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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
October 1, 2023 * Starr Report * Volume 133
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October is bringing some powerful and potent alignments in the sky with revelation, growth, and change! Two major eclipses are sure to bring major shifts in your lives. Eclipses mark turning points in our lives, and there may be an awakening or awareness of previously hidden feelings. Eclipses conceal and then they reveal. An ending, turning point, or opportunity to seize a major goal could now be in your grasp in gorgeous October.

A solar eclipse in Libra takes place on October 14 and a lunar eclipse in Taurus arrives on October 28.

Enchanting October is here! In the month ahead it is time to embrace change and see things in a new light opening a path to your goals. Believe in your own strength and ability. Trust the timing of how things are manifesting for you.

Welcome to Libra season! It’s a month of transitions. As we say goodbye to one season and usher in the next – we celebrate Fall and focus on what’s important for your personal growth. Come from a place of harmony and serenity in your relationships during Libra season.

Love is in the air in October! You might attract someone new and exciting. If you are already coupled, you will likely rekindle your passion. It is time to review our partnerships and relationships to make sure they are in balance. Review what you have learned and apply it to the next phase of your life.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald



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FIRST WAVE October 2023 is an 8 month—you can truly take advantage of this cycle of abundance. Take care of money matters. It’s a powerful month to get clear on how you create prosperity. Number 8 is favorable for success in business + financial matters in Numerology. Manifest.

October is an 8 month, the number of money, abundance, and prosperity. October will be your most abundant financial month of 2023. You can manifest and claim it all now.

You are going through an awakening beyond your imagination in October.

Number 8 is the ultimate manifestation and money frequency. October is an 8 month and a time to prosper. After the reflective introspection of September now is the time to act! Act big on your goals, desires, dreams, and passions! Do not delay any longer. Live your life to the fullest!

If the plan does not work change the plan—but never the goal.

October is an 8 Universal month in Numerology. 8 is the number of: *Money *Power *Karma. There will be great emphasis on the markets and the economy this month. Keep in mind that number 8 is a Karmic Balancing Number. Pay off your debts.

The best is yet to come for you.

October 2023 is an 8 Universal month. The number 8 resonates with manifesting abundance and prosperity. Manifest your dreams. Trust the timing in your life. You will manifest your vision. Things are working in your favor! The story is unfolding now. Your dreams are possible.

The secret to being in the right place at the right time is knowing you always are.

The number 8 in Numerology represents money, karma and power, luxury, success, a karmic soul, authority, personal power, professional-management, executive ability, the CEO, abundance, prosperity, giving, receiving, investments and finance.

Use the beautiful energy of this month to tune into your heart’s desires.

• Every year in the month of October we get a preview of the coming years attractions.
• 2024 is an 8 Universal year of abundance and prosperity.
• You are reaping the rewards of your past actions in October 2023, an 8 Universal month.
• Expect awards, promotions, accolades, and acknowledgment for your outstanding achievements.

I am pursuing my greatest hopes and dreams while getting in touch with my inner spirit.

My Favorite Color is October

10/4 Mercury enters Libra
10/6 Last Quarter Moon
10/8 Venus enters Virgo
10/10 Pluto Direct
10/12 Mars enters Scorpio
10/14 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra
10/21 First Quarter Moon
10/22 Venus trine Jupiter
10/22 Mercury enters Scorpio
10/23 Sun enters Scorpio
10/28 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
10/31 Happy Halloween🎃

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
–L.M. Montgomery

Cosmic messenger Mercury enters charming Libra from October 4 – 22. Mercury in Libra are bridge builders. Communication will be lighter and fun. Air sign Mercury’s are very social and the best people to meet at parties. With Mercury in Libra, we weigh our options. Libra has the strong will of Aries, is able to sync with others and come to creative compromises. Your focus is your power.

The Last Quarter Moon is a time for re-evaluation, as you release what no longer serves you, before we enter the next cycle, at the New Moon Solar Eclipse in balance-seeking Libra on October 14 — that will open a new path.

