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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
February 5, 2023 * Starr Report * Volume 106
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Hear it roar! Sunday, February 5 ushers in an extremely warmhearted Leo Full Moon (16 degrees) setting the tone for the rest of the month. The empowering Full Moon in Leo comes to the rescue by helping you move on from outdated situations and adapt to unexpected changes. Shine brightly, express yourself creatively, be bold, express your spiritual nature and have some fun! Share your talents and gifts with the world. 

Since the February Full Snow Moon locks into a dynamic, challenging T-square with disruptor Uranus (sudden insights), the consequences could be harsher than you anticipate, with highly charged energy in a tussle for power.

Use flexibility, and heightened self-awareness to adapt. Sudden, surprising events may occur out-of-the-blue.


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FEBRUARY 2023 FULL MOON IN LEO — The Theme is Fearless Action Arising from Loving Awareness.

This year’s only empowering Full Moon in Leo, the sign of entertainment and the arts, will impact all zodiac signs, but Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus will feel it most.

You may experience unexpected surprises. This Full Moon is connecting with change-agent Uranus, planet of sudden events, but with higher self-awareness, exciting opportunities and achievement are possible.

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.” – Eckhart Tolle

Being fearless and courage are the main themes of the Full Moon in luxury-loving Leo — with a focus on truth, freedom, and joy. You are destined for greatness! It is in your spirit. A life lived with fearless courage defines a hero’s journey.

Make sure to lead with your heart — as Leo rules the heart in the physical body.
•    Leo governs the heart…Love, Passion, Creativity, Play, Shine Your Light!
•    Step onto the Stage of Life…all the world’s a stage with Leo!
•    Proclaim your Message and Mission with Fearless Confidence!
•    Be A Star and take back your power!

The theme of the Full Moon in Leo is asking you to have courage, faith, and trust in the process.

The Full Moon is a time of heightened drama and emotion, as the Leo Moon opposes the Sun in Aquarius. Focus on self-care and self-love as Leo rules the heart, reminding you to take care of your emotional well-being. The light of the Full Moon is reflected back and illuminates the house opposite to the one they appear in. Oppositions involve your relationships.

The Full Moon is a time to focus on relationships. The love planets, Venus, and Mars, are in a clash, shedding light on a situation in relationships. Venus rules marriage and love while Mars rules sex and passion. With Venus in soft-hearted Pisces, you may be tempted to sweep any conflict under the rug and go into denial. Be diplomatic but direct while addressing underlying issues.

We are coming into Venus square Mars, an increase in sex drive, but Venus (how we love) is in conflict with Mars (ego) and can cause tension in your relationships. Tread carefully because arguments are a possibility under this stormy Astrology forecast. Remain calm and balanced.

What you have been building since July 2022 may come to completion around the time of the Leo Full Moon. Build the life of your dreams.

With the Sun square Uranus (the Great Disruptor), there’s a restless and stubborn vibe. Foundations will be rocked. This is an earthquake axis. Keep an eye on your finances. Funds could be lost or mismanaged. Rely on your intuition for clarity. Be ready for sudden events.

FULL MOON ON FEBRUARY 5, 2023 IN LEO — 1:29 PM EST— 16° The full snow moon in passionate Leo just wants to have fun in love inspiring you to focus on creative pursuits and projects while encouraging you to share your love more openly.

The Full Moon in royal, generous Leo on February 5, occurs at 16° affecting personal placements at 13° to 21° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) the most. Focus setting your intentions on creative activities—see them manifest. Trust how it is unfolding for you!

The world is changing rapidly.

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People tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon. Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts and emotional connections are aroused. There can be a cosmic push in recognizing your needs in relationships. Clear up past patterns. Let go of anything holding you back to make room for new experiences.

With the Full Moon in dramatic Leo square Uranus in stubborn Taurus, detach and put something you no longer need behind you. Visualize solutions. Think twice before you act. This is an accident-prone day. Watch your spending and guard against making spontaneous decisions regarding your finances.

