REKTsaurus (Jun 10)
Loved my reading with Wendy! Was really indepth, and alot of it really resonated with me. Most importantly, gave actionable advice I could use in my life. Thank you so much Wendy! All the best to you too!

Chloe (Jun 1)
Still buzzing from my reading with @OneLuckyGirl_28 thank you for your knowledge and insight!

Piggy (May 28)
Thank you for your wisdom and guidance! I will make the most of what you have given me in this amazing reading. Very thorough, patient and I can’t wait for next year’s reading. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Mr. Nickels (May 28)
thank you @OneLuckyGirl_28 for the reading. revealing, reinforcing, motivating.
thank you @GG33___ for the info you share.

✾Hannah✾ (May 6)
Just finished a reading with @OneLuckyGirl_28 and I just have to say WOW! Every single thing she said resonated with me. She is thorough, encouraging, and has great knowledge. I appreciate your service, Wendy! Here’s to my 3 personal year & an amazing year of evolution!

Chris (Apr 26)
Had a reading today from @OneLuckyGirl_28. It was a great reading with a lot of information about the year or so ahead and affirmed I am on the right path with other things I have been working on! Thank you @OneLuckyGirl_28!!!!

Tmel (Mar 16)
Great reading with @OneLuckyGirl_28! She gives useful insight on who you are as a person, your roots, and where you’re going, helping to make sure you’re going in the right direction. As they say, “know thyself”.

Luis (Mar 9)
Had the opportunity to do a reading with @OneLuckyGirl_28 this week and it was a great experience. She is very professional and provided a lot of information. I will definitely do a follow up reading in the future.

Bridget (Mar 5)
Thank you for your reading last week!! 10/10 would recommend. I’ve been feeling burned out and the knowledge you shared makes me hopeful for the future. May all good things come your way.

Rebekah (May 14)
Thank you @OneLuckyGirl_28 for yesterday’s reading! In a time when my life has been hectic and scattered, I found it super helpful that you gave me something to really focus on right now.

George (May 11)
Thank you Wendy @OneLuckyGirl_28 for all of the insights & sage advice today. Life really is a bowl of cherries if you watch out for dem pits.

Pistolerogreen (Feb 21)
Feeling ready to knock 2019 out of the park after an enlightening reading with @OneLuckyGirl_28. Thank you for all of the valuable and actionable info that you managed to cram into our session! I couldn’t have asked for more.

sailor goon (Feb 8)
Received a reading by @OneLuckyGirl_28 the other day and I’m still haunted by what she said. I honestly can’t thank her enough. It was an eye-opening experience. I feel better equipped for this year and the year to come.

Canis (Feb 6)
Had a great reading with #GG33memeber @OneLuckyGirl_28 very professional and straight to the point. Insightful information from Mrs.Wendy. If one wants a Numerology reading get one from @OneluckGril_28, smart woman.