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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
November 1, 2023 * Starr Report * Volume 136
PremiumX VIP Naked Numerology Newsletter

You can feel a difference in the air right from day one of this month. Anticipation abounds with the excitement of the approaching holiday season. You have high expectations to finish major tasks and get a jump on holiday plans.

Let this be the year where you ask for help instead of doing everything yourself and ending up frustrated and exhausted. You could use a few self-care days this month before the fast-paced holiday season begins.

November is the perfect time to take stock of your successes this year and look ahead to your goals for 2024.

Keep your eye on Friday, November 3, when the Sun and Jupiter will dance across the sky from one another sparkling like diamonds. This could open a magical portal to success, increased happiness, amazing abundance, good fortune, and opportunities for expansion. Manifest it all.



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Wrap up pending contracts for the coming new year by December 13th, when Mercury goes retrograde bringing chaos and miscommunications until New Year’s Day, January 1, 2024. Plan ahead and leave absolutely nothing up to chance with your holiday plans and travel arrangements.


All the days in the month of November have the same Universal day number & date with higher vibrational frequencies.

Ex: November 1st is a 1 day in Numerology
11+1+2+0+2+3=19 (1+9=10) (1+0=1)

November 2023 is a 9 Universal month. This is a time of completions, transitions and taking inventory. You might let go of people, jobs, and places to move on to something new. Letting go attracts new opportunities. What is meant for you will happen! Trust the timing in your life. A shift is inevitable.

It is time to take inventory of what you already have and then discard what no longer has meaning to make room for your true purpose. Live your best life.

November will be a good, productive, and cheerful month. The holiday season is here so it is time to create some new magic and manifest miracles! Abundance is a mindset.

• 9 is the number of completions.
• Release what no longer serves you.
• You are moving away from heavy energy to something new and lighter in 2024.
• Some of the answers we need come when we let go and trust.
• Let go of toxic energy.
• Emerge lighter.
• The number 9 always brings closure.
• Whatever exits your life this month, willingly let it go.
• Say goodbye to old ways as we begin to prepare for 2024.
• With November being a 9 Universal Month, it has a greater influence on global events. The number 9 rules endings and completions so expect something of significance to come to a conclusion in November.
• 9 is the number of letting go of your past pain and blocks so you can be a leader and light unto the world. This cosmic alignment of a 9 month is the perfect time to free yourself; to release what is no longer serving you.
• 9 is the HERMIT in the Tarot. The HERMIT is looking within so he can shine his light out. This is what you are doing – going within so you can bring your light into the world. You are letting go of what no longer serves you.
• There are 9 months of pregnancy.
• In Baseball, there are 9 innings.
• A Cat has 9 lives.
• A stitch in T•I•M•E saves 9.
• The sum of the digits of any multiple of 9 is 9.
• The big shift you have been waiting for to release, discard and let go of what is no longer serving your higher purpose has arrived.

• 9 is the Universe’s way of reminding us to LET GO of any emotional baggage we may have been carrying with us. Begin the NEW MONTH with a fresh outlook and a LIGHT heart. Everything is getting better from here.
• November 2023 is a DOUBLE ENERGY DAYS month. All the days in the month of November have the same Universal day number & date.
• De-clutter, get organized, and clear space in order to let positive energy flow into your life.
• Have respect for others and do everything with compassion and kindness.
• Forgive others and that includes yourself.
• You are in exactly the right place at the right time in your life.
• You are on the cusp of a brand-new cycle!
• Great things are coming next!

I manifest abundance by being grateful for what I already have.

May this 11th month of the year bring you awareness and wisdom.
• Many pivotal events are creating a dynamic November!
• Manifest all of your wildest dreams.
• Destiny is calling your name.
• Deeper truths will come to light and help start the healing process.

November is a month of spiritual growth, personal development, and inward focus. Regular meditation is a way to strengthen your intuition. Give yourself the space to get clear on what you want. Believe that you will manifest your greatest dreams. Be patient and trust the process. Give yourself this gift.

