship to the next level. Your week may be full of powerful potential and new beginnings. Take that dream trip early in 2023.

I welcome love in all forms into my life.

Virgo – Get organized and be ready to get things done! You will be in tune with your desires at the New Moon. Speaking from the heart feels transformative. Find special moments with loved ones sprinkled throughout the month — warming your heart. Extra cash arrives in your wallet.

The Sun enters your work, health and service sector from the 20th on bringing stamina and reserves of good health. Good vibes will bring you luck in your place of employment. You will become busier with assignments and work projects soon. Set goals and a plan to reach them!

You may be experiencing a time of extraordinary creative empowerment and growth. Virgo will be lucky with money, your closest, personal, intimate relationships in love and travel in 2023. A much-anticipated trip is a go after January 22, when Uranus in Taurus turns direct in your adventure zone of expansion. Your outlook for financial gain is the best that you have seen in years, so maximize it! Enjoy your good fortune and gifts coming in 2023!

I am ready and willing to receive all of the blessings coming my way.

Libra – More playful, spontaneous fun is within reach at the New Moon. You are feeling more upbeat than usual now. Get ready for something bigger. You start the month feeling optimistic with extra cash arriving. You will live out your dreams. Lucky breaks and opportunities are yours.

The Aquarius New Moon stirs up passion in your creativity, true love, and self-expression zone in January bringing you great luck, prosperity, and enthusiasm through artistic endeavors. Your love life becomes sweeter! You could meet a Soulmate connection. Your work with children will be especially beneficial to you.

Money you are expecting hits your bank account after January 22, when Uranus in Taurus turns direct. Enjoy a prosperous start to the new year when bonus money, and gifts, increase your spending power. Libra will be lucky with relationships and money in 2023.

I open my heart to promising opportunities that bring me joy and growth.

Scorpio – Unlock a fresh cycle—your home and family zone is lit up at the New Moon. Bonding with loved ones is a top priority. Make your base secure with major changes coming. Enjoyment comes with meeting and bonding with kindred spirits. Trust your intuition and embrace your feelings.

The New Moon in Aquarius in your home, family and domestic matters zone is bringing greater joy and stability. You will be prosperous through family members. Create a happy home and family life. Living arrangements can improve. Financial matters should go well.

Scorpio will be lucky with healthy living and relationships in 2023. Clear the clutter from your space so that it attracts abundance. Start to make serious plans about how to improve your job or look for a better one. A surprise may await you near January 30 with news of an upcoming raise or promotion.

I listen to my intuition and take inspired action to achieve my dreams.

Sagittarius – Pay attention to what your imagination is telling you at the New Moon—it will lead you to fulfillment! The Aquarius Sun is in favorable aspect to your sign. Air-sign dominance stimulates your creative process in writing and speaking endeavors. Happiness and peace surround your home and family. Manifest your dreams.

The next four weeks are busy! Your optimistic attitude will shine as the Sun is in your lucrative communication zone from the 20th on bringing luck through teaching, speaking, and writing. Any endeavor that uplifts others using your intellect and voice will be beneficial. You may be taking some short trips. Count your blessings and manifest.

Sagittarius will be lucky with romance and healthy living in 2023. January is the perfect month to bond with your partner. You’re falling in love again with your life. Transform yourself from the inside out. With Mercury turning direct on January 18 in your cash-infused earned income sector, it’s all systems go in finance and cash flow. Gain clarity on a moneymaking strategy now.

I am grateful for this moment right now, and I am excited about the path in front of me.

Capricorn – Explore new paths to abundance at the New Moon—your money zone is lit. There is nothing you cannot achieve with your confidence high and income increasing. Turn a moneymaking plan into a lucrative harvest. Love will be quite magical for you in February! In the weeks ahead, you will see rewards.

Capricorn will be lucky with romance, home, and family in 2023. What you set your sights on may have a fantastic start. Messenger Mercury’s station turning direct on January 18 in your sign, paves the way for executing pending financial plans with a boost in confidence and ability to articulate your goals. A raise, new job, or promotion could present themselves to you.

Create a budget or spending plan, while keeping an eye on your savings. In the next four weeks, your focus will be on cash flow, earnings, and money. Set your sights on taking on a new client or connecting with new collaborators. Opportunities for continuous growth and improvement nurture your soul.

I am motivated, focused and committed.

Aquarius – Happy Solar Return, Aquarius! This is truly your magical month with a birthday season unlike any other. You will be seeking fun-loving experiences at the New Moon in Aquarius. Always follow your heart. Give your goals new priority—score a win in lucky money matters! You are manifesting abundance greater now!

Saturday’s only New Moon in your sign this year, may be the beginning of one of the most fortunate times in your life. A double dose of luck from the cosmos is yours. February brings a fortunate money boost manifesting for you in a big way with a promotion.

It’s your time to shine brightly, Aquarius! With the Sun moving through your sign for the next four weeks, this is something that happens only once a year. With loving Venus in your sign until January 26, you may meet a Soulmate connection. Aquarius will be lucky with friendships, home, and family in 2023.

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I am vibrating light from my soul and creating harmony around me.

Pisces – See things in a new light. Create a pathway to prosperity and enjoy big dreams at the New Moon. Take some solo time to fuel those rewards down the road. Energy will be flowing through Aquarius—give yourself some time to meditate on your goals, giving yourself a spiritual awakening. Unlock the potential of your dreams.

The New Moon in Aquarius highlights your privacy sector of rest, encouraging you to lie low. This begins an important cycle of contemplation and spiritual awakening for the next four weeks. Pay better attention to your emotional and mental health. You will have a chance to work behind the scenes now. Pisces will be lucky with money and making new friends in 2023.

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I welcome beautiful abundance into my life.

Affirm New Moon In Aquarius:
• I welcome transformation
• I welcome growth
• I welcome abundance
• I know what I need
• I am ready.

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LABRADORITE – MAGIC Air Sign Aquarius — Believes in the truth and speaks with frankness. A Labradorite stone will unlock your capacity to speak the language of the divine. Labradorite says “Stir the cauldron of life. Move with the wind. Let life’s mysteries move your bones. Be at one with it, to reveal that all is magic.”

I am aligned with the loving will of the Universe.

ROSE QUARTZ – LOVE Air Sign Aquarius — The Divine Seeker.
Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart chakra and is best for spiritual healing as it works on an emotional level. Get in touch with your emotions with Rose Quartz and become more aware of the love that is all around you. Known as the “love stone”, Rose Quartz has always been associated with love, harmony, and healing emotional matters of the heart. Rose Quartz raises your vibration to love yourself, love others — and love life.

I inhale love and exhale my fears.

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Set your intentions to carry forth what is true to your heart — and motivates your passions.

The New Moon is Aquarius is the perfect time for setting intentions around really making a difference in our own lives, for our loved ones and to improve life for everyone. Aquarians are compassionate humanitarians. We are all in this together. Set your intentions—see them manifest.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.”— Prince

This is also the New Moon that ushers in the Lunar New Year — the Year of the Rabbit (Cat), an important time for new beginnings!

Wishing you joy, happiness, luck, health, and prosperity in the Year of the Water Rabbit (Cat)!

Have a magical New Moon in Aquarius, and Happy Lunar New Year!

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Love is in the flow of the stars. The Universe is making some great alignments for you. Manifest and work diligently in January and February to achieve your loftiest goals and aspirations. Imagine the best for yourself. You are already on your way to what’s meant for you. Begin your journey and watch magical things unfold in your life. You’re about to receive abundantly!

Have a magical, enchanting New Moon in Aquarius. I am grateful for you.

Wishing you love, light and laughter – always and in all ways.

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