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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
March 7, 2023 * Starr Report * Volume 109
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Spring is just around the corner, and the Virgo Full Moon, the practical planner of the zodiac, jump starts spring cleaning and reminds you to write down everything on your to-do list. The Full Moon in Virgo is amplifying your feelings while urging you to let go of what no longer sustains you. So many great things are coming your way. You’re on the right track. Allow change to flow through your life. With the Moon forming a helpful trine to change-agent Uranus, and a tense square to hasty Mars, be patient, expect the unexpected and go with the flow.

The Full Moon in Virgo energy will be felt for several days and culminate matters that have been building for the last six months. You may be feeling more sensitive to other people’s energies this week. Focus on practical matters. Be extra kind to yourself now.

The Full Moon is a time for inspiration, release, culmination, and empowerment when you can work on your personal growth.

The Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune are all in Pisces, forming a stellium, as Saturn enters Pisces around one hour after the Virgo Full Moon. Follow your intuition while focusing on healing, spirituality, and creativity.

At the Virgo Full Moon on March 7, you may see your wishes, dreams, and intentions that you set six months ago in September on the Virgo New Moon come true! Seeds that were sown then come to fruition at the Full Moon. Manifest the sense of comfort and security you desire. Full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite the one they are in. Trust your spirit. You are being guided.


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Unleash Your Soul Power
Full Moon in Virgo

March 7 – On Tuesday, March 7, this year’s only Full Moon in Virgo will be fully illuminated by the Pisces Sun. Let go of unrealistic perfectionist standards. Work-oriented Virgo is ruled by messenger planet Mercury (how we use our logical mind) and the big, bright Virgo Full Moon, which is the highest power point in March, represents completions and endings, bringing the energy of relief.

Theme for Full Moon in Virgo
Empowerment by choice along with an emotional need for reason over emotions, including health, cleansing the mind and body are the themes of the analytical and wonderfully healing Virgo Full Moon. Trust your instincts.

Wellness is in the spotlight.

Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign that rules the 6th house of well-being, healing, job, and service. Your pets show up here as well. Time to begin working toward balance in mind, body, and spirit during this Virgo Full Moon. Feng Shui your life. Discernment and focus are heightened.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and the big, bright Virgo Full Moon, which is the highest power point in March, represents completions and endings. On Tuesday, March 7, the Virgo Full Moon will be fully illuminated by the Pisces Sun. Let go of unrealistic perfectionist standards.

The Full Moon in Virgo at 16° opposing the Sun at 16° Pisces will affect people born with personal planets at 13° to 21° degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) the most.

The Virgo/Pisces axis represents Sense/Sensitivity

  • Virgo is the manifested and Pisces is the dissolution.
  • Compassion, dedication, and our ability to be of service to others.
  • These two signs make up the most sensitive axis of the zodiac.
  • Virgo’s mirror is Pisces.


The Full Moon in precise Virgo is opposite the Sun in dreamy Pisces. People tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon. Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts and emotional connections are aroused.

The Virgo Full Moon illuminates the night sky and echoes while bringing profound change while encouraging opportunities. Let go of anything holding you back to make room for new experiences. Every Full Moon offers an opportunity for culmination followed by a fresh start. Surrender and let the universe reveal its wisdom.

The Full Moon is in fortunate trine to Uranus, (higher mind) and comes with a delightful surprise, possibly a money boost or a nice gift. You are open to the new and embracing positive change. March is an important month for you. Work with purpose. Leave your comfort zone. New opportunities bring exciting experiences.

The Pisces Sun aligns with unpredictable Uranus bringing surprises, synchronicities, and moments of beauty. Your ability to manifest thoughts into reality will be heightened as your subconscious aligns with the material realms.

Mars is fired up by a T-square to the Sun and Moon all in mutable signs, bringing extra passion and fire. Detach and put something you no longer need behind you. Visualize solutions. Think twice before you act. Be mindful. Use flexibility, open-mindedness, and heightened self-awareness to adapt. Expect something to be completely changed! Go with the flow.

•With gentle Venus approaching a sextile with Mars this week, we can make connections that prove to be fortunate while business relationships and pursuits can prosper.
•An empowering conversation or exchange of ideas may be part of the picture now.
•What a time for abundance, celebration, and success!

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Structured Saturn, the ruler of time, shifts into unstructured Pisces from March 7, 2023 – February 13, 2026. For the next three years, Saturn (reality) will attempt to put clear boundaries up, reminding you to empower rather than enable in your closest, personal relationships, as it weaves through dissolving, watery Pisces (fantasy). Focus on prioritizing your peace.