Raise your vibration to attract more abundance and love with gratitude.

11.11.2023 is a powerful manifesting day.

11+11+2+0+2+3= 29 (2+9= 11)

Creating an 11:11:11 Universal day!

All of the Master Numbers are activated!

11+11 =22 11+11+11 =33

On November 11, 2023 the 11:11 gateway portal is wide open…igniting abundance and your personal power in 2023.

11 is a Master Number that is a Spiritual Catalyst of supernatural intuition, rapid manifestation, and spiritual connection. The 11 ENERGY opens a gateway that illuminates the 11 vibrations throughout the month of November, the 11th month. A cosmic portal to incredible abundance and transformation is open. Manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

11:11 If you have MASTER NUMBERS (11, 22, 33) in your Numerology code — they will be highly magnified in November, the 11th month. A gateway of portal energy is open. Stay positive about what’s to come. What’s meant for you will always find you. Manifest it!

November is a month of Master Number activation. 22 is a Master Number of the Master Builder that represents the need for understanding, building solid foundations, collaboration, harmony and understanding. You can manifest at a high intuitive level. 33 is the Master Teacher. Trust how it’s all unfolding for you in November.

November will be an intense month in Astrology, following a powerful eclipse season. It’s Scorpio season as well, and this zodiac sign is all about emotional intensity, personal transformation, and endless creativity.

It’s Scorpio season until November 22, 2023 a time for exploring our passionate, intimate needs, while the past reemerges over the next four weeks. Expect power plays in your career and relationships. What has been hidden will be revealed. New information is going to come to light about powerful people.

Scorpio season is from October 23-November 22. Water sign deep, intense Scorpio rules the 8th house of power, sex, money, life, death, and rebirth. November can be a time of transformation, forward movement, and passion. Now is your moment! Set your intentions and manifest!

Intensely emotional Scorpio is the most mysterious sign in the zodiac. Scorpio, the detective, loves to open doors that read, “Do Not Enter.” For the next four weeks you will feel things deeply.

Scorpio is a highly emotional Fixed Water sign, so feelings are hard to shake, and obsessions are easy to come by. Planets in deep, intense Scorpio are devoted and determined, but can be absolutely relentless.


Keep your eye on Friday, November 3, when the Sun and Jupiter will dance across the sky from one another sparkling like diamonds. This could open a magical portal to success, increased happiness, amazing abundance, good fortune, and opportunities for expansion. Manifest it all.

On November 4, Saturn turns direct in Pisces at 0°. This change of direction provides renewed patience and strength facing your challenges and responsibilities. Tensions will ease up allowing you to move forward. Trust yourself as things align for you.

Venus gracefully enters its home sign Libra, from November 8-December 4, infusing your life with romance and elegance. We are more inclined to employ charm in order to get what we want during this cycle. Venus in Libra virtually lives for relationships. We are very obliging with others–and are quite willing to negotiate and compromise.

Time to expand. Mercury enters fortunate, bright, easy-going Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of global expansion, on November 10, as we seek to persuade others to our point of view. A little tact goes a long way. Our thinking is optimistic, and your faith increases. Be mindful.

The passionate Scorpio New Moon embraces the night sky on November 13 at (20 degrees) invoking major change and transformational shifts. Detox, purge and clear out the old in preparation for endings and amazing new beginnings. Take time to focus on your needs and desires. Embrace empowerment from within. Set intentions for deepening your connections, in your closest personal relationships or financial matters.

Change-agent Uranus is opposite the New Moon, while social-climbing Mars conjuncts the Moon, igniting an influence of passion and intensity. There is an aura of psychic and sexual energy, making this a time to dive deep into intimacy and transformation. Be prepared for surprise announcements, unplanned travel, and unexpected expenses. Go with the flow.