Venus is in Virgo from October 8 – November 8. Venus in Virgo (orderly perfectionist) enjoys analysis, precision and organizing details. Start a project with a lot of details. Explore those things that really help you stay in a place of health and healing. You will feel a shift when Venus enters Virgo, asking you to prioritize wellness and self-care. Love yourself.

The positive expression of secretive Pluto is linked with the urge for wisdom and knowledge, to become the best that we can be. It conveys the desire to transform ourselves and the world we live in. Write yourself a new destiny.

Pluto’s negative expression is linked with the urge to dominate and control. We attempt to control our circumstances or other people because we are unable or are unwilling to control ourselves. Focus on self-control. It is the best way forward. Trust yourself and the process of your life. Pluto rules money, sex, and power, so we may see a buried scandal make news headlines.

Mars, the planet of sex, passion, and drive, enters Scorpio on October 12 until November 24, its ancient home sign, generating a deep purging desire for success. Your energy is high! Mars inspires with action. In Scorpio, Mars is driven and focused on getting what it wants. Mars in Scorpio are most attracted to those who are a little dark and mysterious.

Enjoy a New Moon in Libra electric “ring of fire” Solar Eclipse bursting with excitement and flair while harnessing balancing power for your sign. Many new partnerships and unions may come to you in the months ahead. Eclipse season brings beginnings, ending, breakthroughs, culminations, turning points, breakdowns and shifts of destiny and fate. Choose the frequency of love, joy, peace, and contentment.

An exuberant New Moon Solar Eclipse (21 degrees) in balance-seeking Libra, represents new beginnings making this an excellent time to construct an action plan for the upcoming year. Contact me for your reading with actionable advice.

With the Moon also joined with Mercury in Libra, it’s also a good time to focus on balance and harmony in your relationships. This eclipse comes with some heavy energy to navigate so focus on clearing up any misunderstandings. Trust the universe and you will persevere. New Moons open doors in our lives and what you build now will manifest at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25, 2024.

The First Quarter Moon supercharges your intuition while opening new pathways to your hopes, dreams and wishes. Grow in ways that help you feel healthy and fulfilling. Focus on what makes you happy. Make any needed adjustments before the Taurus Full Moon in one week!

A beautiful celebration is forming in the stars with romantic Venus trine adventurous Jupiter in Taurus, activating the earth signs. You may be feeling very optimistic, and positive about the future! The focus is on abundance, beauty, money, love, art, and pleasure. Venus is pure joy!

May you experience unexpected blessings and beautiful surprises during abundant Venus trine Jupiter! It is manifesting for you.

Messenger planet Mercury slips into secretive Scorpio for the next three weeks. Mercury is in Scorpio from October 22-November 10. When Mercury is in deep Scorpio, our thoughts and communications are more probing and intense. Information formerly secret will be revealed. Use this period for researching and editing. Disclosure will come in a few weeks as energy shifts and changes.

Power is the name of the game. The Sun changes energy on Sunday, October 23, as it exits charming Libra and enters intensely emotional, sexy Scorpio, the most mysterious sign in the zodiac. Intimate, seductive, and magnetic Scorpio, the detective of the zodiac, loves to open doors that read, “Do Not Enter.” For the next four weeks until November 22 you will feel things deeply. Scorpio rules transformation so be mindful of what you focus on. During Scorpio season, your manifesting powers are dialed up, as energy flows where your attention goes.

I am open to receiving guidance from my intuition.

ECLIPSE SEASON IS BACK WITH BIG CHANGES AHEAD An intense Lunar Eclipse arrives in Taurus, the sign of money, on October 28 at (5 degrees), the third and final Lunar Eclipse in Taurus for many years. This will conclude the journey that you’ve been on since the end of 2021. Your path is cleared now. Be hopeful and consistent with your evolution. With every ending comes a new beginning. The best days of your life are coming. This is your time to start receiving.

Lunar Eclipses are three times more powerful than a regular Full Moon and are very emotional. This Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (ruled by pleasure goddess Venus) harmonizes with fortunate Jupiter, giver of gifts and good fortune. Eclipses conceal and then they reveal. Over the next few days, an exciting money-making opportunity could show up.

Wishing you spiritual health and well-being at the spectacular passionate Full Moon, a powerful final Lunar Eclipse in Taurus—promising happier news!

