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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
April 17, 2023 * Starr Report * Volume 113
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An exciting week is about to unfold. Eclipse season begins this Thursday, April 20 at (12:12AM EDT) and late night Wednesday, April 19. A rare second New Moon in Aries arrives as a turbocharged “hybrid” solar eclipse. Leave something in your past behind as a new door opens.

Here comes the bonus round! On April 20, a rare second Aries New Moon 29°, a powerful Total Solar Eclipse, promises success for any ventures started at the first Aries New Moon 0°on March 21, and launches the first eclipse in a series of eclipses taking place on the Aries-Libra Axis between now and March 29, 2025. Remember that this is the start of a two-year journey. Welcome new beginnings!

The 29th degree is an “anaretic degree” in Astrology, a karmic, game-changing placement. This will be the first eclipse in Aries since 2015 and will be an ultra-rare “hybrid” solar eclipse that begins as a “ring of fire” and transitions into a cosmic dark sky, total eclipse along its journey. Solar eclipses mark the beginning of powerful new eras. It’s time to master your life and break through to a higher level. You are on a mission to evolve now.

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• Eclipses are growth opportunities bringing heightened awareness and change.
• Eclipses often mark an important event or point in our lifetime.
• Eclipses help us evolve. This New Moon has incredible strength and power.
• Eclipses conceal and then they reveal as they bring news of life’s big events.
• Eclipses speed up the inevitable opening up a pathway into the next chapter of your life — pushing you toward your destiny.
•Eclipses build on ones that came before — and push you forward. Something ends and something else begins. See events in a new light.

Two weeks later, on May 5, a game-changing Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse rises at the mysterious Scorpio Full Moon. What was hidden will be revealed in scandals. Long-term changes are in the works! Major developments in the personal areas of your chart ruled by Aries are likely to occur over the upcoming months.

This New Moon forms a square to powerful Pluto so we may see rebel spirits fighting back against authoritarian control on the world stage. Thanks to a loose sextile with Saturn, this is an excellent time to start building strong foundations and structures in your life, along with independent networks.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”
— Marie Curie, the first woman awarded a Nobel prize.

The New Moon aligns favorably with good-fortune Jupiter in Aries encouraging opportunity, expansion, and abundance. Mars, the ruler of the Aries New Moon harmonizes with Uranus, bringing a potentially excellent time for personal initiatives. Those of you born with a planet at the same degree as an eclipse are likely to see a high level of activity in the house where the eclipse occurs.

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MOON CONJUNCT CHIRON – Chiron (healing) is in Aries (courage) conjunct (healing through love) to the New Moon. There is immense healing power in this transit. It may be a time when you get glimpses of your life purpose. These glimpses come on an emotional or intuitive level. New Moons open new paths.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER – New Moons are new beginnings. Follow your intuition and have faith in the process. This New Moon is conjunct lucky Jupiter, the planet of miracles, abundance, optimism, and blessings.

MOON CONJUNCT SUN – When the New Moon is happening in bold, Fire sign Aries, you have a lot of energy, vitality, and physical strength. You feel naturally assertive, open, and passionate. Aries is a sign of action and beginnings. The balance this energy brings is ideal for clarity and fresh starts.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO – Trust the process of transformation. Surrender your need to be in control as there may be power struggles. There can be pressure to take action while sensitivity surfaces. Strong feelings may bubble up to the surface. You may be feeling ultra-sensitive to what is happening around you. Secrets – good or bad may be revealed. Focus on achieving your goals. Avoid drama and stay calm.

MARS SEXTILE URANUS – Embrace change, progress, and new methods. It’s a potentially excellent time for personal initiatives. Own the path you want to take and get in touch with where you want to go. Brighter days are coming! Stay optimistic. A surprise regarding your career or money may arrive in the days ahead from April 19 to April 30.

Welcome to Taurus season! The Sun enters Fixed Earth sign Taurus, from April 20 to May 21. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, art, and money. Venus is how we attract our desire to us. Passionate, steady, practical Taurus attends to security, values, and finances. Taurus lays down roots on Earth, providing security and (grounding). Taurus are very stable, steadfast, and predictable. Beauty and luxury are essential pleasures during the season of the Bull, so enjoy pampering yourself with self-care and work with Rose Quartz.

From April 21 to May 14 Mercury backspins retrograde in fixed earth sign Taurus for three weeks so hold off on any major decision-making regarding money. When Mercury turns retrograde, it may possibly lead to mixed messages, incomplete travel directions, missing mail, and the cancellation of plans or a trip. Everything may seem to come to a grinding halt in slow-paced Taurus.