Silver lining: With the Sun in horizon-broadening Sagittarius for the next four weeks, our focus shifts to the desire to reach out to the world—and connect with something larger than ourselves. May your faith increase to trust the process — a turning point. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic signs with a great sense of humor. This is a time to celebrate, have fun, explore, seek out adventure and embrace the unknown. Embrace the good cheer!

Mars enters adventurous Sagittarius on November 24 until January 4, 2024 adding fiery and enthusiastic energy to the mix. Mars is the planet of physical energy giving you motivation and drive toward pursuing your passions and taking some risks. Assertive Mars governs your sex drive. Mars is the planet that spurs you into action, to go after what you truly want in life. Approach your closest personal relationships with an open heart. Seek partners who inspire you to learn and grow. Your path is being cleared to explore new horizons both personally and professionally.

This year’s only Full Moon in mutable Air sign Gemini (4 degrees) will illuminate the night sky on November 27, 2023. This Full Moon arrives in close contact to passionate Mars, so kindred spirits could reunite, encouraging open and honest communication. Within four days of the Full Moon a major announcement arrives. Full Moons bring turning points, culminations, and important news into your life. Consider what you are manifesting through your interactions and expressions. This month is about letting go of the past and moving on.

Focus your energy on building a positive, constructive future while articulating your dreams, desires, and wishes. This Full Moon in Gemini opposite Sun in Sagittarius illuminates finding balance and harmony in your closest relationships. Trust your inner guidance. The Full Moon in Gemini will be felt for several days before and after, offering a beacon of clarity and resolution.

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ARIES – Welcome to November! For the next four weeks your seduction, intimacy, and joint finances sector is lit up. Expect your feelings to be more intense as passionate Scorpio season revs up. Things are heating up! This is about your power. A positive self-image means the world to you. Feel empowered to make your move. May all your dreams manifest now.

In the coming weeks you will be moving projects forward. Set a powerful intention at the New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, around improved finances, opening a doorway to growth. Make progress with your goals. Take action on your dreams and deepest desires. Your attention is your power. It is all aligning for you right now. This is your time to shine! Manifest it.

Welcome Sagittarius season from November 22-December 21. For the next four weeks—expand your world! You begin to crave a little more adventure, variety, and activity. Broaden your horizons—take classes. The Sun in fellow fire sign Sagittarius—evokes your love of learning. Spend time with your favorite people. You are attracting the right connections to achieve one of your greatest aspirations now. Pull your energy together and move forward! Doors open to your hopes and dreams. Manifest.

Aim high. Get ready for big, bold personal breakthroughs and a turning point. You are reflecting on all that you have achieved this year. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th can bring a learning matter to a head—and a turning point in your life. Eye-opening experiences invigorate your soul. More information emerges—and what does may surprise you. You could be very busy with travel, taking short trips. Time to express your ideas and communicate your feelings, dear Aries!

My determination knows no bounds, and I trust in my inner fire to guide me toward success and fulfillment. With each step, I create my own path and manifest my desires with unwavering confidence.

TAURUS – November is a relationship-centered month for you. The focus is on your committed partnerships. Long-term decisions and choices can be made now. New insight can move you along a different path. Tap into your true potential. You are worthy of living your best life now.

Around the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, sharing your ideas about a dream professional project with a colleague could lead to a win. It feels good to be so inspired. You might uncover important truths about a relationship, getting deep to the heart of the matter. Seek out the truth in love.

Welcome Sagittarius season on November 22-December 21! Intimacy will be memorable over the next four weeks with the focus in your shared resources, wealth, and seduction sector. Clear the way for freedom. Follow your instincts and do some introspection. Financial gains are yours until December 21st. You will likely see a breakthrough around wealth. Manifest your dreams.

Define your direction for 2024! Time to set fresh goals. At the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th be open to changing your approach to cash flow. Whatever makes you feel most secure is best. Your hidden value system is right on the money. Know what is priceless to you. Trust your inner guidance. Know what you want to get it. It’s all aligning for you right now! Kindness makes a difference in sharing the spirit of the season. Wish upon a star.