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Aries – Welcome, October! Trust your intuition. Your relationship needs are in focus at the New Moon in Libra on the 14th, your opposite sign, a mirror to you. Work to find common ground to preempt conflict in one-on-one relationships. Turn over a new leaf in your partnerships. With sweet Venus ruling the New Moon, you may meet a soulmate connection. You will have the Sun, New Moon, and Mercury in your partnership sector. Eclipses often bring major life events.

Believe in yourself and keep going. Your future is bright. You are here to do great things! Make a heart-centered promise. It’s your time to create a better balance and shine! A major personal goal could now be within reach. Positive energy is aligning for you to manifest. Everything changes when you begin to love yourself.

In the coming weeks you will be moving projects forward. Set a powerful intention at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th around improved finances. A new income stream is possible for you with lucky Jupiter in your financial zone until May 2024. You may receive a sudden windfall. Make progress with your goals. Take action on your deepest desires and dreams. Your attention is your power. It is all aligning for you right now. This is your time to shine! 2023 is Aries best financial year in this decade.

I open my heart to receive beautiful miracles and unlimited blessings.

Taurus – Welcome to October, Taurus! This will be a big month for you. Taking action on your dreams allows you to work through heartfelt emotions. A break from your routine could be beneficial to you as your planetary ruler Venus glides into Virgo on October 8 dancing through your romance and entertainment sector. You may be in a very romantic mood with several social activities in October. You could meet your Soulmate connection. Your creative projects will also benefit from this energy shift for the next month.

Around the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th, sharing your ideas about a dream professional project with a colleague could lead to a win. It feels good to be so inspired in your day-to-day routines and work environment. Your workload will increase around this period of time. You might uncover important truths about a relationship, getting deep to the heart of the matter. Eclipses can bring curveballs or surprising turns of events. You can forge a compromise. Seek out the truth in love.

Exciting changes are in store for you as October comes to a magnificent close! Release from something that no longer serves you and embrace the new, at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign on October 28, the last eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis for several years. Step into the spotlight, as the Full Moon illuminates your desires and emotions. Recognize feelings that you may have buried in this moment of culmination and self-awareness.

Fly free now, dear Taurus. You are always manifesting. Make every intention worth it. Believe in yourself! Step into wealth and stability while supporting your long-term goals and vision. Maintain your momentum and shift your outcome. Eclipses keep you moving forward and speed up time. Keep your eyes open for a sudden opportunity. Something important to you will end and something exciting will begin.

I welcome beautiful abundance into my life as I embrace change and find stability within.

Gemini – Welcome to beautiful fall! Live fabulously! Open up to bold and bright new beginnings. Make a date with love. Enjoy fun-loving activities with loved ones when Venus enters Virgo, your home life comes alive on October 8, as you enjoy basking in the domestic limelight for the next month. Breathe new life into your surroundings and turn your sanctuary of beauty and balance.

Come the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th express how you feel to preempt conflict down the road. Emotion empowers change. Think about partnerships for the future and indulge in joyful pursuits, through art, romance, and leisure activities. Take better care of your health, self-care, and well-being. Reduce stress and prioritize self-love. You can attract who and what you need now. Tie up loose ends and clear out the clutter. Set your intentions around what passionate ventures you wish to pursue over the next six months.

Around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th carve out solo time for self-care. Meditation can feel restorative! The focus is on mental health, healing, rest, relaxation, and self-care. There are opportunities for you to begin again. Lucrative agreements could be reached soon. Adaptability is the key to your success. This Eclipse aids in illuminating brilliant ideas. Be ready. Your intuition will be spot on. Build yourself up from within.

I listen to my intuition and take inspired action to achieve my dreams.

Cancer – Welcome October! Stop and smell the roses as Venus enters your communication zone on October 8, urging you to check things off your to-do list until November 8. Foster deeper connections with those around you. Enjoy your home life, lean into a gentle Venus vibe, spend time with loved ones and simply unplug for a while. Release those emotions.

