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August 2020 is a 3 Month

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August 4, 2020 * Star Report *Volume 3

August 2020 is a 3 Month

Amazing August is here! Things are heating up in Leo Season, feel the fire and heart start those dreams! August is a month that focuses on individuality, being creative, having fun, strut your stuff, seek out the limelight and add some drama to your life. Be your very own king or queen as Leo is the sign of the leader. It is time to unlock the fierceness within and go for the gold! Make it happen.

AUGUST IS A 3 MONTH in Numerology. Welcome a month of courage, confidence, creativity, and abundance!

  • It’s time to clarify your goals because 2020 is going to transform your life.
  • 3 is a number of creative self-expression.
  • NEW MONTH, NEW DECADE…NEW YOU! A number 3 month invokes creativity, self-expression, connecting on a profound emotional level, making people feel special and loved, and enjoying the arts.
  • 3 is child-like energy. Forever young. Young at heart. Random acts of affection go a long way.
  • 3 is the NUMBER of Communication and is very CHILD-like ENERGY.
  • Male=1
  • Female=2
  • Child=3 1+2+3=6
  • 6 is the FAMILY.
  • Enjoy spending time with those you love!
  • Your manifestation is on the way!

August is the 8th month of the year. You can truly take advantage of this cycle of abundance. Take care of MONEY MATTERS. August is a powerful month to get clear on how you create prosperity. 8 is favorable for success in business and financial matters in Numerology. 8 is the number of Money, Power and Karma. 8 is the infinity number.

8 is the ultimate Manifestation and Money frequency. AUGUST is the 8th month and a time to prosper. After the reflective introspection of July, now is the time to act! Act big on your goals, desires, dreams, and passions! Don’t delay any longer. Live your life to the fullest!

August is the 8th month of abundance, and expansion…invoking moneymaking ideas. August will be a power month. Be confidant in your ability to generate a flow of opportunities and the courage to uphold your vision. Remember you are already blessed.

AUGUST 8th — 8:8 SUPERCHARGED ENERGY •Third eyes everywhere will open on, 8/8/2020 as the Lions Gate Portal is opened. The number 8 associates with courageous Leo. Sirius (known as the “spiritual Sun”) generates a high frequency energy that activates the portal.

The Full Moon occurs in progressive and forward-thinking Aquarius (freedom) on August 3. Uranus (sudden events) rules Aquarius. Aquarius (ideas) is connecting to your Soul Groups as it rules the 11th house of friends and groups. This is a TURNING POINT for you!

Uranus (the “Great Disruptor”) rules the Full Sturgeon Moon in genius Aquarius on August 3 forming a powerful T-square with the Sun and Uranus. Aquarius is the 11th sign and this Moon creates an 11:11 portal awakening at 11°. Turn to the light. Focus on the future.

Welcome the shifts and breakthroughs as an 11:11 Full Moon arrives at 11° in inventive Aquarius opposite the Sun at 11° in loyal but stubborn Leo. During a Full Moon you may have awareness of truth and clarity. You may be more intuitive + spiritually aware. People are emotional.

The only Mercury-Saturn opposition of the year arrives the same day as the Full Moon in Aquarius, on August 3. You might express yourself with great detail and critical thinking with a serious tone. So, seek lightness in relationships. You can communicate deep feelings and ideas.


Aries – You will be crossing the finish line on a group effort around the Full Moon on the 3rd. Bond with teammates over your shared win. See how you fit into the big picture. See changing plans as opportunities. Your outlook is mainly positive, refreshing + outgoing. Manifest.

Taurus – Step into the spotlight on the job at the Full Moon on the 3rd. Taking a more visible leadership role now leads to recognition! A light is shining on your future path and how far you have come. You are in a position now to take the lead. Rewards could appear. Manifest.

Gemini – Meditate on travel plans and goals around the Full Moon on the 3rd. What you land on could set you down a promising path. Travel towards freedom. Share your vision with others. Your attention is your energy. August is strong for your communications and outlook.

Cancer – Research new moneymaking approaches around the Full Moon on the 3rd. Trading notes with friends amplifies your success. Transcend from limitations and celebrate the Soul Rebirth happening within you now. You can choose what you focus on! It’s time for something new.

Leo – Around the Full Moon on the 3rd, you are likely to feel braver and more outgoing in your partnerships. You can attract what you want. Your vision + intelligence empower you. It will be easy to put your feelings into words. Clear out the old to make room for the new.

Virgo – An epiphany related to a wellness routine may arise on the 3rd. Try a tech-savvy approach (like using an app) to boost your vitality! Put yourself back in the flow. Trust your intuition. August energies boost your ability to strategize + observe. Clear out old energy.