I am open to valuable connections and seize opportunities for growth with confidence and determination.

GEMINI – Getting organized is in strong focus for you in November. This month is set to bring refreshing energy into your life. Explore new wellness routines — the change feels restorative. Work smart and work hard. You will see amazing results. Your timing will be just right. A new path is opening for you. Turn over a new leaf. Release and keep moving forward! The stars align in your favor pushing you to take the first steps towards something great in November!

Come the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th express how you feel to preempt conflict down the road. Emotion empowers change. Think about partnerships for the future. Take better care of your health, self-care, and well-being. You can attract who and what you need now. Manifest. Tie up loose ends and clear out the clutter.

Welcome Sagittarius season from November 22 to December 21. With the Sun opposite your sign for the next four weeks—you will need more rest. With your relationships zone lit – 2 is your magic number! This is a great opportunity to improve them, of course. Collaborations figure strongly now. Fresh insight gives you a new outlook as you reach one of your loftiest goals.

On November 27, there will be a Full Moon in your sign bringing epiphanies—and it can be a cosmic push to shift gears. A major personal goal could now be within reach. Listen to your heart during this transformative period. Make it a priority to honor your needs and put them first.

I trust in my inner wisdom to guide me through this transformative month, leading me toward growth, fulfillment, and new opportunities.

CANCER – Your passions are running high with a stellium of planets sizzling in your pleasure zone of love, passion, and self-expression during November. You are entering a major new cycle so tune into your heart. November holds good energy to enjoy creative pursuits.

Good news! The luminous Sun in your fellow Water sign Scorpio brings a fortunate connection— so set your intentions and watch them manifest. Reconnect to the child within. Feel more lighthearted and fun-loving. You are being supported by the Universe. Believe it!

Around the magical New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, prioritize spontaneous fun with a loved one. Nothing feels more empowering than speaking and acting from the heart. Expressing your creativity in a joyful way, motivates you to take action. Trust the timing in your life. Embrace emotional freedom. Manifest it.

Welcome Sagittarius season from November 22-December 21. Everything is smelling like roses in your work environment. A festive mood hangs in the air, strengthening bonds with staff. The Sun shifts into your habits, wellbeing, and day job zone for the next four weeks. You will want to be more productive, effective—and efficient. It’s time to get better organized. You may be seeking out more meaning from your work. News of a job could arrive soon. Wrap up pending contracts for the coming year by December 13th, when Mercury goes retrograde. Tap into your true potential and embrace the celebratory mood.

You will feel like focusing on self-care at the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th. The downtime and introspection could lead to a plan for hitting big-picture goals. Set aside some quiet time in the next two weeks. Work behind the scenes and spend time on research. Be grateful for your many blessings. 2024 opens pathways you never dreamed existed. You could get everything you need and deserve now.

I am worthy of success, and I am open to new adventures. My self-expression shines with confidence and enthusiasm, bringing joy and fulfillment into my life.

LEO – A strong focus on home and family matters continues in November. Make time for loved ones. Focus on long-term security as your domestic sector is lit. Get your sense of place and purpose. You’ve come so far. Everything is aligning for you! Family assumes more importance. November will be huge for your career. Your success is written in the stars!

Around the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, avoid burnout by zeroing in on top priorities at work and home — and you will soar. Bring more meaning into your life and make it count. A new project that may elevate your status can be yours. Long term decisions boost your career progress. Recognition for your talents is coming. You can manifest it now.

Welcome Sagittarius season from November 22-December 21. The next four weeks are your chance—to shift into shine! Take time to celebrate creative activities with children, have some fun, express yourself more clearly—and for some romance blooms. Put yourself out there. Everything aligns when you believe in yourself. You can trust your heart to lead the way. Keep going!

Give your all to a collaboration with colleagues at the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th. Team effort sets everyone up for success! The next two weeks focus is on friends, networking, and happiness goals. Discover new meaning in old connections. Soulmate connections may come to you. This is an excellent time for goalsetting! 2024 will totally transform your world!

