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New Moon in Leo – Light the Fire Within

Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars

August 18, 2020 * Star Report *Volume 5

New Moon in Leo – Light the Fire Within

Happy New Moon! This beautiful lunation in creative Leo invites you to be open to explore so you can dream big! Everything you have learned is integrating and finding new pathways of expression. Leo inspires you to light the fire within. Manifest your destiny with confidence.

The NEW MOON in Leo 26° arrives on 8/18, invoking a powerful code. The Leo Sun 26° merged with the Moon at 26° forms triple 8 energy quincunx Saturn 26° and August is the 8th month. Listen more closely. Set your intentions around love, pleasure, fun, creativity, and kindness.

This is double Sun-Moon fierce Leo energy at the New Moon on Tuesday, August 18 so it is time to indulge in some royal treatments for your body, mind, and heart. Send healing energy out into the world. Give thanks and show gratitude. Be open to receiving. It is all happening for you.

A fiery New Moon arrives in courageous Leo on Tuesday, August 18 invoking energy for new beginnings and dramatic adventures. Become a legend in your own life. Be a leader in your kingdom. August is going to be a breakthrough month for you. Plant seeds of intention.

The Leo New Moon forms a gorgeous trine to assertive Mars, a quincunx to stern Saturn, and harmonizes with the North Node (destiny). Exciting developments are happening now… watch for them. Keep believing.

The New Moon, Sun, and Mercury (the messenger planet) are all in Leo (leadership). Leo inspires admiration and affection in others bringing excitement, passion, courage, and strength. Leo is about child-like enthusiasm and self-expression. Leo is the sign of royalty and rules the heart.

The New Moon, Sun and Mercury form a triple conjunction in dramatic Leo trine assertive Mars in fiery Aries for courage, strength, ambition, and vitality. Be ready to receive. It is all happening for you now. Set your intentions and manifest your dreams.

This New Moon in Leo on 8/18 occurs at 26°, affecting people with personal planets at 23° to 29° Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) and 0° to 1° Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) the most. Embrace the new beginnings that are unfolding.

Embrace New Moon in Leo: •launch new plans •take a risk •plant seeds •consider a new path  • opportunities for breakthroughs  •creative work •self-expression •be open for love •have fun with children •boost your self-esteem •new projects •business connections • dream-come-true •manifest

LEO NEW MOON AFFIRMATION •I see things in a new light. •I am open to the beginnings that are flowing to me. •I embrace change and transformation. •My focus and attention are my power. •I am supported fully by the Universe.

The New Moon in creative Leo is quincunx (interacts awkwardly) Saturn Rx in Capricorn at 26°. Balancing personal freedoms against responsibility, addressing tensions, intent listening, making adjustments and encouraging awareness are major themes for this New Moon.

The majestic New Moon in Leo is sextile the North Node (destiny-seeking) in intelligent Gemini opening your heart to new connections and enhances your emotional excitement about new relationships in the future. It is easier to connect with a sense of purpose. The North Node is the point in the chart that is the key lesson in our lives. Look to what house Leo occupies to see where this New Moon energy will be directed for you.


Mercury (the messenger planet) is dancing with the splendid New Moon in royal Leo. This can be a very positive aspect for communication, travel, signing contracts, creativity and artistic expression. Financial flow is enhanced!


Saturn is in Capricorn (Career), its home sign making its influence more powerful as is assertive Mars (Ego) in fiery Aries. Coming into this aspect exact August 24 may bring up frustrations and anger issues with people. EMOTIONS run deep.

A Mercury-Mars trine at the New Moon helps us put ideas into action. Our communications are refreshingly direct and to the point, and our minds are sharp and quick. This is a big day for travel and communication in all forms and a great day for business and commerce.

With Venus sextile Uranus in Taurus (money), it is a fine time for intuition and a good sense of future trends in business. It is a time for growing and improving situations. Go with the flow and be open to something different. A progressive approach is in favor.


Aries – Around the New Moon on the 18th, pour your heart into something creative: Recognition will follow! Express your feelings as your words and ideas will sparkle. All that glitters just may be gold. New beginnings bring opening doors launching a take-charge new cycle.

Taurus – You may be compelled to start a new tradition with loved ones around the New Moon on the 18th. Connecting close to home boosts bonds. A new chapter with family and the home can be in focus. Desire fuels change with a fresh view. Channel your energy positively.

Gemini – Let your imagination flow at the New Moon on the 18th. What you say opens doors. Make happy connections. Achieving your true potential is on the way. Come up with new ideas and improve your skills. You excel at communications. A great breakthrough is on the way!

Cancer – Money matters and practical affairs may be on your mind around the New Moon on the 18th. This is one of the best times of year for moneymaking ideas. Score a win that will bring in extra cash. Negotiate business deals. It is all coming together for you! Manifest dreams.

Leo – Everything will feel possible for you at the New Moon in your sign on the 18th. You will get the green light to set a powerful intention. The steps you take now can lead to true bliss. This New Moon infuses you with confidence! Things are looking extremely bright for you!

Virgo – Your research skills are fabulous around the New Moon on the 18th. It is a great time to work behind the scenes, as your intuition will lead the way. You might discover marvelous solutions to old problems this week. Something new or important is just around the corner!

Libra – Collaborate with friends on projects that share your interests around the New Moon on the 18th. Welcome a boost of new energy to your life! Trust that your timing will be perfect. Long live your dreams, happiness goals and wishes! Allow yourself to evolve. Start anew.

Scorpio – The New Moon on the 18th is a powerful time to make progress on a work project. Step into the spotlight: It is sure to earn you accolades! Professional news will be amazing! You are in the power zone. Great blessings are here! Claim it. Ask for what you want. Manifest.

Sagittarius – Around a freedom lighting New Moon on the 18th, positive developments may come your way! Learning new things can be highly favorable. Sharing ideas leads to new beginnings. Speak positive words over your life! Love is coming around again. Trust your intuition!

Capricorn – At the New Moon on the 18th commit to something important to you. This is going to be one of the most powerful new beginnings of the year. Recognize your inner strength and you will feel more powerful. Details of a financial matter come to you with good news! Manifest.

Aquarius – Around the New Moon on the 18th your relationship sector is revitalized with a fresh start. Look for ways to improve how you relate. Schedule date night. Focus on projects that genuinely move you. Intuition has the answers. Imagine it all working out! Be grateful.

Pisces – Around the New Moon on the 18th, committing to a new wellness plan that fits into your schedule proves to be revitalizing. Good news arrives with your career this week! Take charge and look forward. You will likely feel less stressed. Only welcome in good energy!

Royal, regal Leo is enthusiastic, romantic, and resolute. Show up ready to play! Focus on making every day better. You are playing an important role helping to facilitate the powerful vibrational shift on the planet now.

FIRST WAVE – September is a 4 Universal month in Numerology.

September 2020 is a 4 month in a 4 year (2+0+2+0=4) invoking a 4:4 code of stability. •Plant seeds of intention and creation •Manifest abundance, love and prosperity •Your dreams, ideas and visions are manifesting into reality •Brighter days are coming! •Create your reality •Focus on creation and manifestation •The best is yet to come! •Believe it! •The 4 energy brings conscientiousness, and a focus on building a secure foundation for the future. 4 ENERGY is grounded, connected to the EARTH. Square your corners. Focus your energy. You do not want to spend infinite resources on things that don’t benefit your Soul’s purpose.

Have a gorgeous Leo New Moon and I will see you in the next Naked Numerology Newsletter.


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