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Libra Super New Moon October 2020

Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars

October 16, 2020 * Star Report * Volume 10



What the Super New Moon In Libra Means For You!

New Moons are times for New Beginnings— time to plant new “seeds” for personal and spiritual growth— the beginning of new cycles in our lives— this New Moon is ruled by Venus mandating that these new beginnings will be strongly tied to our love and money.


IN LIBRA – 3:31 PM EDT – 23°

A peace-making Supermoon arrives on October 16 in charming, diplomatic Libra and will go a long way to counteract some of the conflicts this week. Every New Moon is the darkest, calmest point in the lunar month.

The Libra New Moon is also a Super Moon! •Libra rules the 7th house in Astrology. •The 7th house entails relationships, partnerships, marriage, and agreements. •With Super Moons we feel its effects in a powerful way. •This is the New Moon to get serious about love!

Manifestation potential is amplified under the intensity of a Super Moon. You may experience something that changes your life in a positive way this week under the Libra New Moon. You are destined for greater. Believe it!

Happy Super New Moon!

The lovely New Moon in Libra brings a powerful message of hope. We may see our wishes, dreams & intentions that we set six months ago on the Libra Full Moon come true! Trust your spirit. You are being guided. Tell a new story. The shift is in your favor.

Affirm: I am one with the Moon, so I trust, as above, so below.


*The NEW MOON arrives on October 16th, 23° Libra at 3:31 PM EDT. *This New Moon combines new beginnings with love, enjoyment and good fortune being ruled by Venus. *Keywords are relationships, justice, teamwork, negotiation, and collaboration.

The NEW MOON Supermoon in Libra will express itself through a desire for harmony with others and collaboration. Relationships, Partnerships, Agreements, Harmony and Social Life will be where you want to set your New Moon intentions this weekend. Let it align.

This New Moon Supermoon occurs at 23° Libra, affecting people born with personal planets at 20° to 28° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) most significantly. May this New Moon change your life for the better. Keep believing that it is possible.

It is not the words of your intentions that manifest your reality, it’s the vibration of the energy of your intentions that attracts.

Venus, the ruler of this New Moon Supermoon in Libra on October 16, opposes nebulous Neptune, suggesting that we are battling overblown expectations. Neptune casts a veil over things making it hard to see what is real. Neptune tends to hide things so get all the facts first.

This New Moon on October 16 has a tense configuration as it opposes retrograde Mars and squares Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in a quest for power. Tensions can prompt the need for a fresh start this week with partnership, close connections, negotiations, and relationship goals.

This New Moon Supermoon in balance-seeking Libra on October 16 forms a fortunate trine to the North Node, suggesting we are ready to learn and grow from situations/blocks/challenges. Turn over a new leaf in close connections. Find the right balance in partnerships.

  • Embrace New Moon in Libra •Focus on balance in love and relationships. •Take care of yourself first! •Let go of unresolved feelings so you can move forward. •Release old energy to make way for new healthy patterns. •You are creating a better way to love and live! •Manifest
  • Libra NEW MOON CRYSTALS To support you in achieving positive outcomes: •ROSE QUARTZ •love •generosity •trust *•compassion •heal the heart •get in touch with your emotions •heal emotional wounds •help overcome grief •inner peace •tranquility •giving and receiving affection

Embrace New Moon in Libra—October 16, 2020

  • Fresh starts in relationships •Embrace your inner beauty & the beauty around you •Newfound stability •Effective, heartfelt communication •Balance •New work opportunities •Grace •Some connections may end to make more space

With the charming Libra Moon, we are looking for balance through pleasing interactions with others and beauty in our environment. The Libra Moon is compromising, fair and just. We seek balance, harmony, and equality. Enjoy the peace and have a relaxing day.

We can use this New Moon in Libra to shake loose from our lives what keeps us out of balance.


Aries – Trust your intuition. Your relationship needs are in focus at the New Moon in Libra, your opposite sign, a mirror to you. Work to find common ground to preempt conflict in one-on-one relationships. Turn over a new leaf in your partnerships. Believe in yourself + keep going.

Taurus – Zero in on a wellness goal at the New Moon on the 16th. A clear vision will help you achieve it! Attend to work and health matters. Bring a fresh start to your life. Dream a bigger dream. Give your attention to what you love. Your dreams are possible. Trust the process.

Gemini – Around the New Moon on the 16th, enjoying spontaneous activities with loved ones feels rejuvenating and sets the stage to bolster your bonds! Innovative ideas can take seed now. It is possible for you. Enjoy a new artistic focus. The best is yet to come for you.

Cancer – Come the New Moon on the 16th, revisit beloved traditions with family + loved ones—it will make for wonderful memories. If you were born around July 17 you may feel some tension at the New Moon on October 16. Recognize patterns as learning endeavors are favored.

Leo – Around the intuitive New Moon on the 16th, take care when communicating with loved ones about emotional issues, as misunderstandings are more likely to occur. With Mercury Rx take extra special care with paperwork and contracts. Believe that you can. Trust that you will.

Virgo – Around the New Moon on the 16th, focusing in on a bold vision related to earnings can lay the groundwork for increased cash flow. Fortunately, you have Venus and her gold moving through your sign. Make healthy long-term decisions. With ruler Mercury Rx don’t rush into it.

Libra – At the New Moon in your sign on the 16th, set an intention related to a personal goal — it will set you up for success! New beginnings spring from the past. Look back before moving forward. Reinvent yourself and clear the slate. Use your diplomatic charm in relationships.

Scorpio – The New Moon on the 16th is a time for adjustments and transformations. You may be hearing from someone in your past with Mercury Rx in your sign. Look to the past for answers before pushing forward. Trust your intuition — you can’t lose. Be ready to attract better.

Sagittarius – Around the New Moon on the 16th, connect with friends on a shared goal. Build your business plan. Collaborations set you up for a group win. Expect the past to feature now with Mercury Rx. Take time out if needed to reflect. Focus on your hopes, wishes, & dreams.

Capricorn – The New Moon on the 16th can usher in a new beginning on the career front. Get a whole new angle on success. Recognition and reward can be in the cards for you. Focus on improved work-home balance. Stand by your values. Something great is unfolding for you now!

Aquarius – Around the New Moon on the 16th, reflect on previous passion projects. Learning from them can set you up for a new professional win! Reconnect to your purpose. Your intentions, visualizations, and dreams are manifesting. May it all be in your favor! Trust the timing.

Pisces – Making a move related to your finances feels empowering around the New Moon on the 16th. The more you are able to assert yourself the more fulfilled you will be. Set your sights higher around love. Take pleasure in planning for the future. Be consistent with your vision!

With Mercury retrograde in deep, intense Scorpio until Election Day on November 3, then diplomatic Libra, then back in detective Scorpio, relationship communications can be challenging.

What matters most in this intense, fast-paced month of October is honesty and integrity of character.

Opportunities abound in relationship transformation for all.

Set your intentions. See it manifest.

Every New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh! There will be two Full Moons this month — the second one, a Blue Moon, will appear on Halloween. This will not happen again until 2039.


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