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What is referred to by most as “astrology” is referred to by us as “imprinted energy.” Imprinted energy, while unseen, has a significant impact and effect on people and events within the physical world. While not the focus of this work, take the full moon for example. In recent times, studies conducted by scientists studying the physical aspects of the world have indicated that a full moon seems to have an impact on human emotion and behavior.[1] Now, remember that metaphysical scientists (astrologers) have known this for at least centuries. It was certainly common knowledge before the age of Pisces came to be – a period in which, on the negative end, humanity devolved in terms of the higher knowledge spectrum and began worshipping and erecting pillars and phallic structures to various phalse idols and gods. The moon, like everyone and everything, has energy. An invisible force keeps it orbiting Earth in orderly, reoccurring cycles. That force would be gravity, unseen yet very relevant and easily proven in the physical world. Imprinted energy has the same basis. It too is unseen, yet very relevant in the physical world. Many will argue that it cannot be proven relevant via scientific methods. However, to the detriment of such overly confident know-it-alls, imprinted energy can be proven another way until it becomes mainstream enough for such experiments and studies to gain the necessary public interest and funding to take place on a mass scale. When that happens, it will truly be the beginning of the end for anyone who thought they had life all figured out via traditional scientific and religious concepts put forth by the various institutions and “experts” we’re told to blindly trust. This work will help propel imprinted energy and laws of the matrix/universe into the spotlight.