My charisma and determination attract abundance and the right people into my life. I embrace every opportunity with enthusiasm and grace.

VIRGO – November brings a fresh boost of determination. You will have a busy schedule over the coming four weeks during intense Scorpio season. Commit to what you know you deserve. Express yourself in a playful, fun, and attractive way. Your words carry extra weight and influence now. Be mentally kind to yourself. Be mindful of what you say, as your words can create powerful waves of expression. Trust your intuition and inner guidance. Allow change. Expansion, growth, and luck are yours. Stay steadfast and focus on the present moment.

Come the potent New Moon in the mystical sign of Scorpio on the 13th, finding space for creativity and fun bolsters your success. Share your thoughts. You will do well to gather information on a new subject, explore new ideas, and get a sense of connection. Breaking your routine can boost your spirits. Launch your projects and plans. Manifest your deepest desires and intentions.

Welcome Sagittarius season from November 22-December 21. Home and family take center stage over the next four weeks as the Sun enters your domestic sector. Relax in familiar, serene surroundings. You may start to crave more downtime. Use your mind and ideas to take the lead on a project. Some of you may be moving into a new home between now—and December 21st. Own your purpose. Trust the timing.

Step into the spotlight on the job around the dynamic Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th. Showcasing your skills brings a sure win. Motivate yourself—and the rewards will come. In the next two weeks you can advance your agenda. Doors open for you. Something greater is heading your way! You could get a major promotion or a new job. Take a go with the flow approach heading into 2023.

I harness my innate wisdom to overcome obstacles and manifest my goals.

LIBRA – November is a strong month for money matters. It will be easy to reach your moneymaking goals. Get clear on your vision, then go for it! Stay focused and ask for a raise. It can be yours. Push your plans for the coming year forward with passion and perseverance. You may receive a large sum of money. Visualize your ideal financial situation. Set concrete goals to move towards your vision.

Around the magical and powerful New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, take some time to reflect on your work. This can help you polish your game plan moving forward. There can be meaningful revelations around financial matters. Focus on the bottom line now could pay off. You may find your perfect soulmate. Set powerful intentions and manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

Welcome Sagittarius season from November 22 to December 21. Buckle up—the next four weeks are busy! Extra efforts pay big dividends. It’s hustle time with short trips, appointments, and errands. You are an Air sign—and your communication skills will shine! Craft that message. Reach out and connect. The shift is in your favor. You may be signing a contract during this time that will enhance your earnings and showcase your talents. Manifest.

Shake up your routine around the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th with an inspiring conversation with a friend. You will feel empowered. Open your heart and mind to new experiences. Plan a future trip as suddenly you want to explore. Over the next two weeks the focus is on learning and discovery in your life. A turning point or a shift is likely at hand. Anything can happen during this magical time. 2024 offers plenty of opportunities. Trust the timing in your life.

I am the architect of my destiny, and I trust in my ability to manifest my dreams and navigate any challenges that arise.

SCORPIO – November is a month of meaningful changes. Happy birthday, Scorpio! Turn your attention to long-term aspirations with the Sun in your insightful sign. You are in great shape for finding yourself. You will make peace with your past. Launch some new passion projects. Welcome the chance to take the lead with a Sun, Mars, and Mercury stellium in your sign igniting your energy and confidence levels. Express yourself through creativity while enjoying art, music, and writing. Enjoy the therapeutic and rejuvenating vibes.

Destiny is calling your name with an extra dose of enchantment and significance. With the magical New Moon in your sign, focusing on self-care brings peace. New Moons represent new beginnings and opportunities. A sudden revelation or awareness about a situation comes into view. Go in search of the truth. Trade creative ideas with a friend to lay the groundwork for a successful collaboration. Set intentions and embark on a new chapter in personal growth.

Welcome Sagittarius season from November 22 to December 21. The Sun enters your money zone for the next four weeks. Trust that what’s unfolding for you—is greater than what you can imagine. Give more thought to what you value in life. Work on your self-worth. Think about what you want to attract. Your vision will manifest. Get the ball rolling and boost your cash flow!