Since the Sun in Aquarius and Full Moon in Leo (opposite signs) lock into a very tight and tense T-square with disruptor Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, (sudden insights), there could be sudden upsets or disruptions. Use flexibility, open-mindedness, and heightened self-awareness to adapt. Sudden, surprising events may occur out-of-the-blue.

With loving Venus in soft-hearted Pisces square courageous Mars in Gemini, relationships may be strained causing hurt feelings. Practice compassion and be more empathetic to others. Stay focused on the present and avoid drama.

Lively dreams are bringing confidence and creativity. You have fortunate opportunities to bring intuitive, nurturing, creative and healing energy to your past wounds. Be sure to note any brilliant ideas that pop up and write them down. This could be the key to your next artistic project.

•Spiritual awakening. •Respond to others with compassion. •This fresh start embraces healing. •Approach healing in a soft, sensitive way. •Remain positive and maintain inner vitality. •Become more open, fearless, and direct.

Messenger Mercury boosted by a good-natured sextile to dreamy Neptune, renovates your biggest dreams and aspirations. Whatever unfolds, the outcome will be positive with love, spiritual inspiration, peace, and joy to all.

This day is filled with upbeat vibes with a sense of passion and lust for life due to the sextile of the Leo Full Moon and Mars, while promoting healing energy, with a trine to Chiron. Let people know you care. Unconditionally love yourself.

Look to see what house Leo occupies to see where this Full Moon energy will manifest— and be directed for you.

Buckle up—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Full Moon in Leo will be most intense for all Fixed signs.

It’s time to present yourself in ways that serve you best. Conscious living brings confidence. Live consciously – it will set you free. 

The Leo Moon, the sign of luxury and beauty, loves drama. Leo is a theatrical sign known for love of display, big entrances and need for attention. It is a great time to be romantic — and express your feelings for someone in regal style.

Set your intentions around abundance, inspiration, harmony, beauty, compassion, and kindness.

The Full Moon is a power point of the month—when the Leo Moon is illuminated by the Sun in Aquarius, representing completions and endings. Time to let go. Stay calm through it. Everything is aligning for you. Stay consistent. You will live out your dreams.

Use the power of the Full Moon in Leo to manifest and build the life of your dreams.

The Full Moon in dramatic Leo brings a natural enthusiasm. Leo is big on romancing and being romanced, perhaps more than all the other signs. So a Leo Moon is happiest when love is in full bloom. The Leo Moon is generous, courageous, strong, and trusting.

Every act of love and kindness raises the vibration of the entire Universe.

Leo (ruled by the Sun) is a Fire sign and rules the fifth house of creative self-expression, artistic skills, children, entertainment, pleasure, romance, speculation and risk-taking in Astrology. What you are passionate about manifesting, is represented in your fifth house.

Love and Liberation

The Moon in cheerful Leo favors the following activities: •Creative activities, activities involving children, and personal recognition. •Music, painting, and the arts. •Shopping for clothes and gifts. •Being in the Sun. Leo is ruled by the Sun.

People with Moon in Leo have eyes that light up like a child’s.

The Full Moon is in royal Leo, with the Sun in genius Aquarius. People tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon. Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts, and emotional connections are aroused. Set your intentions!

This Full Moon in Fixed Fire sign Leo urges us to strike a balance between romance and friendship and expressing ourselves in personal and impersonal ways. It can be felt as a rather urgent boost to make changes.

Self-love is one of the best ways to increase your vibration.

This Full Moon is falling along the Leo/Aquarius axis and can stimulate a crisis of lack — a time when we suddenly realize a great need or want. This is a time when matters come to light that have been brewing under the surface.

All planets will be direct until April 21, 2023! Make room for new energy!


The Sun shifts into watery, mutable Pisces bringing attention to spirituality in this final season of the zodiac year. Pisces season ushers in artistic, creative vibes heightening moments of reflection and your emotional side. Indulge in some pampering self-care and get in touch with your heart in the month of love.