The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will be feeling Saturn in Pisces changes, on a more personal level. Make your base secure, start building and strengthen your relationship boundaries. Get moving into self-discovery. The lessons Saturn will bring, will echo for the next several years.

Themes will be trust, humility, and adapting. Trust in the universe, surrender and know that when things aren’t going as you’d like, there is a silver lining somewhere. Everything happens for a reason.

If you were born between 1993 to 1996, during Saturn in Pisces, you’re about to start your first Saturn return. Get ready for some eye-opening lessons. Saturn is a teacher – sometimes the lessons are difficult ones. Your Saturn return bestows adult values and maturity. Set boundaries and define your life. It’s a second chance at finding your bliss.

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*Always be sure to read for both your Sun sign and Rising sign.

ARIES – You will experience a burst of energy at the Full Moon on the 7th. Put it toward bolstering your work-life balance for relaxing rewards. You could receive an unexpected boost to your income. March is a magical month for your career.

On March 7, the Virgo Full Moon arrives in your productivity zone of work, health, and lifestyle, prompting you to achieve your fitness goals. Time to focus on work, practical matters, and nutrition.

There can be a turning point around your work and health at the Virgo Full Moon. You will feel like refreshing your wellness routine. Focus on prioritizing and protecting your peace. You may receive a lovely surprise. Enjoy it!

Focus on prioritizing your peace when Saturn enters Pisces for the next three years, on the same day as the Full Moon. You are wrapping up a major karmic cycle. Release what no longer fulfills you. You will streamline and remove what is no longer relevant in your life. Stay balanced, present and tune into yourself. Turn your attention inward while focusing on healing and meditation. Make plans to travel and have some much-deserved fun. During the remaining months of 2023, Saturn most affects those of you born between March 20 and 29.

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I am so grateful for all of my life’s blessings.


TAURUS – Step into your personal power. Let your heart lead the way. Starting on the 7th at the Full Moon in fellow earth sign Virgo, a break from work sets the stage for fun with loved ones. There can be an epiphany or breakthrough that draws attention, bringing an almost electric energy boosting your confidence and prompting a turning point. Put yourself out there and keep your heart open for love.

A Full Moon arrives in your pleasure zone on March 7. Love is in the air at the Full Moon! Taurus has the best chance of finding new love now. Reach for the stars. Lucky you, the Full Moon will be in fellow Earth sign Virgo, the sign of radiant good health, lighting up your sector of passion, true love, and romance. If a relationship ends near this time, you are being directed towards something greater meant for you.

You are turning heads as ruler Venus enhances your natural charm and appeal. Mars and Venus are approaching a sextile with romantic vibes this week, putting you in the spotlight for relationship success and financial rewards!

Whenever Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Taurus, you spring to life and claim your power. That will happen this month starting on March 16! One of your aspirations may become a reality. This is a dazzling time for you so claim your power as finances look great this month. Dream big and manifest it now.

Saturn moves into compatible Pisces on March 7, in your friends and groups sector for the next three years. Those of you born between April 20 and 29 will be most affected in the remaining months of 2023. Balance success and the demands that others make on you. You will welcome a change to begin a new venture or take a refreshing break before starting a new job.

As I happily give my talents to the world, I am rewarded with riches on every level.


GEMINI – You will get the green light to make travel plans at the Full Moon on the 7th. The journey is the goal. The experience can be truly enlivening! With the Full Moon in your domestic zone, this could culminate a home or family matter. For career talks and projects, look forward to a major spike! Your talents could be honored, and your creative skills could be featured now, setting you up for a promotion. Enjoy the expansion in your professional life. It’s time to set some long-term fresh goals moving forward for your future manifestation.

On March 7, a Full Moon arrives in your sector of home and family. Your ultra-sensitive domestic zone is highlighted with a possible move on the horizon to something bigger and better. Heartfelt feelings and memories may rise to the surface. What is meant for you is showing up. Listen to your spirit. Trust it.

Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7 in your career sector of ambition. Be prepared for emerging offers. The seeds that you have planted will harvest and start to bring rewards. Your cherished dreams may come true. During the remaining months of 2023, Saturn most affects those of you born between May 21 and 30. You will welcome a chance to create a new venture and share goals with loved ones who support your vision.

As I stay focused on one thing at a time and have the patience to finish what I start, I feel empowered and relaxed.


