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“Karma is meeting yourself.” – Edgar Cayce

In Numerology, 8 is the number of Karma, Power and Money.
8 is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is structure, discipline, time, doing what you have to do, not what you want to do. With Saturn in play, your Divine Mission and your career gets a huge boost now. A major shift is currently underway. So take advantage of this magical time! Saturn in Capricorn is bringing inspirational concepts down to Earth.

Karma is the past catching up with the present. Now sometimes this stems directly from past actions, or connections in this lifetime. Other times it is Karma from past lifetimes. People with whom you have Karmic debts are going to appear – or should I say reappear. They will either help you or hold you back. Look at all your relationships and see who is playing which role and know you have played this out with them before.

2019 is a do or die year! Something you thought was dormant is going to rise up. Your SOUL CONTRACTS for this lifetime are activating now. Take your life plans and goals seriously now. Whatever is happening in your life is going to feel destined.

2019 is a year of renewal, karmic energy and truth revealed. This is also a year of karmic closures and endings. Move beyond drama. Create your own path. Make room for good energy. Elimination always precedes empowerment.

Remember that the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, influences the whole year of 2019, so resilience, patience and fortitude are to be embraced. Saturn loves to reward hard work.

You might have some revelations about your past. Or perhaps have dreams for feelings emerge that bring up long-forgotten memories.

We also have a strong connection between Saturn (Lord of Karma) and Pluto, that are currently coupled in the sign of Capricorn (Saturn’s own home sign) with the South Node of the Moon (the Karma point in a person’s chart). The South Node is associated with the past life energy that you are meant to move away from, as you move toward your destiny.

This whole year of 2019 will promote this karmic clearing, so you can move toward your destiny with clarity and conviction. Pay close attention to what is going on inside of you. So much will be revealed.

If you find a lot of emotional and chaotic energy on your life, you’re clearing a lot of energetic backlog. Carrying around emotional baggage is exhausting. Take time to consider all your options more carefully, choosing what works, and clearing the rest.

You can get burned out by trying to escape the beauty and importance of ordinary days spent doing your work in the world, our Dharma (North Node). Karma is the work that you have decided you must do in order to feel good about yourself. But, only by doing our work in the world do we BURN OFF Karma. To burn off Karma accept that you are right in this very moment reaping what you have sown, even if you think that isn’t exactly true.

Give it a whirl. Try owning up to mistakes but realize that they have led you to this moment so if you like this moment then think of mistakes as bends in the road leading you to where you wanted to go. As you clear your Karma, let go, release – you are actively eliminating waste, out-dated perspectives and old beliefs.

Stay well so you have the energy to carry out your tasks. Patchouli, Chamomile and Cedar Grass will help calm your mind and remind you to be grounded and close to nature. Spend time near water. Water dissolves by its very nature.

You can be physically fit, but if you are not metaphysically fit, you may wake up feeling tired. Be sure to take care of YOU!

You can release yourself from karmic patterns for good. Spend some time in meditation. Every time you connect to the stillness and silence that rests within, you wash away the pain from the past and whatever grip it has on you. Merge with the Universe.

Karmic balance is not so much about good deeds or bad. It’s more about balance and reciprocity. Are you giving away your power and happiness in order to please others? Take a good look at your actions and deeds to make sure you are being true to yourself.

When all of your good personal work and your positive energy shift have overcome previous obstacles, and blocks are lifted away.
Most positive change begins with some level of dissatisfaction which leads to change, and that leads to improvement.

You will now experience progress and forward movement with your projects. Stay centered in gratitude to ensure that your flow of abundance continues.

Walk on a new path. Take the road less traveled. Break away.
It’s exciting to envision your life from a fresh perspective. You have such wonderful support from the Universe now! It’s all happening for you. Believe it!

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  1. I just read this for the first time right now and it has been spot on with my own transitions through my learning and enlightening process. Every obstical i have ever had this year i have overcome and learned many deep insights to other things around me. And also with the knowledge from #GG33 himself i have become a lightpost to the ones around me.

    Thank you for this and i look forward to next years. I told myself right now to hold off reading the next one and use what i have learned this year next year.

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