I am open to receiving guidance from my intuition.

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Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings. This is a time of letting go. Release yourself from the need to please others. This Full Moon in Leo (passion) opposite Sun in Aquarius (intellect) illuminates finding balance and harmony in your relationships. Trust your inner guidance.

The influence of Full Moons is the strongest during the two days before and for five days after the lunation occurs until it fully wanes.

2023 is a year of soul healing.

The big, bright Leo Full Moon, the sign of luxury and royalty, on Sunday, February 5, is dramatically illuminated by the opposing Aquarius Sun. Every Full Moon is the highest power point in the month because its fullness marks a time of completion in the lunar cycle. Complete creative projects.

Leo is ruled by the Sun.

Dive into a project with enthusiasm and creativity. Lead from the heart with courage and passion. Bring partnerships into balance and harmony through a unified vibration.

February will be one of the best months in 2023!

During a Full Moon you may have awareness of truth and clarity. You may be more intuitive and spiritually aware. People are more emotional.

With the energy of the Full Moon in Leo, I dedicate myself to my truth. I move step by step towards my dreams. I open to my destiny. I trust in my unfolding. I breathe in the magic of the Moon and embrace limitless possibilities.

The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment. It is an emotional time of romance and epiphanies. The Leo Moon is proud and intensely individual. Pay attention to your emotional needs.

Affirm Leo Full Moon:
•    I see things in a new light opening a path to my goals.
•    I am open to the beginnings that are flowing to me.
•    I embrace change and transformation.
•    My focus and attention are my power.
•    I am supported fully by the Universe.

Full Moon’s bring culmination and make room for new and exciting opportunities. You have the opportunity to release those heavy burdens. Move toward something lighter.

The Full Moon occurs in bold Leo and there may be an urgent or sudden need/desire to express ourselves. We are made aware of our creative, romantic, and expressive needs. Something is exposed or illuminated, prompting us to get in touch with those things in our lives.

Happy Full Moon in Leo ♡ •recognize the blessings that already surround you •a revelation or culmination around your creative ideas •the Leo moon is a wonderful placement with great warmth •optimism and support embraces your need for pleasure and art.

This a particularly spontaneous, forward-looking time as this Full Moon in dramatic Leo brings dynamic energy with all major planets in direct motion! Use this fortunate energy in a positive way and manifest your dreams!

Leo is a Fixed fire sign! By the power of fire, go out there and manifest your soul dream!

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ARIES– February will be an exciting month for your career with a boost to your income! May you receive a surprise blessing. Put a circle around the Full Moon on February 5 as you seek out pleasurable experiences with passion and enthusiasm. Adopt a practice that soothes the body and mind for a boost! We all need love and attention to thrive. Love, creativity, fun, entertainment, and self-expression are in focus. You could meet someone new or take an existing relationship to the next level. Manifest what you want to last forever. Be happy!

Luck is raining down upon you in every single way with Jupiter is in Aries to stay until May 16, 2023. This rare period will not be repeated for 12 years. You may be bursting with new ideas for projects. Note that there are no retrograde planets until April 21 giving you the green light to start a new business, sign contracts, and work on career objectives. Congratulations! You are the luckiest and most fortunate zodiac sign now. You can manifest it!

I am connected to the endless abundance of the Universe.

TAURUS– February is a productive and creative month for you. The Full Moon on the 5th is a call to attend to home and family and to recognize your needs for nurture, safety, and comfort. Some of you may be moving into a new home. Prioritizing a peaceful wellness practice your love feels restorative. This continues to be a powerful time in your life. Balance your inner and outer world. Keep working on increasing your income – all your hard work will pay off. A raise, bonus or promotion may arrive in early February. You will receive the lucky breaks that you need. Focus on long-term strategies that bring you closer to your financial goals.