CANCER – Moon cycles are important to you, with the Moon being your planetary ruler. Exciting news arrives this month! You will need to tackle a flurry of errands when the Full Moon is in your communication zone on the 7th. Finish the must-do’s and focus on the want-to-dos! Good energy is with you for networking. Friends could surprise you this week. Get out there and widen your inner circle. Write a new success story. Good news moves things forward. You could be signing an important contract now. Professional success is yours!

Big news arrives! Step into something bigger. A Full Moon rises in your communication zone on the 7th. News arrives taking you away from a situation that has been holding you back. Full Moons bring completion. Soul freedom calls.

Saturn enters Pisces, a sign compatible with your own, for the next three years on March 7, influencing your expansion zone of higher learning, long distance travel, publishing, and multi-cultural mingling. This is a time in your life of serious preparation so that you are in the best possible position to take advantage of opportunities coming in two to three years. During the remaining months of 2023, Saturn in Pisces affects those of you born between June 21 and 30 most. Visualize your dreams coming true and listen carefully to your inner voice.

I balance my thoughts, feelings, and actions, with fairness, peace, and serenity, as I attract everything I want and need into my life.


LEO – Think about how your daily work best reflects your values around the Full Moon on the 7th. Perfecting minor details can make for major rewards! Your money zone is lit and brainstorming with a friend leads to an empowering collaboration. Go for it! This is all good news! An epiphany around moneymaking and how to build exciting plans for the future arises. Enjoy your many blessings while doing something big and meaningful in 2023!

March 7 brings a major focus to your financial life at the Full Moon in Virgo. The Universe is bringing you some much needed relief! A burst of confidence lights your path, and you will be fired up to make moves on your moneymaking plan. Your money zone is lit! This could signal a turning point with a raise, promotion or new job offer. Put your natural talents to good use.

Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7 for the next three years and will no longer oppose your sign, and that is good news. Many of you left relationships and partnerships in the last several years. Issues of intimacy, sexuality, partnership assets and money coming to you from outside sources will be in focus now. While in Pisces, Leos born between July 23 and August 1 will notice the strongest impact from this transit in the remaining months of 2023. Use this time to pay down debt, review your budget, and seed a savings account with any bonuses or raises you receive.

I am ready to receive all the prosperity that March is going to give me.

VIRGO – With the only Full Moon arriving in your sign this year, amplifying the potency for you, all eyes will be on you, so it’s your moment to shine and stand in the spotlight.  An important personal matter reaches conclusion. Focus on self-care and put time towards activities that you love for inner peace. The gains can be life-changing now! It is your time to shine! Rejuvenation will be yours. What you focus on you draw to you, so be fearless. Enjoy this milestone moment in your personal growth.

On March 7 the only Full Moon in your sign in 2023 brings culmination to a project or major personal goal. The Full Moon in Virgo is amplifying your feelings while urging you to let go of what no longer sustains you. So many great things are coming your way. You’re on the right track. Allow change to flow through your life. A positive attitude will go a long way.

Your partnership zone is lit when Saturn moves into Pisces, opposite your sign, for the next three years on March 7. Focus on the quality relationships in your life as you may be leaving the ones that are no longer relevant behind. Any relationship commitments that you solidify will stand the test of time. Your spirit is resilient. You’re headed where you are meant to be. Many of you will receive acknowledgement and recognition during this time in your life. Saturn most affects those of you born between August 24 and September 1 during the remaining months of 2023.

I have the power to accomplish everything I want to do.


LIBRA – Pitch a passion project around the Full Moon on the 7th. You will feel heard. Personal revelations serve to push you towards growth and experience. Dream and tune in to what is about to manifest for you. Carve out time for reflection and meditation. Approach life with positivity. Taking nature walks or meditating brings peace and serenity. The truth around love sets you free. Work as a team to reach your goals.

You are paving the way for a new chapter in 2023. Create new space for manifesting something important to you. It takes two. Do what you do best by re-balancing the scales for your future success.

A Full Moon in your privacy sector of rest arrives on March 7. Slow down and take things easy. Meditating or journaling helps you reflect. Stay emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong! Take some much-needed downtime for introspection.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 in your productivity sector of work and health for the next three years. You will be putting in the work at your job. All of your hard work, time, and effort will pay off in the end.  Advance your wellness rituals and prioritize your mind, body, spirit connection. Your wellness comes first. During the remaining months of 2023, Saturn affects those of you born between September 23 and October 1 the most.

I tap into my inner power and embrace the magic within me.