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Around the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th, open up about your emotions with a friend to set a healing tone for your bond. Explore your desires. A new start or vision benefits your intimate relationships. You are a passionate sign. Redefine what you want and need. Your focus is your power. Rocket to the stars! 2024 offers lucky breaks and solutions.

I trust in my inner strength, and I am open to the abundant opportunities for growth and happiness that the universe has in store for me.

SAGITTARIUS – Rely on your favorite forms of self-care in the coming four weeks during Scorpio season. Your personal year is ending making it the perfect time to order an “Ultimate 2024 Cosmic Roadmap Reading” for your birthday. Use this time for healing, processing, and reflecting. See old problems in a new light. Start setting long-term goals as doors are opening. Get ready to take your life to the next level in December, when all eyes are you!

At the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, do your best to be patient and prioritize your needs. Take a stand to improve your work-life balance. The focus is in your privacy sector shining a light on hidden factors. Unplug for soul insights. Get extra rest and take care of your mental health. Step into rewards and abundance. Manifest.

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! The Sun travels through your sign from November 22-December 21, for the next four weeks! Enjoy an energy boost—and a chance to recharge as your new cycle starts! You begin a power period for personal magnetism. Believe in yourself and reflect on your long-term goals. Your time is now! Manifest.

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From the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th on, spending time with a friend, warms your heart and boosts your spirits. Through partnership, achieve balance. A positive, progressive mood helps you along. With the Full Moon opposite your sign, open your mind and your heart to love. Doors open to opportunities. Get ready to expand your space in 2024.

I am a fearless adventurer, boldly embracing life’s challenges and opportunities. My optimism and boundless curiosity guide me to new horizons and deeper self-discovery.

CAPRICORN – Set up a win by collaborating during Scorpio season. Teamwork and friends with benefits, leads to success! November offers rewards and returns. There’s a new direction unfolding for your vision. Nothing pays off like persistence. Focus on the future. Love, romance, and passion will be quite magical now. Set intentions on building deeper, close personal relationships.

Around the mystical New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, join with friends to fight for a cause. You will feel a bolstered sense of community. This is a time of revelations or epiphanies about your need to belong and contribute. New energy is coming into your life. This month is about resilience and determination for you. Focus on the present. Get ready to attract moving into 2024. Manifest it!

Welcome Sagittarius season from November 22-December 21. Your personal year is ending—now that your birthday is near. It’s time to define your goals over the next four weeks. It will give you a sense of purpose. Take some time for self-care and get extra rest. Choose inner peace and choose to flow. Be loving to yourself. Your vision will carry you through.

At the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th, experiment with a new health protocol to feel restored and balanced. You are looking at old problems in new ways regarding work and health. Small adjustments can lead to big benefits. You can make better choices! Believe in yourself. Opportunity will knock in 2024.

I trust in my ability to navigate the path before me with determination and grace.

AQUARIUS – November is one of the luckiest months of 2023 for you opening a path of greater fulfillment and success! It’s your time to shine! Build rapport with VIPs over the coming weeks during Scorpio season. November is about shifting your mindset. It’s time to just go for it! Keep going or change direction, that’s your choice. A shift will be good for you. Reach a little higher for your goals. Your career and destiny in the world are lit. More luck and opportunity arrive! Manifest your career goals and dreams!

Around the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th, your superpower is the force of attraction as you prepare to meet your destiny. Embrace a fresh beginning in your professional life. Awaken to the need for well-defined ambition and a long-term goal. Anything is possible for you. Build your talents and the creative side of your life. Expand your horizons as you boost your income. Manifest your career goals, loftiest dreams, and ambitions.

What an incredible year it has been for you! Everyone wants you on their team as your popularity soars over the next four weeks throughout Sagittarius season, from November 22-December 21. The Sun is traveling through your hopes, wishes and dreams sector. Bring a social approach to a project—it will lead to recognition from respected friends and colleagues. Starting something new has a great chance for success. Dream big!