Around the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th in your home and family sector, prioritize spontaneous fun with a loved one. The New Moon holds magical significance for you since your sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The impact on your emotional world is profound. Nothing feels more empowering than speaking and acting from the heart. Expressing your creativity in a joyful way, motivates you to take action. Create solid foundations in your life so that you can welcome all of the upcoming opportunities coming your way.

You’re entering a period of profound change. Some of you may be moving, or renovating your existing home, in time for the upcoming holiday season. Trust the timing in your life. Embrace emotional freedom. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Set intentions for balance and harmony.

Share your most creative ideas with friends at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your spiritual realm on the 28th. This could lead to fulfilling opportunities. You might enjoy pleasant surprises and fun moments that amplify your success. Discard relationships that no longer have relevance. Think about who you want to move forward with in the future. Slow down and ground yourself. Dream big!

I create a tranquil sanctuary within and around me, finding strength in setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing self-care.

Leo – Welcome gorgeous October, an easier month for you! Following an intense journey in your own sign, the temptation to spend accelerates when Venus in Virgo enters your financial sector on October 8 until November 8, and you comparison shop for planned purchases. Your innate magnetism and artistic flair have regained their full strength, allowing you to express yourself more fully with class and simplicity. You have the power to manifest anything you want.

Around the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th, avoid burnout by zeroing in on top priorities at work and home — and you will soar. Bring more meaning into your life and make it count. A new project that may elevate your status can be yours. Long term decisions boost your career progress. You may be negotiating a contract. You might face obstacles at this time, but soon you will find the right solution.

You are ready for your new life. Some Leos may relocate for a job. You may find out suddenly that you have to move. Hang on to your crown, Leo! Recognition for your talents is coming. You can manifest it now. Many blessings are coming your way in October! Believe so deeply until it manifests for you. Romance blossoms in your life from November 24 until January 24, 2024. Enjoy!

Around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th, step into the spotlight on the job. Your unflinching optimism is sure to impress. This is one of your best chances to get ahead and enhance your career and status in the world. Your ideas may be inspired now with long-term potential. It is your time to shine! Make your professional dreams a reality. All your blessings will suddenly hit. Your life is about to change in a miraculous way. Your time is now!

I trust that everything I need comes to me exactly at the right place and time.

Virgo – Welcome to gorgeous fall! Set your intentions! Turn up the heat and desire for fiercely confident new beginnings. Your passion, desires, money manifestation and creativity soar as charming Venus, the planet of love and beauty, travels through your sign from October 8 until November 8. Refresh your personal style as things should manifest in your favor now.

Your financial sector is emphasized near the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th. If you are looking for a new source of income, you are in luck. Finding space for creativity, your artistic endeavors, and fun bolsters your success. Share your thoughts. You will do well to gather information on a new subject, explore new ideas, and get a sense of connection. Breaking your routine can boost your spirits. Launch your projects and plans. As one of the zodiac’s two Mercury-ruled communicator signs, you could see your name in print. You can manifest it as New Moon eclipses dramatically open doors.

Small changes now can lead to big results at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th. An adventurous and spontaneous experience makes for a joyful time! Take a chance on an amazing new opportunity! Different perspectives can lead you in new, exciting directions boosting your self-esteem. Read, think, write and dream. Evolve and break free. Celebrate all the progress you have made in your personal growth journey. Dream big, in marvelous October!

I am ready to start a new chapter filled with limitless possibilities. I trust in the journey, finding balance and joy in every moment.

Libra – Happy birthday season! Welcome to gorgeous October. Make self-care, tending to your personal happiness and well-being a priority now, with ruler charming Venus dancing through Virgo from October 8 to November 8. Explore introspection and compassion. This is one of the best times of the year for you to reflect on your desires, relationships, and dreams. Delve into your inner world and release what no longer serves you.

Two eclipses this month call attention to ruler Venus themes. Promising progress streams in with the magical New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on October 14th. Watch the ten days that follow this date! Take some time to reflect on your work at this fresh canvas for new beginnings. This is your chance to plant seeds that align with your aspirations and create positive shifts. This can help you polish your game plan moving forward on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

As you bask in the radiance of this New Moon, there can be meaningful revelations around financial matters. You may land a new job or enjoy a raise for all your effort. Focusing on the bottom line now could pay off. You may find your perfect soulmate connection. Manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

Good news! You could experience an unexpected windfall, or a large bonus! Research a moneymaking project around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th. Gather information and prepare for a win down the road! Stay committed to your goals. Financial and intimate matters are front and center now. Uranus is involved so news can go either way, out-of-the-blue. Assert your personal power. Go with the flow!