You may have a few relationship tight spots to work through this month. Stay strong and confident. Having a soothing heart-to-heart with a loved one, in your closest personal relationships, can lift their spirits and lead to long-term healing. Love yourself a little bit extra right now. Do something fun like a spa day, having a facial or dinner out with a friend. You long for tranquility. Encourage optimism and compliment peace seekers for their willingness to cooperate now. You are entering the best year of your life when Jupiter enters your sign on May 16. 

My imagination is vast, expansive, and endless.

GEMINI – February is a pivotal month for your career. For many Geminis a new salary offer is on the table this month. Set your sights on success in February! The Full Moon on the 5th inspires you to initiate conversations with VIP’s. They will applaud your passion and vision. Make connections. It can be a time of a revelation or an epiphany regarding a learning, transportation, or communications matter. You could find a way to make money at the Full Moon. You may be celebrating financial news when funding comes through on a much-anticipated work project. If your birthday falls within 5 days of June 7, you will have an advantage now. Venus in Pisces until February 20 is highlighting your career house, when things go your way with a promotion or raise. Good news arrives. You have luck on your side. Your prospects for success are bright now!

Change the conversation. The Full Moon in Leo steps up the volume in your communication zone with places to go and people to see. In February, you will be enjoying deeper connections with others. Connecting with friends feels intellectually stimulating and exciting. Write down your thoughts. Use your words to empower yourself. Your truth is who you are. Devote more energy to writing projects and local travel. Manifesting speeds up! Build in more time for self-care to prevent burnout. Start releasing and start receiving. 

I allow myself to dream beyond the confines of my physical reality. 

CANCER – February will be highly productive for you. Around the Full Moon on the 5th, it is all about knowing your true value and worth. Your money zone is lit. This helps clarify a decision or a path to take. Take a social approach to hitting professional goals. Your entrepreneurial skills will rise to any challenges. Be mindful. You may get an unexpected expense that seems to come out of nowhere. Reassess a cash flow strategy. Trust your intuition and follow your own inner guidance.

More growth awaits you in February. You are in one of the most important periods of your life for career achievement. Launch your most important career actions while Jupiter is in Aries until May 16. Expansive Jupiter will make it easier to achieve your loftiest goals, rock-solid job security and career aspirations. Jupiter in Aries affects every Cancer degree in your house of career, ambition, and management authority. Look for a new job and put in for a promotion or raise at this favorable time. Your dreams will become a reality this year!

I tap into my inner power and embrace the magic within me. 

LEO– A powerful Full Moon arrives in your sign on the 5th and getting out of your comfort zone can feel exhilarating while adding new fuel to your long-term goals. In the coming days after the Full Moon, set your priorities to reach your loftiest dreams while the enchanting energy is strong for you. Take pride in what you do. Reinvent your career. You could take an existing partnership to the next level. A new sense of empowerment arrives.

This is one of the most important turning points in 2023 for you. Step into the spotlight and pursue new horizons. The Full Moon is all about you. Something of great importance to you crystallizes in your life at the Full Moon in your sign on the 5th. A major personal or professional goal may reach culmination now. A Full Moon is a moment of completion and change. You may notice you are the star this week. Don’t underestimate yourself now. If you were born between August 8 and 10, the Leo Full Moon is conjunct your Sun. Minimize any tension in your closest personal relationships by relaxing and enjoying an evening out for dinner. You are clearing space for something much better in your life now. 

I trust my intuition and listen to the wisdom of the Universe. 

VIRGO – The Full Moon appears in your sector of secrets and hidden truths on the 5th. There can be very intuitive dreams or flashes encouraging you to let go of things that no longer serve you. This is very gentle, quiet, and private energy. Allow yourself time for more rest. Make a winning move in the coming days! Something of great importance to you crystallizes. This can be a brilliant time for love and romantic surprises. You may meet a soulmate connection.