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*Read your Sun sign and your Rising sign. Enjoy!

ARIES – The rare second New Moon in Aries occurs on April 20 at 29 degrees, a critical degree of completion while closing a chapter in your life and is a powerful Solar Eclipse opening new doors for you to pursue your greatest hopes, wishes, and dreams. The coming eclipse is one of the very best of the year! Make room for new goals and your wildest dreams.

From mid-April on the illuminating Sun travels through your money zone, amplifying your ability to bring in more income. At the ultra-rare hybrid New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on April 20, destiny is calling. A door opens for you to embark on a whole new era. Step into your power as a leader in your field, Aries. Celebrate your independence.

Aries, you are shining brighter than ever in April. Destiny sends your future along a new path. Set your sights higher. The Universe is working in your favor. A New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on April 20 ushers in the most important event of 2023 for you. A major turning point in your life arrives. Something good will happen for you. May the next six months be a period of beautiful positive transformations for you. Things will start to click for you in just the right way.

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on April 21st in your money sector alerting you to watch your financial transactions. Checks may be delayed, and you may have to review your finances. Wait to sign contracts until after May 14.

This year is so powerful for you, Aries! With Jupiter in your sign until May 16, and the destiny-focused (North Node) moving into Aries, with Libra (South Node), inspiring new levels of confidence and leadership on July 17 – January 11, 2025, the sky is the limit for you! Get ready for a “spring awakening”!

I am ready to start a new chapter filled with limitless opportunities.

TAURUS – Imagination opens up a surprising new direction. Carve out time for soul-searching. This will elevate your self-awareness. Changes within bring the changes that you have been waiting for. You are wrapping up a major project or time in your life. Trust your intuition to inform the best game plan when the Sun enters your sign on April 20 bringing feelings of freedom and lightness. If your birthday falls between April 20-24, you will have a major opportunity coming your way. Your financial forecast is strong for increasing your income! The Universe is working in your favor.

The Aries New Moon on the 20th is the year’s first Solar Eclipse and conjuncts good-fortune Jupiter in late Aries, in your privacy, processing and review sector, the perfect place to analyze details of pending plans. Slowing yourself down with breathing exercises and walks feels rejuvenating. Work in a more discreet manner as you actively pursue your goals. Your intuition will be strong at this New Moon Eclipse, so follow your own intuitive guidance. Let your energy speak for itself.

Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on April 21-May 14. You are bound to receive unexpected news. Review current professional commitments, slow down, do research, finish old business, and go within. Avoid signing contracts. You will be able to move forward confidently once this period ends.

Exciting news for you! Fortunate Jupiter, planet of good luck, growth, and optimism, will enter your sign this year on May 16 for the first time in 12 years until May 25, 2024! This is a fortunate blessing for you. Enjoy this rare money cycle where you will be given opportunities for expansion and financial gain.

I make space for love, abundance, and prosperity to flow to and through me.

GEMINI – With the New Moon on the 20th and Jupiter in Aries resonating harmoniously with your variety-loving Gemini Sun, get ready for surprise possibilities! Assert your desires and follow your heart. Do your research and make a move. Listen for whatever opportunities come your way. Embrace what is brought into the light. Develop professional strategies and pair up with colleagues on team projects for a win! You are the sign of ideas and the mind. It is time to make future plans and dream up new goals. You are highly blessed in so many ways.

Get ready for a fresh start! Reach out and connect around the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your friends, groups, inner circle, and dreams zone on April 20. If you were born within 5 days of June 20, you can make great progress in important areas of your life now. A future goal comes into reach with a team effort. Think big and go for it! You are manifesting greater. Money could also be flowing your way now.

Welcome to your spring awakening! On April 11 romantic Venus moved into your sign until May 7, as friends become lovers, lovers become friends. When loving Venus transits your sign it brings favorable outcomes in love and money.

The first Mercury retrograde of 2023 arrives on April 21, just as Taurus season is starting. With Mercury being your planetary ruler, retrogrades affect you more. Stay flexible and be more adaptable. Go easy on the spending. Be at peace knowing that this too shall pass.

I feel peaceful and relaxed knowing I am exactly where I am meant to be.

CANCER – It’s a big year for your career, Cancer! Get ready for success. You are at your most focused on what you want to achieve in your career now. Climb the ladder of success and broaden your vision. Your intuitive mind attracts all the components and the positive energy necessary to bring plans into alignment this month. Results are on the way! Focus on what you want to manifest in 2023. Choose what’s best for you now.

