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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
February 2021 * Starr Report * Volume 24


It is one of the most exciting weeks of the year!

Welcome an incredible New Moon in Aquarius — a sign of personal freedom and innovation. Aquarius is an intellectual and has an emotional need to communicate.  A creative and independent sign, Aquarius is happy if they can find a partner that is on their level to talk with.

On February 11, a New Moon arrives in forward-thinking Fixed air sign Aquarius with the “Great Benefics” Venus & Jupiter joined together. Savor a moment of freedom, hope, abundance & optimism. Every New Moon offers an opportunity for a fresh start. Doors open to enterprising opportunities in the coming months. Think outside the box and set goals for the future. 

Discover how the 5th consecutive New Moon in Aquarius at 23° will shift you and celebrate your uniqueness! Dedicate yourself to blazing a new path toward your goals. The New Moon invites you to trust yourself. Believe that something better is meant for you and trust that it will happen.

NEW MOON ON FEBRUARY 11, 2021 IN AQUARIUS 2:06 PM EST— 23° The New Moon in change agent Aquarius will open a new path. Aquarius is how we keep life fresh & exciting. It is a good time for pushing forward. A Venus-Jupiter meet-up is bursting with love, peace, and harmony. Manifest.

Shimmering Venus is the star of February! We can all use her peace, love, and harmony right now. Be what you want to attract. So many great things are in the works for you!

Full of beauty and grace, Tender Venus reminds us that love rules all. Venus is in Aquarius until February 25. We move towards unconventionality, independence, and freedom as themes in our social relationships now. Aquarius can be faithful, but it has to be on their own terms!

If you have placements at 19° to 27° (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) welcome surprising financial news at the New Moon in Aquarius. Embrace what comes next. Manifest.

Uranus (ruler of the New Moon & Now Aquarius age) is in steady, stable Taurus. Go with the flow! Uranus is the planet of shifts, changes, and freedom to explore your future! Be open to the miracles that are coming. Manifest your dreams & desires.

In February, the Sun, New Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury will create a stellium in futuristic Aquarius! Your life is about to go through an exciting refresh! This will offer a breezier and lighter influence than what we have been used to. A big change is happening now.

A breakthrough is coming this month! Use the stellium energy in eccentric Aquarius (Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn) and the New Moon, to move through & navigate the challenging areas of your life. Give your attention to what you want to manifest.

Mercury (lower mind), Venus (love & money), Sun (ego) expansive Jupiter (giver of gifts and good luck) & stern Saturn (overwhelming force of authority) are all together in a planetary stellium in futuristic, big idea Aquarius. A stellium is a grouping of three or more planets bunched together & if the planets are in the same sign, the stellium is more powerful and impactful.

It is the perfect time to begin a new project that requires attention to details or start a dynamic health routine. This stellium is highly creative and focused, and its square to Uranus suggests we are not only open to the new, but we’re also embracing change. Go with the flow.

February 2021 is all about collaboration — you will have to play well with others.

Affirm: I express my emotions and listen to my intuition, to come into wisdom, growth, and change.

This time we are in is full of uncertainty. As things around you shift — adjust and change. Listen to your inner guidance. Trust the process. Your dreams are possible.

Aquarius is one of the most analytical signs in the cosmos taking pride in their innovative problem-solving skills that work especially well when remaining flexible. Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign that is into personal freedom like no other that cares about the world and its future. Aquarians are big idea people with a love of science and technology, particularly when it is going to benefit others.

Too much emotion can be uncomfortable for Aquarius and they may run from it.

The energy of Air sign Aquarius is related to genius, futuristic, unique, inventive qualities and how to communicate forward-thinking concepts.

At the New Moon bringing our attention to these areas will help us to expand our hearts and to radiate the essence of who we are. We are awakened to a need for a vision, for socializing and brainstorming, for expressing feelings of friendship, and for infusing our life with more objectivity.

AQUARIUS – SATURN (Ancient Ruler), Uranus (Modern Ruler)
The eleventh house in Astrology is governed by Uranus (modern ruler) ruled unconventional Aquarius. Here is where the team player is in you, the side of you that helps find your peer groups. The eleventh house shows the types of associations, friendships, goals, initiatives, groups, clubs & organizations you are drawn to join. Your hopes, dreams and wishes can manifest here.

Aquarius (ideas) is connecting to your Soul Groups as it rules the eleventh house of friends. This is a turning point for you!

Discipline is the strongest form of self-love. Be kind to yourself and take restful breaks in February — a 7 Universal month in Numerology. Take care of your energy. Commit time to your creative endeavors.

You may receive sudden financial benefits from unexpected sources this week. Manifest your dreams.

The Moon is your emotional life and your inner self.

Moon conjunct Mercury: Can create a great deal of emotional sensitivity and changeable moods.  Mercury is the planet of communication and is known as a personal planet in Astrology. When the Moon and Mercury (lower mind) are in aspect, you may communicate through your emotions, and you also communicate your emotions as well. What you say is who you are.

Moon square Mars: Watch for impulsiveness. Assertive Mars (our warrior energy, our drive-in life) brings its considerable energy to the emotional Moon in this meet-up. Mars energy is passionate and energetic. Catch yourself before you go overboard as this energy can be over-excitable and over-emotional. Stop and take a deep breath — see past your feelings.