I am aligned with the highest frequency of love. My harmony shines through every endeavor, aligning me with success and fulfillment.

Scorpio – Welcome, October! Charming Venus enters your friends and groups sector from October 8 to November 8 and the pace of your social life picks up steam and invitations abound. Pay attention to details and demonstrate care in both your closest personal relationships and artistic pursuits. Co-ruler assertive Mars enters your sign from October 12-November 24, 2023 bringing dynamic energy! This will be the most powerful period of 2023 for you. Manifest it all!

Destiny is calling your name. With the galvanizing New Moon Solar Eclipse in your fantasy-fueled, privacy sector on the 14th, focusing on self-care brings peace. It’s time for a Soul Declutter. Catch up with yourself and spend some time alone to process your feelings. Reevaluate your connections and partnerships. Reflect on the balance and harmony in your relationships. There is a big awakening happening for you. Release so that you may receive. Manifest.

The spotlight could land on you unexpectedly. A solo project might take flight as you tune into your dreams. A sudden revelation or awareness about a situation comes into view. Go in search of the truth. Trade creative ideas with a friend to lay the groundwork for a successful collaboration. This your time to shine – have yourself a moment! A new path is opening up for you. There is a blessing coming from it.

Be optimistic and welcome the beneficial conditions that allow you to shine! Pair up with a friend on a project at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign Taurus on the 28th. It will set you both up for a win! Allowing one another’s strengths to shine delivers success. Your relationships, both business and your closest personal partnerships, will be highlighted now. Let go of what no longer serves your growth. Cherish your dreams of partnerships that fulfill your goals. Expect the unexpected and go with the flow. You will be in your strongest position all month now.

I am going to prioritize my happiness and eliminate everything from my life that’s not working for me. With every step, I rise in power and authenticity.

Sagittarius – Welcome to October, Sagittarius! Your popularity rises this month with Venus in Virgo dancing through your career and destiny in the world sector from October 8 to November 8. You’re in for a rewarding period to refine your ambitions. Elevate your success path. Market your talents and be recognized for your value. Maintain a cheerful mindset as you celebrate success.

At the final New Moon Solar Eclipse of 2023 on the 14th, do your best to be patient and prioritize your needs. Plant seeds for new beginnings in your friendships, groups, and long-term goals sector. Take a stand to improve your work-life balance. Step into rewards and abundance. Put your passion for discovery at the top of the list.

Market yourself in a new way as you pursue appealing job prospects. You should be pleased with the results. As a perpetual truth seeker, you honor your mission to discover a deeper passion for life. Focus on your happiness goals as suddenly you will have a warm glow with your hopes, dreams and wishes energized.

Around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th update your wellness routine. Zero in on a goal related to your health and all the things you do well. Small but consistent moves make a noticeable difference. Structure your day and make the most of new directions. Some of you may decide to change careers. Embrace new opportunities for advancement. Stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong. It’s all working out. You may be given a one-time generous sum of money. Believe so deeply until it manifests.

I am grateful for this moment right now. I embrace change and adapt gracefully.

Capricorn – Your professional endeavors and prosperity become focal points in October. Step into the spotlight! What you manifest now could broaden your horizons. Charming Venus, planet of love and money, enters Virgo on October 8 until November 8. Expressions of love abound as you and your partner have an opportunity to schedule a short getaway on the 24th. Pluto in Capricorn turns direct on the 10th releasing frustration over having to table project plans and adjust goals since April.

Your career takes on new life this month. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th takes place in your career, success, and destiny in the world zone. Your finances are golden. There could be a promotion in your future as nods of approval for your work result in greater support from VIP’s. Outshine the competition with your strategic insight and problem-solving expertise. Time for boss moves. The sky is the limit! Keep your goals on track. This is the best time of year to think about your career. Money vibes are excellent this month. New energy is coming into your life. Focus on the present. Manifest it!

