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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
December 27, 2020 * Starr Report * Volume 18


ON DECEMBER 29, 2020 10:28 PM EST at 8°— WELCOME CHANGE Water sign Cancer is caring and sensitive, so great for a heart-felt celebration to welcome the New Year! The Full Moon is a time of culmination and is well aspected to change-agent Uranus. Set intentions.

This magical Full Moon on Tuesday, December 29 occurs at 8° Cancer, affecting people with personal placements at 5° to 13° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) the most. Welcome change! It all starts within you. Set your intentions—see them manifest.

This is the third consecutive Full Moon at 8°, with this final lunation of 2020 in the nurturing, protective loving sign of Cancer, ending the year on an enchanting note, as it creates a fortunate connection to Uranus—ruler of the NOW Age of Aquarius.

An 8:8 code is created with the Moon at 8° Cancer opposite the Sun at 8° Capricorn. 8 is the Infinity Number. Strength, Leadership, Abundance, Overcoming obstacles, Money, Karma, Power, Implementation and Manifestation. Have a vision. Take hold, step up and implement. Focus on the process and manifest.

The emotional and sensitive Cancer Full Moon on Tuesday, December 29 is well aspected in sextile to change-agent Uranus bringing positive shifts and excitement. This Full Moon December 2020 reflects on spirituality, intuition, freedom, and welcoming change. Believe that a blessing will come out of it.

With the Full Moon and Sun in T square to healer Chiron, healing through love is greatly enhanced. This is a great time to start any kind of therapy. Do not be too hard on yourself. Inner spirituality is being awakened. You are being guided to a greater place. Heal, love, and let go of old patterns.

We are coming to Venus square Neptune at the Full Moon affecting our perception of the value of people and things. There is a tendency to gloss over problems or to see what we want to see, imagining the best or the worst, when the truth is somewhere in between.

With Venus conjunct the South Node at 19° Sagittarius we are releasing the past— (or past loves and lives) moving away from financial, relationship, and self-esteem issues, in order to shift our love vibration and empower a greater sense of creativity. See what still holds true for you.

With ambitious Mars square Pluto, be weary of tension relating to power struggles. Try to keep anger and aggression in balance and be careful of others. Outbursts and arguments are common. Your ideas may be challenged. Mars will provoke any harbored resentments.

The Full Moon in loving Cancer is opposite the Sun conjunct Mercury (lower mind) in serious Capricorn. There can be a cosmic push in recognizing your needs in relationships. Communicate your feelings.
Clear up past patterns. Keep your promises. Negotiate fair agreements.

The impact of the Full Moon will feel destined and last until the New Moon on January 13, 2021, combining the eclipse energy from December 14 to set goals and take action with renewed confidence.

Happy Full Moon! The Full Moon is in protective Cancer, with the Sun in serious Capricorn. People tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon. Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts, and emotional connections are aroused. Set your intentions—see them manifest.

CRYSTALS & STONES FOR FULL MOON IN CANCER Cancers are sweet and sensitive Water signs ruled by the Moon. Moonstone brings inspiration and positive emotions. Emerald—this Cancer stone brings clairvoyance and the ability to predict the future. Pearl strengthens relationships.

The last Full Moon of 2020 will actually make you feel hopeful. The year’s end is a time when we take measure of all the good things we were able to accomplish—and to purge what did not work out so that we can move gracefully into the New Year without any regrets.

Affirm: I am ready and open to receiving the blessings from the good intention I have set in my heart. I manifest prosperity in the pursuit of my soul dream.

Evolve yourself to reflect your evolution.

Set your intentions for the magical, special Full Moon in Cancer. Speak it and trust the miracles and blessings this Full Moon will bring. 

As we get closer to the end of the year, all the hard work/effort that has been done should come to fruition and show signs of positive growth as a result. This is your time to shine heading into 2021. Believing will unlock a new path for you. The best is yet to come!

Buckle up—Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Full Moon in Cancer will be most intense for all Cardinal signs.

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. Full Moons emphasize harmony and balance. This means two parts of our life need to be brought into alignment. This Full Moon connects Cancer and Capricorn celebrating tradition, family, and career achievement.

