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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
August 16, 2023 * Starr Report * Volume 127
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Light the Fire Within
Welcome a gorgeous New Moon in fierce Leo! The day you have been waiting for is here! This beautiful lunation will roar in creative Leo (23 degrees) on August 16 inviting you to be open to explore so you can dream big! Everything you have learned is integrating and finding new pathways of expression. Leo inspires you to light the fire within. Manifest your destiny with confidence.

This is double Sun-Moon fierce Leo energy at the New Moon, August 16 so it is time to indulge in some royal treatments for your body, mind, and heart. Send healing energy out into the world. Give thanks and show gratitude. Be open to receiving. It is all happening for you now.

Leo (ruled by the Sun) is a Fire sign and rules the 5th house of creative self-expression, artistic skills, children, entertainment, pleasure, romance, speculation and risk-taking in Astrology. What you are passionate about manifesting, is represented in your 5th house.

The New Moon and Sun are both in Leo (leadership). Leo inspires admiration and affection in others bringing excitement, passion, courage, and strength. Leo is about child-like enthusiasm and self-expression. Leo is the sign of royalty and rules the heart.

The New Moon in dramatic Leo brings a natural enthusiasm. Leo is big on romancing and being romanced, perhaps more than all the other signs. A Leo Moon placement is happiest when love is in full bloom. The Leo Moon is generous and trusting. Your mindset can change your life.

A fiery New Moon arrives in courageous Leo on Wednesday, August 16 invoking energy for new beginnings and dramatic adventures. Leo rules cultural events, so enjoy attending concerts and visiting art museums. Become a legend in your own life. Be a leader in your kingdom. August is going to be a breakthrough month for you. Plant seeds of intention.

Amazing August is here! Expect the pace of life to be fun, expressive, romantic, and exciting with the Sun traveling through generous and courageous Leo from July 22 until August 23. May August bring you positive changes in your life and manifesting all that your heart desires! The Universe is working in your favor.

The energies at Wednesday’s New Moon in fierce Leo are so strong that they dominate and are reinforced throughout the rest of the workweek. The New Moon takes place in glamorous, playful, and exciting Leo, whiles squaring off against change-agent Uranus in ultra-pragmatic Taurus. An enthusiasm for living and creative expression is up against a killjoy status quo at this New Moon.

Living well is the best revenge, so embrace joy and levity, and integrate these forces into your life. To counterbalance the energies, Mars is trining Uranus the same day, forming a loose Grand Trine in the hardworking Earth signs, making it an auspicious period for business matters, and getting entrepreneurial projects off the ground. All in all, the week has a work hard, play hard vibe to it, infusing all facets of life with exuberance and power.

Exciting developments are happening now… watch for them. Keep believing. The events that begin now will manifest and come to fruition on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at the first Full Moon of 2024, and the Full Moon in Leo, marking the beginning of a new cycle.

The New Moon will impact all zodiac signs, but (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will feel it the most. The Fixed signs come in the middle of each season and can be stubborn. You might have the desire to reinvent yourself. Go for it. Manifest this energy is a positive way.

This beautiful lunation in creative Leo invites you to be open to explore so you can dream big! Everything you have learned is integrating and finding new pathways of expression. Leo inspires you to light the fire within. Manifest your destiny with confidence.

Affirm Leo New Moon:
I am fearlessly following my dreams. I release the fear of imperfection. The Universe is working with me to improve my circumstances. Find peace in the present. I am evolving. It’s all about to happen for me.

Royal, regal Leo is enthusiastic, romantic, and resolute. Show up ready to play! Focus on making every day better. You are playing an important role helping to facilitate the powerful vibrational shift on the planet now.

This New Moon in Leo on August 16 occurs at 23°, affecting people with personal planets at 19° to 27° Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) the most. Embrace the new beginnings that are unfolding.

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.”
—Henry David Thoreau



The Moon in magnetic Leo is building to the extraordinary Sun & New Moon in Leo on Wednesday, August 16 at 23°, square Uranus at 23°, activating a profound and fortunate number 23 code of manifestation, with Mars (energy) forming a Grand Trine to Uranus (surprises) in earth signs, at 23° in 20(23). You are manifesting good fortune!