Around the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th, taking time for activities you love can restore your joy in a lasting way! You deserve it! With the Full Moon occurring in your pleasure zone, you feel lighter and more playful. Step into free-flowing abundance. This can be an exciting time for love, creativity, and fun! 2024 holds so much potential for you.

I manage my resources wisely and make sound financial decisions. I am a magnet for financial success, and my financial well-being continues to thrive.

PISCES – Something great is coming for you in November and December. You have the power to shape your destiny. Speak it into existence as if it has already happened. You will be earning more money in 2024. Your future is looking extremely bright! You are coming back into your own and feeling more confident and expansive in November. Broaden your horizons through travel or studies. Fresh starts could bring different outcomes. Your focus is your power. Keep moving forward. Be consistent with your vision! Destiny is calling your name. Let November be a month of triumph and growth. Believe it.

You will find yourself wanting to shake off the mundane at the powerful New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th. Open up to unusual approaches on the job and at home, and you will soar. Start your podcast or blog. Chart a course towards what motivates you. You are arriving at a revelation around someone calling out to you. Set your intentions around your quest for knowledge and wisdom.

Welcome Sagittarius season from November 22-December 21. You may be the star attraction! There is a flattering spotlight shining on you— with the Sun traveling through your career zone for the next four weeks. Along with that comes additional work and responsibilities. Step into a leadership role—you’ve got this! You could be given an amazing opportunity!

At the Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th, start a new tradition with loved ones to amplify connections across the board. Reconnecting ties may prove satisfying now. Home and family are in strong focus over the next two weeks. What you truly need to feel secure will be revealed to you. Reflect on the past, celebrate the future. Get ready for an important new beginning in 2024.

I set clear boundaries, express my desires, and create the life I envision with confidence and determination.

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OBSIDIAN: Obsidian is used as a grounding stone. You can use it to release negative energy, or it may help you just get rid of the excess energy. Scorpio can be deeply emotional, which is why it needs some way of emotional release. Do not resist change.

Affirm Scorpio New Moon:
I am fearlessly following my dreams. I release the fear of imperfection. The Universe is working with me to improve my circumstances. Find peace in the present. I am evolving. It’s all about to happen for me.


FIRE AGATE: To get more clarity on your soul dream, meditate on an agate power stone for the Full Moon in Gemini. Agate attracts strength and vitality, bringing the body into balance. Focus on growth and healing.

Affirm Gemini full Moon:
I open my heart to receive beautiful miracles and unlimited blessings.


AMETHYST — SPIRITUAL HEALING The queen of crystals, amethyst aligns all your chakras and balances your elements, empowering you to take your place in life, remembering your divine nature. Amethyst is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. Use to deepen your spiritual journey.

I give thanks to my intuition for guiding me to decisions that serve my highest and greatest good.

Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23. when we get in touch with gratitude. So grateful for you! Thank you for subscribing and supporting my work.

Remind yourself daily to give thanks and show gratitude for all that you have.
• be kind
• be thoughtful
• be genuine
• but most of all
• be thankful

I am grateful for all that I see, know and experience. I am grateful to be.

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If you don’t have a map, you won’t get where you want to go!

Love is in the flow of the stars. The Universe is making some great alignments for you. Manifest and work diligently in November to achieve your loftiest goals and aspirations. Imagine the best for yourself. You are already on your way to what’s meant for you. Begin your journey and watch magical things unfold in your life. Stay focused because the answers you need are coming. Surrender and trust the divine. You’re about to receive abundantly!

Have a magical month of November. I am grateful for you.

Wishing you love, light and laughter – always and in all ways.

Cosmic Luv,
Wendy Dellaney, @OneLuckyGirl_28, founder of Naked Numerology
Top Celebrity Wealth Numerologist Astrologer to the Hollywood Stars
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Thank you!
happiness ♡

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