April is one of your best months of 2023. With mighty Mars in your sign until May 20 you can set new plans in motion for the coming year. You are full of energy and ready to make your mark. This is your moment to shine, Cancer! It’s your best chance all year to make resolutions about where you are headed. Goals help you to achieve your dreams. You’re sure to make a strong impression and you will be more charming than usual while the Aries New Moon is in your career zone on the 20th.

What’s next for your career? This is the first eclipse to land in your professional zone since 2015 and for some it could bring a shakeup. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th could bring a new role as it triggers talk of career-related changes when you and your boss discuss advancement prospects. Finances favor both you and your partner, putting you in line to earn higher salaries. If an interesting promotion comes up, apply before Mercury goes retrograde the next day on April 21.

I welcome beautiful abundance into my life.

LEO – The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 20 showcases the year’s first Solar Eclipse and conjuncts Jupiter in late Aries activating your expansion sector, validating participation in travel plans. Your passion will be un-containable at this New Moon Solar Eclipse, the first to activate your house of wanderlust since 2015! Leo’s born near August 22, will feel the second Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse more directly. Stay focused on all the good that is happening around you.

The New Moon arrives in your zone of higher learning, publishing, and long-distance travel. It’s time to expand your skills and knowledge. You may feel a desire to shake things up. Now’s the perfect time to set bold personal goals from the heart. Keep the positive momentum going! Success is yours if you put passion into all you do. Finances look impressive this month.

You will be ready for adventure with Jupiter and the Aries New Moon traveling through your spirit zone of higher education, spirituality, and learning. Stretch your boundaries and demonstrate personal power. This will rock your world. You may meet someone from a different background or culture. Fellow fire sign Aries is a highly compatible sign for Leo in your closest personal relationships. You are the verge of a major professional victory set to arrive in May.

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on April 21, possibly leading to an unexpected outcome to plans. Don’t make any impulsive decisions. Be patient. Take some quality downtime to reflect on your next steps.

I open my heart to promising opportunities that bring me joy and growth.

VIRGO – The month ahead has you feeling excited about life. Fortunate Jupiter and the New Moon in Aries on the 20th are in your sector of joint funds. You are getting some very nice attention and are feeling successful from teaching moments that give you valuable insight into your career path. The stakes are as high as you can dream. Your intuition will be sharp — follow it. Now is the time to cash in with revenue from outside sources. All of your blessings are multiplying! It’s all possible. Believe in sudden positive shifts. You’re headed where you are meant to be.

Lucky you to have the very first Solar Eclipse of the year falling in your joint-finances prosperity-driven sector joining good-fortune Jupiter in Aries. A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th illuminates your financial and intimacy zone. Reflect on a fresh start with your finances. Manifest your desires. Money matters will be the key focus. Get organized for more clarity of mind and purpose. Focus on what you want to attract. Allow the transformation and trust what’s unfolding.

You could feel gratitude deeply in your soul at this time. Bigger opportunities are actively coming your way! You are about to enter into a profitable new phase regarding your finances expanding at the rare second New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse on April 20, joining prosperity, expansion-driven Jupiter in Aries, highlighting an opportune time in your financial cycle. Allow the universe to present a whole new plan for prosperity in your life. Dream big.

Planetary ruler Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on April 21 calling for a careful look at any planned long-distance travel. Review and possibly change your plans. Listen to your intuition and make a new strategy for the future.

I listen to my intuition and take inspired action to attain my dreams.

LIBRA -– Good energy is with you in April! You’re in the golden era of your life to make magical connections. You will feel extra confident bringing your relationship to the next level. Love is in the air! You are attracting strong and intelligent people into your life. Focus on partnerships. Enjoy the flow of positive communication and dance to the music of success. Good news! Your cash flow increases in April! Things will only get better and greater. Manifest that. A raise could come your way by the middle of the month.

There is a rare second New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 20 that will be conjunct fortunate Jupiter, highlighting both your business and personal relationships. Declare your loyalty and love to your partner. New Moons kick off six-month cycles. Libra is the partnership sign. If you wish to form a new business partnership or take your closest personal relationship to the next level, do it now before Jupiter leaves this area of your chart on May 16. The eclipse will touch your Sun if you were born between October 18 and October 22, or if your rising sign is in Libra 24° to 29°, opening a door to a new partnership in love or business. Generous Jupiter will be prominent with a money boost as opportunities will appear now.

Mercury in Taurus turns retrograde in your joint finances sector of wealth and assets on the 21st, calling for a review of a loan proposal while you examine alternative proposals. Stay balanced, present, and tuned into yourself.