SCORPIO – Embrace your hearts calling this month. Starting on the 7th around the Full Moon in your friends and groups zone, focus on a team project. Socialization and collaboration boosts bonds and brings success! There is a lot to celebrate, enjoy and share this month! It is time for your goals, wishes and dreams to be set in motion. Spend time with those who share your passion for entertainment, art, and music. You may meet a destined soulmate in 2023. Self-love is the key to magnetism.

A Full Moon arrives on March 7 in your fulfillment sector of fun, friends, groups, gatherings, and parties. Connecting with friends and groups is where you can manifest your hopes, wishes, and dreams. You may receive a happy surprise from a friend. Focus on your personal life now. Be on the lookout for possible financial benefits. Spending time with friends along with self-care boosts your vitality.

Saturn enters Pisces, your fellow water sign, on March 7, and will be trine your Sun, helping you absorb the teaching of Saturn more easily. Finding new ways to give and receive love will increase your inspiration, joy, and happiness. Start thinking about ways to turn your dreams into reality. The biggest growth you will achieve in the next three years will be in your personal life.

What belongs in my life is on the way right now.


SAGITTARIUS – New opportunities arrive in March! You will be ready to finish a work project when the Full Moon arrives in your career and success zone on the 7th. Make the most of it! Connecting with colleagues is easy and you could be tapped to take the reins on a group undertaking. You have what it takes. Cross the finish line. March fills your life with happiness and light. Get ready for a win and applause! A promotion, new job or a raise may arrive in the weeks to come.

New opportunities arrive in March! You will be ready to finish a work project when the Full Moon arrives on March 7 in your career and success zone. Get ready for a win and applause! A promotion, new job or a raise may arrive in the weeks to come. A turning point in your career is likely now. Remember how blessed you already are.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 for a three year stay influencing your domestic sphere of home and family, including home improvement projects, repairs, and renovations. Family discussions will be significant. Make your base secure. During the remaining months of 2023, Saturn most affects those of you born between November 22 and December 1. Share goals with those that support your vision.

I open my heart to promising opportunities that bring me joy and growth.


CAPRICORN – Pursue new streams of income or more responsibility at work around the Full Moon on the 7th. The way you express your drive and focus impresses VIP’s. Your place of long-distance journeys and adventure is lit so travel may tempt you now. It’s a fortunate time to book a vacation. Tap into your intuition to consider change. Step out of the old and into the new. Fire up your wanderlust. Taking a leap of faith could lead to personal growth in 2023.

A Full Moon on March 7 in fellow earth sign Virgo, brings a culmination or turning point. It’s time to take steps to advance your skill set. Make your move — you will love soaking up new knowledge. It’s a good time to explore new topics and creative self-expression with a sense of adventure. Your sense of optimism is energized. Looking beyond a current challenge, is where you may spot a great opportunity. Strike out in a bold direction.

Your ruling planet stern Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 in your communications sector for the next three years. Focus on making progress toward your longer-tern goals. You will be creatively inspired to initiate communication related endeavors. Many of you will move and experience a job change in the next few years. During the remaining months of 2023, Saturn most affects those of you born between December 21 and 30.

I hold fast to my goals and ideals as I persevere.


AQUARIUS – March is an exciting month for you! Intimate or financial matters are in focus at the Full Moon on the 7th. Financially you will do very well in March. A financial matter comes to a successful conclusion. A bonus check, commission payment, or a sum of money you have been waiting on arrives. Shape your own destiny. Evolve your path. Sharing ideas with colleagues comes easily. Lean in—a win is on the way! Manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

A Full Moon in your sector of intimacy and wealth arrives on March 7. A raise, bonus, or commission could be on the horizon. Expect passionate intensity in romance! Everything that’s meant for you is showing up.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 in your earned income zone on the same day as the Virgo Full Moon for a three year stay. You will now learn important lessons around money, security, values, and daily routines.

Good news, Aquarius! Saturn, leaves your sign on March 7, 2023 one of the luckiest days of the year for Aquarius. When Saturn moves out of your sign, it leaves a gift for you. Embrace the rewards you gained and lessons you learned. You are taking a step toward financial freedom. Find ways to add a side hustle to increase your income now. Life will seem easier, lighter, and happier than it’s been in a long time.

This is a big deal! Life will be so much easier for you now. Saturn, the great teacher, leaves your sign after a lengthy visit leaving a gift for the lessons you learned and if you rose to the occasion. You will be carrying the knowledge bestowed upon you for the rest of your life.

I open my heart to promising opportunities that bring me joy and growth.


