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Order your 2022-2023 Cosmic Roadmap Numerology-Astrology personal reading with one of the top Numerologist-Astrologers in the world recently featured in World renowned Numerology-Astrology Master Wendy Dellaney has done readings for thousands of clients globally with almost as many testimonials celebrating the success clients have achieved in all aspects of their life. The knowledge gained in her advanced Astro-Numerology personalized reading sessions has resulted in positive changes for thousands of @OneLuckyGirl_28’s clients.


Experience the excitement of realizing an immediate positive impact on your life!

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Your 2022-2023 Cosmic Roadmap Reading will be an uplifting, exciting, and positive experience!

Wendy Dellaney @OneLuckyGirl_28 is a published Master Numerologist-Astrologer with over 140,000+ Twitter followers and has reached millions of viewers on multiple platforms.

She has done thousands of Readings with her Client’s and received thousands of rave testimonials on how the knowledge learned during their session improved their lives in so many ways. 


Book your personal in-depth 2022-2023 Cosmic Roadmap Reading compiled from an examination of your numerology-astrological consciousness, vibrations, and charts.


  • Uplifting, exciting, and positive experience!
  • Learn how to manifest success, love, and money!
  • A vision for your future, enlightenment, mastery over your life!
  • Clients report back that their reading has changed their life in very positive ways!
  • Experience the excitement of realizing an immediate positive impact on your life!
  • Take control of your destiny and manifest a successful future!

Wendy is offering a vision for your future, enlightenment, and mastery over your life, wealth, romance, health, career, business, and much more.

Experience the excitement of realizing an immediate positive impact on your life!


The life-changing knowledge received will touch every aspect of your journey and cannot be measured in monetary terms. You will be thrilled!

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“Insightful, concise, and engaging @OneLuckyGirl_28 is great at her craft and wonderful to talk to … check out her services you won’t be disappointed”

“@OneLuckyGirl_28 Thanks so much for the wonderful reading Wendy! Very enlightening and just a great validation that I’m on the right track at this point in my life”

“@OneLuckyGirl_28 is amazing! Gave me some extremely useful knowledge and provided great insight on how I can be successful in life. Thanks for being so pumped during the reading, it got me hyped!”

“I would like to take the time to thank @OneLuckyGirl_28 for my 2022 Cosmic Roadmap reading. I left this session feeling so energized and hopeful for this year. My reading was so insightful and articulate. Thank you so much @OneLuckyGirl_28, I am forever grateful.”

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Cosmic Roadmap Reading

Cosmic Roadmap Reading plus Premium VIP Newsletter, Cosmic Roadmap Reading Only


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- Cosmic Love, Wendy Dellaney

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