ARIES – Take a step back to boost harmony at home with family around the Full Moon on the 29th. Pay more attention to your emotional health. Take time to nurture and go easy on yourself. Achieve a goal. Life wants to take you in a new direction. Time to improve, evolve and grow.
TAURUS – Think about how you are tackling errands around the Full Moon on the 29th. It’s easier to try a more streamlined approach now. Draw on patience and restraint in communications for best results. What you have to say is important now. Meditate on a heart-felt intention.
GEMINI – At the Full Moon on the 29th, take the first steps to shore up a financial plan. Be sure to tune in to your heart along the way. Reinvest in soul worth. You will be in a better position now going forward to take charge of your earnings, spending, and possessions. Manifest.
CANCER – Set your boldest personal intentions for 2021 around the Full Moon in your personality sector. Putting your nose to the grindstone expedites results. Make changes in any new ideas and ventures you embark on now. Light up! Take action and launch yourself. Go for it!
LEO – Carve out more solo time relaxing, renewing and recharging around the Full Moon on the 29th. Meditating on what you want may inform your next professional move. You may feel more confident + energized soon. Focus and you will attract. This will boost your motivation level.
VIRGO – You will do well to join forces with friends on a group effort around the Full Moon on the 29th. The experience prompts a sense of a new beginning. Get a fresh perspective, as it will do wonders for you. Doors to opportunities open with the key to your future. Manifest.
LIBRA – Reflect on a work-related move you would like to make around the Full Moon on the 29th. Small steps can help you achieve it. Do not be afraid to do your own thing. Push forward and go for it. A new direction with a sense of purpose arrives. Leverage what you have achieved.
SCORPIO – Around the Full Moon on the 29th, it is time to take steps to advance your skill set. Make your move — you will love soaking up new knowledge. It is a good time to explore new topics and creative self-expression with a sense of adventure. Strike out in a bold direction.
SAGITTARIUS – Pursue goals with optimism and your spirit of adventure around the Full Moon on the 29th. A pathway opens towards new solutions for shared wealth. Intimate matters and finances are in focus. Move away from restrictions. Attract the resources you need. Manifest.
CAPRICORN – Set a new tone initiating fresh starts with a partner around the Full Moon on the 29th. Talking through your differences, paves the way for harmony. Make something happen by taking on a new attitude. Set some new intentions around relationships. Seek more balance.
AQUARIUS – You may be inspired to shift your work-life balance around the Full Moon on the 29th. Creative tweaks to your schedule boost productivity. Solutions are possible now. Move away from energy drains and towards wellness. Take stock of your daily life and health matters.
PISCES – Dive into a new wellness routine around the Full Moon on the 29th. Anything joyful will keep you motivated. This can be a time of a turning point with creative pursuits, self-expression, love, and children. You have many avenues to explore. Keep your heart open for love.

There is magic in the air as we approach the emotional, sensitive Full Moon in Cancer. The 29/11 portal uplifts your spirit connecting you to your divine self. A day of courage, strength and inspiration as changes sweep you into unknown territory with surprising Uranus.

The end of 2020 is reflected by a special Cancer Full Moon on December 29 that is concentrated on women. A lovely celestial synchronicity is that back in January the first Full Moon of the year was also in Cancer—and now the year ends on the same note with the aware Full Moon.

These two Full Moons in Cancer from January and now in December 2020—are bookends shining a bright light on all the things Cancer loves best: women and feminine power.

The Full Moon is a time of culmination. It is an emotional time–a time of romance and relationships. We might have an epiphany.

At this year’s end, all of the planets but one (Uranus, of course) are moving in forward direction—it’s looking a lot like it’s time for a change.

  • Cancer is — Emotional Security.
  • Capricorn is — Financial Security.

Embrace at Full Moon in Cancer:

  • Value our home base and our roots
  • Unconditional love
  • Our emotional intelligence
  • Give and nurture
  • Share feelings
  • Avoid being overprotective
  • Our past and heredity
  • Respect for family and tradition
  • Compassion
  • Home and family

Tuesday, December 29, 2020 welcomes a Full Moon in sensitive, intuitive Cancer. Water sign protective Cancer is caring and nurturing—so great for a heart-felt celebration to welcome the New Year! Trust your own timing as Full Moons are about culmination. It will be worth it.

The Moon-ruled fourth house of home and family is illuminated as it is naturally associated with watery, sensitive Cancer, at the Full Moon on Tuesday, December 29. Your living situation, care and responsibilities of family and self-care are all brought into focus. Nest in comfort.

On December 29, an especially potent Full Moon occurs in the sign of Cancer. With the Cancer-Capricorn axis involved, the needs concerning the balance between our private lives, represented by watery Cancer versus our public lives represented by serious Capricorn, is highlighted.


  • Essential Oils Myrrh – enhances connecting with others
  • Mother Earth Frankincense – strengthens your inner authority
  • White Fir – releases unhealthy family patterns
  • Cedarwood – supports reconnecting and building bonds
  • Wintergreen – supports letting go

This Full Moon in cozy, comfy Cancer is all about self-care and self-comforts. Keywords are: reflection, intuition, gentle, divine feminine, psychic, empathic, protective, nurturing, emotions, ritual, inspiring hope, wellbeing, giving hugs, comforting, love, kindness, home, family and life foundations.

Look to see what house Cancer occupies to see where this Full Moon energy will manifest — and be directed for you.

Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings. This is a time of letting go. Release yourself from the need to please others. This Full Moon in Cancer opposite Sun in Capricorn illuminates finding balance and harmony in your closest relationships. Trust your inner guidance.

All the WATER signs share the fear of isolation, but they utilize a different defense. The defenses can be enormously creative. Their emotions guide them in whatever they do. Water signs are able to read people better than most.

True healing will always begin with your thoughts. Master your thoughts—and you will master your life.

Where focus goes — energy flows.

Your inner spirituality is awakening.

Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency—and you will attract much better things.

Have a wonderful Cancer Full Moon. 2021 will be a better year for everyone.

I wish for you joy in your soul, peace in your mind, love in your heart and happiness in your life!

May this New Year bring you peace and joy!

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