PISCES – Relationships could be a main theme for you in March. You may feel extra sensitive around the Full Moon, with a focus on your partnerships. You may decide to become engaged or get married in 2023. Connections influence your future path. Carve out solo time for a rejuvenating activity. Striking a balance between your needs and those of a loved one strengthens bonds. Make long-term plans for your future career success. Money matters improve now.

On March 7 a Full Moon rises in the night sky in Virgo, opposite your sign. This lunation may bring a turning point in your closest personal relationship. Make an effort to be a better listener. Sharing ideas elevates your productivity and bond. Devote more energy to your relationships. Flashes of insight will find you. Trust your intuition. You are being guided.

Structured Saturn enters your sign for the next three years on the same day as the Virgo Full Moon, where it hasn’t been since 1996. This will end a nearly 30-year chapter and initiate a brand new one that will echo for decades in the future. You will reinvent yourself. Outdated plans and relationships may fade during this cycle to allow a new path opening up for you. Allow yourself to evolve, let go and rise up from your past.

Saturn, the ruler of time, will enter your sign on March 7-February 26, 2026, for the first time since April 1996. If your birthday falls between February 19 and 26, you will feel Saturn most this year. Do what Pisces does best…surrender.

I am easily attracting positive energy to my mind, body, and spirit.

Full Moons bring Completion! The Full Moon is a great time to let go.

•    The Sun and Moon are opposite each other with a Full Moon 16° in analytical Virgo.
•    This is the perfect time to release and let go.
•    Let go of unrealistic perfectionist standards.

Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings. This is a time of letting go. Release yourself from the need to please others. This Full Moon in Virgo (health) opposite Sun in Pisces (compassion) illuminates finding balance & harmony in your relationships. Trust your timing.

Affirm Virgo Full Moon:
•    I see things in a new light opening a path to my goals.
•    I am open to the endings and new beginnings that are flowing to me.
•    I embrace change and transformation.
•    My focus and attention are my power.
•    I am supported fully by the Universe.

The big, bright Virgo Full Moon on Tuesday, March 7, is dramatically illuminated by the opposing Pisces Sun. Every Full Moon is the highest power point in the month because its fullness marks a time of completion in the lunar cycle. Complete creative projects.

Buckle up and be ready for anything—on the Full Moon. Expect the unexpected. Go with the flow. Stunning shifts and surprising events may occur! You may achieve a breakthrough!

•    Book a massage and indulge in luxurious self-care.
•    Spring clean your home.
•    Delete junk mail from your inbox.
•    Get organized.
•    Give some extra TLC to your pets.
•    Start a business.
•    Help others.
•    Eat healthy foods.
•    Great time for any type of healing work.

Embrace with Full Moon in Virgo:
•Mental Pursuits •Activities •Services •Helping others •Routines •Tending To Details •Logic •Analysis •Anything Earth related •Aromatherapy •Using Herbs •Essential Oils •Daily Environment •Virgo rules Healing Crystals & Power Stones

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Health is wealth and Jade is the stone for good health and vitality. Jade is the crystal of luck. Just like lucky coins, things will start going your way when you invest in Jade. Jade is also meant to clear your mind and enhance self-actualization. Jade is protective.

I trust my inner guidance.

Moss Agate opens your Heart Chakra and allows you to set a healing intention for Mother Earth. Virgo is an Earth sign and rules the 6th house of Astrology in the areas of daily routine, lifestyle, health, and fitness.

I am a guardian of the Earth and its magic.

• Element – Earth
• Self-Development
• Purification
• Mind, Body, Spirit Healing
• Bringing Things into Order

This is an excellent day for a Full Moon ritual, with the Lunar energy particularly powerful. The Full Moon is when you let things go. Meditate on what you need to release. I burn white candles for mood and intention. Write out what no longer serves you — then burn it.

I am worthy of receiving all the abundance, prosperity, and wealth the Universe is ready to bless me with.

Have a grounded, relaxing Virgo Full Moon while harnessing power for your sign. Choose the frequency of love, joy, peace, and contentment.

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Love is in the flow of the stars. The Universe is making some great alignments for you. Manifest and work diligently in marvelous March to achieve your loftiest goals and aspirations. Imagine the best for yourself. You are already on your way to what’s meant for you. Begin your journey and watch magical things unfold in your life. You’re about to receive abundantly! Wishing you a magical March filled with blessings and miracles!

Have a magical and enchanting March. I am grateful for you.

Wishing you love, light and laughter – always and in all ways.

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