The final Lunar Eclipse of 2023 occurs on October 28 at the Full Moon in Taurus in your passionate sector of true love, romance, and entertainment. This eclipse may bring a decision point in your closest personal relationship. Eclipses often bring events that you will long remember. The stage is set for you to achieve whatever you desire in October! Step forward confidently and trust in your own potential. You will rise to the occasion. Embrace the abundance path.

I courageously walk through every door of opportunity. I embrace the journey with unwavering confidence.

Aquarius – Welcome October! As the season shifts, October brings a powerful theme of action and manifestation to your life in such a beautiful way! This is your time to seize opportunities and manifest your dreams into reality. Get ready for self-empowered changes and take action as charming Venus dances into your shared financial resources zone from until October 8 – November 8. Manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

Around the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th, your superpower is the force of attraction as you prepare to meet your destiny. Awaken to the need for well-defined ambition and a long-term goal. Anything is possible for you. Build your talents and the creative side of your life. Expand your horizons as you boost your income. The eclipse marks a new beginning for you. Expect good fortune now!

Around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th the focus is on lifestyle and living arrangements. Spend time connecting with family members at home. Embrace deep love and caring. Positivity brings greater blessings! Create an environment that resonates with your core. This Full Moon comes along with a few surprises with your ruler Uranus vibrating in Taurus. Go with the flow. Some of you may be moving soon due to new job opportunities. Good news arrives! Fortunately, Jupiter will bring you good fortune and luck! You’re headed in the right direction. Your path will get clear. Stay consistent.

I am tuned into passion, positivity, and prosperity. I channel my unique energy to manifest my dreams.

Pisces – Welcome October! Passion takes on a new meaning with a touch of magnetism in the air as gracious Venus travels through closest personal relationships zone from October 8 to November 8. Use this fortunate energy to manifest what you desire. You are feeling extra sensual so romance sparkles now.

You will find yourself wanting to shake off the mundane at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th. Your joint income and shared resources sector is highlighted at this lunation. A partner may bring in a raise in salary that will benefit you. The first week after the eclipse appears will be your best window of opportunity with the most helpful energy. Something you need will manifest for you.

Open up to unusual approaches on the job and at home, and you will soar. Start your podcast or blog. Chart a course towards what motivates you. You are arriving at a revelation around someone calling out to you.

Come the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th in your communication zone, sharing creative ideas with VIP’s inspires a new chapter on the job. A new project is due to finish at this time. Channel inspiration and insight for real results. Your timing will be just right! Now is a good time to expand your horizons. Tell your story. Circumstances may lead you to a new employment venue that maximizes your talent in communicating and solving problems.

My dreams are coming true. I am aligned with my purpose and embrace the magic of transformation.

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To support you in achieving positive outcomes:

ROSE QUARTZ •love •generosity •trust •compassion •heal the heart •get in touch with your emotions •heal emotional wounds •help overcome grief •inner peace •tranquility •giving and receiving affection

I allow myself to receive the love that I give.


GREEN AVENTURINE To get more clarity on your soul dream, meditate on an Green Aventurine power stone for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Green Aventurine promotes relaxation, recovery, and regeneration, while attracting money. This powerful stone attracts strength and vitality, bringing the body into balance. Focus on abundance, growth, and healing.

I embrace my worthiness of abundance in all forms.

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If you don’t have a map, you won’t get where you want to go!

Love is in the flow of the stars. The Universe is making some great alignments for you. Manifest and work diligently in enchanting October to achieve your loftiest goals and aspirations. Imagine the best for yourself. You are already on your way to what’s meant for you. Begin your journey and watch magical things unfold in your life. You’re about to receive abundantly! Wishing you a magical month of October with blessings and miracles. Thank you for supporting my work!

Have a magical October. I am grateful for you.

Wishing you love, light, and laughter – always and in all ways.

Cosmic Luv,
Wendy Dellaney, @OneLuckyGirl_28, founder of Naked Numerology
Top Celebrity Wealth Numerologist Astrologer to the Hollywood Stars
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Thank you!
happiness ♡

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