I am ready and willing to receive all the miracles and magic coming my way.

SCORPIO -– April shines a light on getting your work and health routines in order. Feel deserving and ready to attract better. There are many ways these energies might manifest. Your desire to enjoy solo time is amplified now. Surrender to change. Rise up and shine! Unwrap your present potential. Cash flow is excellent. Start owning and being the energy of what you want to receive. You’re rising up! You are worthy and deserving of the best.

Wellness check! The first eclipse of 2023 at the New Moon in Aries on April 20 will fire up your work and healthy routines zone with opportunities to improve your job or get a better job. Manage stress and take better care of your body. This is your year to improve work satisfaction and earn more money. The rare second New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, conjunct expansive Jupiter in your productivity zone, may bring changes in your work environment, with more responsibilities and projects. Get ready for big news at work. You may be offered a new or better opportunity. You are on track to be in the spotlight and make a name for yourself between now and March 2025!

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on April 21, possibly leading to miscommunication and travel delays. Don’t lose yourself in other people’s stories or path. Do what feels right for you and focus on what you want.

I trust that everything is always working out for my highest good.

SAGITTARIUS – Time for a Spring fling! Your next journey begins in the days after the New Moon. It is time to shake-up your routine. Be a soul traveler. Your wanderlust will be stronger than ever. Expand your mind and horizons. Start right from where you are. A financial boost is on the way. Good things come to those who do not hesitate. Love comes full circle. Feel the love in April! Focus on that. May April bring you a miracle!

When the Aries New Moon shows up in your passion zone on April 20, your social sector gets attention. A burst of optimistic energy infuses your partnership with a fun-loving vibe. Lay the groundwork for unforgettable memories by kickstarting an artistic creative project together. The New Moon joins ruler Jupiter in fiery Aries, all in a favorable position to your Sagittarius planets.

This New Moon just sparkles for you! This rare second New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse in fellow fire sign Aries, occurs conjunct ruler fortunate Jupiter, bringing many blessings and swift fortunate opportunities your way. This one could reveal a romance or Soulmate connection.

Mercury turns retrograde in your work and health sector of daily routines on April 21, alerting you to a possible change in plans. Go within and be patient.

I make space for love, abundance, and prosperity to flow to and through me.

CAPRICORN – There’s no place like home for you in April! Dedicate yourself to relating. You might want to strike out on your own to defend your creative vision. Leaning into this impulse has you feeling invigorated. Take the lead and take charge. Find a better balance between your home life and career. Stand by your values. You are attracting opportunities to boost your current finances and self-confidence. Be in a constant state of gratitude.

The New Moon in Aries on the 20th draws attention to your domestic sector of home and family. Use your mind and ideas to take the lead on a project. Some of you may be moving into a new home. Finances look favorable to fund your dreams. Home is where the heart is. You will see and hear more good news at this rare second New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse conjunct good-fortune Jupiter. Eclipses are harbingers of change and growth opportunities. Embrace the process.

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on April 21 potentially leading to mixed messages, incomplete orders, missing mail, and postponement of plans. Use this time for review. Put off initiating projects until after May 14.

I focus my vision on creating the future I desire.

AQUARIUS – A major month is calling you! You are meant for more and you are ready. April puts communication in the spotlight. Experiment with a fresh approach. Compromise for a better result. Jupiter is moving in harmony with your sign keeping money matters strong. Income and abundance are lit! Get ready for surprise possibilities! Focus on a cherished goal and visualize a win. You will be inspiring if you have to make a pitch to your boss. Success is yours. Focusing on what supports your soul helps you find balance. Good energy will multiply in your life.

On April 20 a New Moon in Aries, a compatible sign for you, arrives in your communications sector. Develop your talents in public speaking, by taking a class. What you say, share or write has long-term impact. Much can be accomplished now. You may be taking a short trip around this time. Your dreams are becoming a reality. Good news arrives when a rare second New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries conjuncts good-luck Jupiter in your communications sector. If your birthday falls between February 14 and February 19, you will feel the solar eclipse energy the most. Your ideas could travel far with the New Moon and Jupiter supporting you. Life changing blessings are coming your way!

Mercury in Taurus turns retrograde on April 21, and you may need to backtrack over work that you thought was complete. Review your project as this may work out to your advantage with all of the opportunities coming your way.

I am grateful for this moment right now, and I am excited about the path in front of me.