Libra – Around the Full Moon on the 3rd, a well-deserved break is in order. Playful times with loved ones offer the rest you need. New light is shed on a relationship or a special, creative project. Make room for new energy by releasing something. Weave some love magic.

Scorpio -You will be exploring ways to strike a more satisfying work-life balance around the Full Moon on the 3rd. Trust your intuition for a way forward! August is a good month to make progress in matters around home, family, and the heart. Find workable solutions to problems.

Sagittarius – Your to-do list may feel over-whelming around the 3rd. Build in breaks to stay firing on all cylinders. You can create solutions with your vision + flexibility. August is strong for your spirit of adventure. Long standing creative projects come to completion now.

Capricorn – Around the Full Moon on the 3rd, you will be reflecting on your next job move. Ensuring that your work reflects your values is linked to success. Outer events reflect inner worth. Motivation is strong. Financial matters are in positive focus. Manifest your dreams.

Aquarius – You may be feeling especially sensitive at the Full Moon on the 3rd in your sign. Carving out time for self-care keeps you feeling centered. It all begins within you. August will find you in a positive, upbeat mood. It’s a dynamic time for mental pursuits. Manifest.

Pisces – Researching wellness plans can be exciting around the Full Moon on the 3rd. Allowing yourself time to explore helps you find out what you will enjoy. Listen to what your body is saying and slow down. Believe in the way you feel. Make personal wellbeing a priority.

On Tuesday, August 4, Mercury passes into Leo and for the next three weeks our thinking is more confident and grand. The focus is on the goal–and the more grand a goal the better! Energy is determined and enthusiastic. Mercury is the messenger planet and in Leo it has a strong-willed mind and a Fixed purpose.

On the same day, a Mars-Jupiter square brings plenty of luck, courage, and strength. Avoid making small matters into big ones that don’t deserve your attention. Jupiter expands and assertive Mars rules all actions to get what we want.

On Friday, August 7, Venus ends its four-month tour of Gemini. Venus is in Cancer from August 7-September 6, 2020. In Cancer, Venus is nurturing, protective self-protective and cautious. Cancer is emotional and family-focused. Venus in Cancer gives you devotion to family. Enjoy spending time with those you love.

Buckle up — Mars extended tour in rulership sign fiery Aries will be most intense for all Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Assertive Mars is in Aries from June 27 -January 6, 2021. Mars (action) feels at home in the sign that it rules, fiery Aries. Power is boosted + our energy is spontaneous, and impulsive in passionate Aries. Mars will be at maximum fire power. Light your fire.

Around mid to late August, you may start to feel an energy drain, a slowdown, as Mars prepares to backspin September 9 – November 13. Postpone anything new during Mars Retrograde. Be aware or beware.

To understand how Mars Retrograde (Rx) will affect you, look at the house Mars will be Rx in from September 9 – November 13. Mars in rulership fiery Aries, is immensely powerful until the end of this year. During Rx find ways to channel Mar’s bold energy from a position of strength.

Astro Weather Alert: Jump on projects in July + August BEFORE Mars turns retrograde on September 9 – November 13 from 28° to 15° in fiery Aries! Our sex lives, (and drives) can be affected, along with our ambition. Mars (energy) is the drive to get what you want.

Embrace with Mars in Aries: •take action •be willing to face challenges •fight for what you believe in •negotiate financial matters •channel your energy into new ventures •connect deeply in relationships •mars will help you get to the top •guard for impulsiveness + anger

EVENT TRIGGER: Uranus stations retrograde at 10° Taurus 8-15-2020 —1-14-2021 There is a 3-week window before it makes its annual U-turn: the SHADOW ZONE. Uranus Rx (Surprise) in Taurus (Investments): time for Review. Use this energy to focus on financial freedom.

The New Moon in Leo 26° on August 18 marks the beginning of a new cycle. Leo is a FIRE sign and governs the 5th house of children, creativity, beauty, sports, speculation, and art. The Sun, New Moon, and Mercury are in Leo making August, a powerful month for love and money.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 19th. Mercury is Exalted in Virgo.  Dealing with details is natural and easy now.  You are speaking power over your life.  Let your energy speak for itself.  Give your attention to what you love. Thinking and communicating processes now shift energy to being more rational, analytical, and efficient.

Sun is in Virgo from August 22-September 22, 2020. Our focus shifts to the pieces of the puzzle–the little details of our lives.

The Virgo/Pisces axis represents Sense/Sensitivity. Virgo is the manifested and Pisces is the dissolution. Compassion, dedication, and our ability to be of service to others. These two signs make up the most sensitive axis of the zodiac. Virgo’s mirror is Pisces.

Have a positive, productive, happy and joyful month!

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