You’ve been working hard, but pace yourself so you don’t get so run down in February. Focus on new spiritual practices as the Leo Full Moon shines it’s light on your restful privacy sector. You will need extra time for yourself for rest and reflection. Conserve your energy and be careful not to exhaust yourself. Be fearless in your soul exploration. Turn inward. Focus your mental powers on artistic or creative interests. You may be tying up matters behind the scenes. Full Moons bring conclusions, endings, and culmination to your work projects. 

I feel peaceful and relaxed knowing I am exactly where I am meant to be. 

LIBRA– You are truly moving forward in February! Share and connect when the Full Moon arrives in your friendship zone on the 5th. You are the zodiac’s expert at partnerships. It can be a wonderful time for recognizing your true feelings for someone or a project. A missed opportunity may knock on your door. You may be taking a short trip out of town. Take a risk and launch something new. It’s time to pamper yourself. You may receive cash from a bonus, commission, or a windfall! Dream big!

February could end up being one of your favorite months in 2023. If single, put yourself out there and keep your heart open for love. You will be busy with the Leo Full Moon in your friends with benefits zone. Good energy is with you for networking. Reclaim your path. Put time into a big-picture goal with the Full Moon igniting your hopes, wishes and dreams sector. Enjoy the extra energy, courage, fire and assertiveness to push ahead in new ventures with Mars in fellow air sign Gemini, a favorable position for your sign. Reach out as people will be responsive now. Celebrate the possibility of a raise or a promotion in February. You have one of the strongest financial outlooks for making money in 2023 that you’ve had in years! Enjoy your good fortune.

Love and gratitude flow to and through me in all moments. 

SCORPIO – February will bring a busy pace for you. Claim your career victory! Around the 5th a powerful Full Moon arrives in your career and status in the world sector. Trust your instincts to be more expressive on the job. Rewards will follow! Keep your motivation high. You might get praise or a raise from a boss. Recognition will be yours. Time for a new you! Open yourself to more magic and harmony in your love life. You could meet your soulmate. Manifest the great blessings waiting for you!

This will be one of the most important times for your career in 2023. Major personal achievements are now within reach. Others could find you a source of inspiration. You may soon receive a spectacular financial opportunity! It’s your moment to shine with your best chance all year to set intentions around where you are headed. Goals help you achieve your dreams. You’re sure to make a strong impression now helping you in your professional life. With Venus in fellow water sign Pisces, keep your heart open for love. Romance and creativity are highlighted for you all month. 

I bravely let go and allow the Universe to reveal its beautiful plan for me. 

SAGITTARIUS – February is a month that will stimulate your inner emotions and mind. The Full Moon on the 5th arrives in your adventure, expansion and visionary ideas zone setting up positive momentum for what comes next in the months ahead. It is time to be true to your heart’s desire now. Take an epic journey towards love where dreams come true. Creative projects, hobbies, fun and recreation bring enjoyment. Romantic relationships are favored. Enjoy being playful! Your earnings are increasing in 2023. Manifest!

Focus on what lights up your soul! It’s the perfect time to manifest positive change with the Leo Full Moon lighting your adventure, travel, and educational pursuits sector. Follow your personal passion. Learn new skills and market those you already have. Manifest it as new opportunities emerge for you! If single, put yourself out there and keep your heart open for love. You could meet a soulmate connection. You will experience a shift as ruler Jupiter is in fellow fire sign Aries until May 16, highlighting your pleasure zone of romance, passion, and creativity. Your dreams will become a reality this year!

Love and gratitude flow to and through me in all moments.

CAPRICORN– February is the perfect month to get your finances in order. The Full Moon on the 5th tells you to get it done and the rewards will likely be great. Expect increased financial opportunity in 2023 bringing you good fortune. You are poised on the edge for a big shift. Opportunity is on the way. Dive in for instant joy. Consider researching a new plan for boosting cash flow. Go out and make connections. Trust your heart to pinpoint a winning approach. A bonus, check, commission, or money boost arrives. Enjoy your good fortune in February.