Venus conjunct Jupiter: Be open to receive. You may get a present from the Universe today! Venus rules your love life, artistic endeavors, affection, art, beauty, and compassion. When Jupiter and Venus interact, the results are very positive! Expansive Jupiter (giver of gifts & good luck) brings encouragement and fortunate energy to goddess Venus. Great things are coming your way!

Moon conjunct Sun: (New Moon) Every New Moon is a chance for a new beginning. The Moon is all about emotions and the Sun (ego) is about the outer self. This meet-up creates harmony between the inner and outer self. This bond brings out your intuition and instinct. You are opened up to an emotional connection with this vital, determined, and energetic energy. Enjoy the energies!

As a child of the Divine I am worthy and ready to receive the abundance and prosperity I so richly deserve. I am ready to accept assistance in all forms to make this happen easily and with joy. And so, it is.

New Moons are potent times for intention-setting, expansion, and creation. Every New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh. Trust yourself. Listen to your spirit. Manifest.


Aries It is all about collaboration at the New Moon! You will find striving toward a goal has you feeling fulfilled! The abundance of air sign energy puts you in a communicative mood. It is easy to get in touch with your emotions. Optimism returns in your finances. Manifest.

Taurus The New Moon sets your goals on fire & blesses all dealings to take charge and get things done. Get ready to achieve more. Plan your best & next move yet! Now is your time of harvest. Step up your professional game. Make career moves and embrace increased financial flow.

Gemini Get ready to spread your wings! Your love of travel will be strong at the New Moon. You are inquisitive by nature & are attracted to anything that is stimulating & different. The stellium building in airy Aquarius will push you to see things from a different perspective.

Cancer Around the New Moon you will benefit from the wealth & resources of others. Keep your pockets open and be ready to receive abundance. Know you are enough. Live your best life and express yourself artistically. Strengthen partnership communication. Only positive vibes.

Leo Collaborative efforts pay off around the New Moon. Relations with partners and close friends will improve with fair Venus opposite your sign for the next two weeks. You will feel truly connected! Good news arrives mid-month around a professional opportunity. Manifest.

Virgo Get organized & be ready to get things done! You will be in tune with your desires at the New Moon. Speaking from the heart feels transformative. Find special moments with loved ones sprinkled throughout the month — warming your heart. Extra cash arrives in your wallet.

Libra More playful, spontaneous fun is within reach at the New Moon. You are feeling more upbeat than usual now. Get ready for something bigger. You start the month feeling optimistic with extra cash arriving. You will live out your dreams. Lucky breaks & opportunities are yours.

Scorpio Unlock a fresh cycle—your home & family zone is lit up at the New Moon. Bonding with loved ones is a top priority. Make your base secure with major changes coming. Enjoyment comes with meeting & bonding with kindred spirits. Trust your intuition & embrace your feelings.

Sagittarius Pay attention to what your imagination is telling you at the New Moon—it will lead you to fulfillment! The Aquarius Sun in favorable aspect to your sign harmonizes with transiting Venus, Jupiter & Saturn. Air-sign dominance stimulates your creative process. Manifest.

Capricorn Explore new paths to abundance at the New Moon—your money zone is lit. There is nothing you cannot achieve with your confidence high & income increasing. Four to six planets are transiting in your money house all month. Turn a moneymaking plan into a lucrative harvest.

Aquarius Happy Solar Return, Aquarius! This is truly your month with a birthday season unlike any other. You will be seeking fun-loving experiences at the New Moon in Aquarius. Always follow your heart. Four to six planets line up in your sign—score a win in lucky money matters!

Pisces Create a pathway to prosperity & enjoy those big dreams at the New Moon. Take some solo time to fuel those rewards down the road. Four to six planets will be flowing through Aquarius—give yourself some time to meditate on your goals, giving yourself a spiritual awakening.

Affirm New Moon In Aquarius:
•I welcome transformation
•I welcome growth
•I welcome abundance
•I know what I need
•I am ready.

LABRADORITEMAGIC Air Sign Aquarius — Believes in the truth and speaks with frankness. A Labradorite stone will unlock your capacity to speak the language of the divine. Labradorite says “Stir the cauldron of life. Move with the wind. Let life’s mysteries move your bones. Be at one with it, to reveal that all is magic.”

ROSE QUARTZ – LOVE Air Sign Aquarius — The Divine Seeker.
Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart chakra and is best for spiritual healing as it works on an emotional level. Get in touch with your emotions with Rose Quartz and become more aware of the love that is all around you. Known as the “love stone”, Rose Quartz has always been associated with love, harmony, and healing emotional matters of the heart. Rose Quartz raises your vibration to love yourself, love others — and love life.

Set your intentions to carry forth what is true to your heart — and motivates your passions.

The New Moon is Aquarius is the perfect time for setting intentions around really making a difference in our own lives, for our loved ones and to improve life for everyone. Aquarians are compassionate humanitarians. We are all in this together. Set your intentions—see them manifest.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.”— Prince

This is also the New Moon that ushers in the Lunar New Year — the Year of the Ox, an important time for new beginnings! Wishing you all luck, happiness, health, and prosperity.

Have a fabulous February, amazing New Moon in Aquarius, and Happy Lunar New Year!

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There is no better system than Numerology and Astrology to explain and unlock the secrets to your destiny.

Have an amazing New Moon in Aquarius!

Wishing joy, happiness, luck, and prosperity in the Year of the Metal Ox!

Cosmic Luv,
Wendy Delaney

Naked Numerology
Elite Numerologist Astrologer

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