PISCES – One of the most important months for you in 2023 has arrived! You will be feeling extra hopeful about the future in April! Your dreams are possible. April shines prosperously and throws a spotlight on your income, assets, and cash flow. Spread the seed of optimism where it counts. Your imagination is on fire and at your disposal now. Channel your emotions into an artistic project. Write down your dreams — it will help them come true! Savor the opportunity for new beginnings this month! Prepare your vision board. Keep the momentum going.

On April 20 a New Moon in Aries arrives in your money zone bringing a possible revenue-generating opportunity your way. Things will miraculously work out for you. Get ready for super-charged inspiration and insight in the coming days after the New Moon. You could land a raise, bonus, or commission. Share how you feel in a creative way. Make yourself a priority and take time to connect with loved ones. Embrace the magic and beauty around you. Show the world the power of your dreams! It is your time to shine and boost your bank account. Set a powerful intention around abundance. Meditate on what you truly want to achieve. This rare second New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries pairs up with lucky Jupiter in your money sector. Good fortune is coming your way!

Mercury in Taurus turns retrograde on April 21st in your communication sector. You are bound to receive unexpected news. Review current professional commitments, slow down, be confident and go within. Watch your words while being mindful of what is said and how it is said. Be more patient.

I am open to receiving everything I could ever dream of and more.

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To support you in achieving positive outcomes:

SUNSTONE: The energy of the Sun and Moon are both VERY strong at a New Moon Solar Eclipse. Just like the sunlight chasing away the shadows, Sunstone’s energy connects you to your light and power and is a guiding light to who you are, while it shifts blocks from your chakras. Direct your efforts toward achieving your goals and share the light of your soul dream in the world.

I am awakening an abundance of joyful energy within me.

MOONSTONE: Moonstone (intuition) is associated with the Moon, feelings, the heart, and fertility, and is the goddess stone of intuition, keeping you safe on the journey of self-discovery and magical illumination. Working with the Third Eye (located in the center of your forehead) and Crown Chakra (located at the top of your head) it connects us to higher realms and Divine Inspiration. The stone of femininity is believed to bring loved ones closer together. Accept and embrace change, working with your inner vision and perception to guide you forward.

I reclaim my power and embrace new beginnings.

OBSIDIAN: Obsidian is used as a grounding stone for protection and cleansing. You can use it to release negative energy, or it may help you just get rid of the excess energy. Eclipse energy can be deeply emotional, which is why it needs some way of emotional release. Do not resist change. Obsidian is good to use in meditation if there is someone in your life that you feel brings negative energy, as it screens out their influence over you. Heal and release. Prioritize your peace.

I am powerful, focused, and protected. I can make positive changes in my life.

Under this New Moon, I am grateful for a fresh start. As I heal and cleanse myself of the past, I grow by a new light that shines upon me. I will stay on this path of growth until I reach my maximum potential. I am certain in my heart that I will get there. And so it is.


  • Meditating with a red candle for Aries season increases inspiration, creativity, and intellect. Aries is ruled by Mars, and red is its power color. As a Cardinal fire sign – Aries is red-hot. Red symbolizes action, strength, passion, and power. You may also use a white candle to represent spirituality and the Moon.
  • Take a piece of paper and write out your wishes, goals, intentions, and anything you wish to change. What are your hopes and dreams for the next two weeks or six months? Light the candle while reciting your intention and burn the paper in the candle’s flame sending your wishes out into the universe.
  • Visualize already having achieved your goals. Let the candle burn out or smudge it out.
  • Thank the energies in gratitude. To close out your ritual, recite “Blessed be”.
  • Safety tips: Always remember fire safety – never leave a burning candle unattended. Use a fire-proof container when burning your paper. Be safe.

Recite this poem for Divine inspiration as we shift into sensual Venus-ruled Taurus season within hours of the New Moon Solar Eclipse:

“Let us fall in love again
And scatter gold dust all over the world
Let us become a new spring
And feel the breeze drift in heaven’s scent.
Let us dress the earth in green
And like the sap of a young tree
Let the grace from within us sustain us.
Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts
And let them light our path to Love.
The glance of Love is crystal clear
And we are blessed by its light.”

Love is in the flow of the stars. The Universe is making some great alignments for you. Manifest and work diligently in enchanting April to achieve your loftiest goals and aspirations. Imagine the best for yourself. You are already on your way to what’s meant for you. Begin your journey and watch magical things unfold in your life. You’re about to receive abundantly! Wishing you a magical Aries New Moon filled with blessings and miracles. Thank you for supporting my work!

Have a magical and enchanting New Moon in Aries. I am grateful for you.

Wishing you love, light and laughter – always and in all ways.

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