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One of the most brilliant minds of the early Greek period, was Pythagoras, who claimed that numbers were sacred and that “all things are numbers.”  Pythagoras was a mystic, mathematician, and a religious leader. He believed that the principles of mathematics were the basis of all existing things.

Numerology, like astrology, is a symbolic system that we can use to understand our life purpose and destiny in the world better. Your personal Numerology code provides a map to show your way into your Soul’s journey through this lifetime. By knowing what and when this energy is revealing to us, we can use it to achieve our greatest goals and potential in life.

Numerology provides a means by which you can have a clearer vision for what you are here to do in this lifetime and what your gifts are. Your very own birth code will show you how your stars and numbers lined up, how your timeline unfolds at the moment of your exact birth, what your destiny is, what your own numbers are and how they impact you and how they allow yourself to discover who you are.

When numbers follow you around, it is no accident. There is always a message in there for you and it is nice to know what it is. For example, if you see the number pattern 333 repeatedly you have the gift of insight and intuition. You are a creative, spiritual person who is called to help others find their way.

People are naturally attracted to the logic of Numerology, as they find it brings order to their life in our digital world. Numerology is perfectly suited for the internet age we are all living in with numbers and access.

How does Numerology predict the future? It looks back at the past. Is it right to do that? Yes. Especially when we the people are so often kept in the dark. You might say it is what Numerology was invented for.

We are living in exciting times! This is an amazing time for you to know what your destiny is, what your purpose is as all of it unfolded at your moment of birth when your own Numerology code was activated. That’s when your soul spoke, you were imprinted with your energy and it said this is what you are focusing on in this lifetime.

To find out what this is about and to see your cycles unfolding over time, when you schedule a personal Numerology reading session, we will teach you about your own numbers and what you’re birthday means and how your numbers unfold in your astrology.

Numbers contain a dual nature and can represent either a positive or negative force in our lives. Exploring their meaning can help to guide you on your life’s journey.

To order a phone reading with one of our team of professional Numerologist Astrologers, go to either or Twitter @misstiffy1111 and she will get you scheduled with:






    1. Hi Donna,
      I received your email request for a reading and forwarded your information to my assistant Tiffany.
      All readings are done by phone. She is sending you an email this morning to get you scheduled with me.
      Looking forward to speaking with you!

      Best personal regards,
      Wendy Delaney
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    1. Hi Rick,
      To book a reading with me, @OneLuckyGirl_28 just email my assistant Tiffany
      and she will get you into my February schedule. I have openings this week, February 4-8, and next week.
      You may also Direct Message her on Twitter @misstiffy1111. February is filling fast. Talk to you soon!

      Best personal regards,

      Wendy Delaney
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  1. To book a Numerology and Astrology phone reading with me for $89, email my assistant Tiffany: or go to and select a reading with OneLuckyGirl_28 (Wendy). I have openings next week February 25-March 1. Looking forward to speaking with you!

    Best personal regards,

    Wendy Delaney
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  2. I couldn’t agree more! Numerology offers various opportunities and possibilities– we just have to learn how to open ourselves and embrace it once it comes to our lives. Numerology has been a great help on me in finding meaning and purpose. I didn’t know what I really wanted back then!

  3. You are such an inspiration and i really enjoy every piece you share here. You give me a lot of motivation to work also even more on my numerology path i share on my blog. It would mean a lot to me if you also visit my blog about it.

    Love and blessings,

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