Magical outcomes of joy, abundance, beauty, and love are yours!
5-5-5 Manifestation Code — On August 16 a New Moon in Leo at 23° joins forces with the Sun at 23° Leo, in 20(23). (2+3=5).

The Number 5 is a pivot point of freedom + change, giving you a chance to start over and embrace your true passions. A shift is inevitable. Find inner freedom through focus. It is a sign that things are rapidly changing in your life allowing you to grow!

Accepting change and rapid personal growth are your foundations now. Energy is being shaken up. Let go of your prior habits, and your confidence will grow. Believe it!

Embrace the 5-5-5 manifesting code:
•change •personal freedom •take a risk •conceive a child •travel •free-thinking •very sexual energy •motivation •progress •fast moving energy •magnetism •beauty- 5’s (born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd day of any month, and 5 Life Path’s in Numerology) are good looking •variety• life lessons learned through experience •natural flair •sensual

The NUMBER 5 and the NOW AQUARIAN AGE symbolize FREEDOM. Accept change, do not fight it. Embrace change and look forward to the future as energy is being shaken up. What’s meant for you is making its way towards you. Choose to believe that it is possible. The shift is in your favor.

The Number 5 represents freedom and change. Embrace the confidence to be free, flexible, and liberated. There is tremendous empowerment through being fearless while setting yourself free. The story is unfolding now!

THE HIEROPHANT is Number 5 in the Tarot representing working within a system, organization, structure, hierarchies of society, adapting to rules and cultural law. The element is Earth and relates to Earth zodiac sign Taurus. This is a time of tremendous change and transformation in 2023.

The NUMBER 5 is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet. It is very fast-moving energy. This is a brand new, exciting adventure that will feel like it’s just flying by. Embrace change, freedom, taking a risk, and surprises.

Leo is the 5th sign in Astrology and rules the heart and upper back. The illuminating Sun rules Leo and the fifth house of pleasure. Leo’s have a magnetic personality, can do attitude, pride of accomplishment, entertaining and socializing skills, cherish your love interests, leadership, loyalty, recreational pursuits, and a fascination with the big picture.

Many Leos’ present a dramatic picture to the world, are hard-core sports fans, and may either be an active participant or a spectator. For others, the world of entertainment and showmanship drives your passion.

Change is coming at the New Moon in Leo in August. Everything in your life now will begin to propel forward. You’ll notice a shift from stagnation to flow, from lack to abundance, from confusion to clarity, from pain to peace. This is the turning point. It’s all coming together for you in August. Rest your mind. It’s already manifesting. Everything will work out as it should.

I am ready for a big change to happen in my life.

The Leo – Aquarius polarity (opposite signs) in Astrology deals with the balance between the personal (Leo) and the impersonal (Aquarius). The energy of Leo is creative self-expression that we receive through pleasure and romance, while Aquarius rules the group, more impersonal friendships, and objectivity.

Affirm New Moon In Leo:
•I welcome new beginnings
•I welcome growth
•I welcome abundance
•I know what I need
•I am ready.

Embrace New Moon in Leo: •launch new plans •take a risk •plant seeds •consider a new path •opportunities for breakthroughs •creative work •self-expression •be open for love •have fun with children •boost your self-esteem •new projects •business connections • dream-come-true •manifest

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Have a magical New Moon in Leo!

Wishing you love, light, and laughter – always and in all ways.

Love is in the flow of the stars. The Universe is making some great alignments for you. Manifest and work diligently at the new moon in Leo to achieve your loftiest goals and aspirations. Imagine the best for yourself. You are already on your way to what’s meant for you. Begin your journey and watch magical things unfold in your life. You’re about to receive abundantly! Wishing you a magical month of August with blessings and miracles. Thank you for supporting my work!

Have a magical and enchanting month. I am grateful for you.

Wishing you love, light and laughter – always and in all ways.

Cosmic Luv,
Wendy Dellaney, @OneLuckyGirl_28, founder of Naked Numerology
Top Celebrity Wealth Numerologist Astrologer to the Hollywood Stars
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Thank you!
happiness ♡

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