Venus is in compatible Pisces until February 20, offering perfect opportunities to bond with your partner, so plan a Valentine’s Day celebration, or enjoy a weekend getaway to lift your spirits and energize your passion. Romance looks promising. Even appreciation of your daily surroundings will be heightened in February. Be grateful for all your blessings right now. 

I am open to receiving unexpected opportunities. 

AQUARIUS – Happy birthday, Aquarius! Embrace the magic before you. The Full Moon on the 5th shines in your relationship zone and you recognize your need for someone — or for some quality feedback! Someone opposite you is shining a mirror. Spend some quality time with your partner. People and favorable circumstances are attracted to you now with the Sun in your sign. You are feeling brighter and more confident. Use your high mental energy to your advantage. Wealth and abundance are yours in 2023! Believe it and manifest.

Around the Full Moon on the 5th your relationship sector is highlighted and will crystallize your feelings. You may be asked to make a decision about someone in your closest personal relationships or a business partner. You could be ready for a major change. Your intuition will be spot on, so follow your own intuitive guidance. Look for ways to improve how you relate in your partnerships. Focus on projects that move you. Your intuition has the answers. Trust any hunches you may have. This is a make-or-break moment for your relationships in love, collaboration or business partners. Imagine it all working out for you. 

I am creating financial abundance and positive relationships in 2023.

PISCES – The Full Moon on the 5th arrives in your work and health sector, awakening your needs for better health and routines. Settling for something is not doing you any good at all. The motivation you need to improve your life and make lifestyle changes is powerful now. Take it easy and get some extra rest at the Full Moon. Trust the process. A whole new chapter in your life arrives on February 18 when Pisces season arrives. Celebrate your birthday season! You are already feeling the festive vibes. Co-ruler Jupiter is showering you with a money boost, expansion, miracles, and blessings! Manifest.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, money, and pleasure is exalted in your sign, and will remain there until February 20 making you diplomatic and charming with everyone you meet. You could meet a soulmate connection. Keep your heart open for love and put yourself out there if you are single and looking for a romantic relationship. Saturn, the great teacher of lessons, is moving into Pisces on March 7, 2023, marking a very important time in your life. If your birthday falls between February 19 and February 26, you will feel Saturn the most in 2023. Pisces birthdays falling after that will feel it most in 2024 and 2025. 

I listen to my intuition and take inspired action to achieve my dreams. 

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Citrine – helps to clear the mind and release negative emotions and situations that we are holding onto. It is a stone of joy and happiness. It boosts our creativity and self-expression. Citrine is an excellent complement to Leo’s bright energy. It is the stone of abundance and light and gives generous Leo prosperity and success while also encouraging them to share the abundance with others.

I am manifesting success and prosperity.

FULL MOON IN LEO CRYSTALS and STONES: Invite Elevated Vibrations into Your Soul.

Peridot – Leo’s are problem solvers, and protective of others. Peridot inspires compassion, creativity, eloquence, good health, restful sleep, and peace to relationships. Peridot is connected to the Sun bringing happy, light-hearted energy.

I embrace and support my inner child.

Tiger’s Eye – Regal Leo blazes a trail when fully confident and have their mind set on a goal. Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone with a beautifully soft and comforting energy that will help you find your center when life throws you extremes.

I bring forth security and stability in my life.

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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and Venus in Pisces until February 20 will be a season for soulmates.

Use the beautiful energy of this month to tune into your heart’s desires.

The best is yet to come for you.

Have a magical Full Moon in Leo!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and have a magical month of February! Manifest your dreams. The best is yet to come for you!


Set your sights higher for 2023 as a new opportunity arrives within reach.

May you all enjoy February and look forward to a very bright, happy year in 2023!

Love is in the flow of the stars. The Universe is making some great alignments for you. Manifest and work diligently in February to achieve your loftiest goals and aspirations. Imagine the best for yourself. You are already on your way to what’s meant for you. Begin your journey and watch magical things unfold in your life. You’re about to receive abundantly!

Have a magical, enchanting month of February. I am grateful for you.

Wishing you love, light and laughter – always and in all ways.

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