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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars

June 22, 2021 * Starr Report * Volume 39


Welcome one of the most abundant Full Moons of the year! This is a doorway to new and exciting opportunities. Expect to hear good news around career matters. Looming on the horizon are promotions, all kinds of upgrades, raises, and good endings! Those of you with natal placements in the early degrees of Capricorn, Cancer or Pisces are in for pleasant surprises! The stars are coming together to bring you abundance. The Universe is asking you to take charge!

The Moon is your emotional life and inner self. The Full Moon Supermoon, 3/3 and final Supermoon, occurs in serious, realistic Capricorn at 3° encouraging us to let go of the past and focus on defining new goals to aim for which will provide further personal, spiritual growth and success. Taskmaster Saturn ruled tenth house matters, are brought to light in areas of career, reputation, responsibilities, life’s work, and your destiny in the world. There is a message from the cosmos for you.

The industrious Capricorn Full Moon on June 24 is sextile fortunate Jupiter, the giver of gifts and good luck, sending golden beams associated with financial gains, profits, large expansion, good fortune, optimism, and generosity. Jupiter expands everything it touches.

The light of the Full Moon is reflected back and illuminates the house opposite to the one they appear in.

The high point of the coming week is the Full Moon Supermoon in ambitious Capricorn. The Full Moon is the power point of the month when the serious Capricorn Moon is illuminated by the Sun in Cancer representing completions and endings. In hard-working, responsible Capricorn complete projects. Set your intentions— see them manifest.

Full Moon’s bring matters to completion.
With this Full Moon occurring in discerning, somber Capricorn (business) ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and authority, over the next six months expect to see the dismantling of structures and old paradigms. A shift is inevitable.

Close the deal at the June 24 Capricorn Full Moon
Look back to the January 13 Capricorn New Moon for clues about what will manifest. The Full Moon Supermoon, is pressing us to look more closely at the needs and wants in our public lives regarding our careers, reputation, and accountability. Your hard work will start to pay off this year. Channel your energy and build solid foundations. You have the world to gain.

Buckle up—Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Full Moon in Capricorn will be most intense for all Cardinal signs.

The Full Moon spends the day in serious, realistic Capricorn on June 24 encouraging us to let go of the past and focus on defining new goals to aim for which will provide further personal, spiritual growth and success.

June’s Full Moon is often called the Strawberry Moon, which is named because it signaled to the Algonquin tribes that it was the time of year to gather ripening strawberries.

If you have placements at 0° to 8° (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) welcome surprising financial news at the Full Moon in Capricorn. Embrace what comes next. Manifest.


Full Moons are culminations of what was started at the New Moon. New Moons initiate—and Full Moons complete and discard. You are moving on to something lighter. You are getting so many signs. Trust your own inner guidance.

  • Embrace at the Full Moon in Capricorn
  • Increasing our personal security
  • Current or karmic issues
  • Accelerated change
  • Shoot for the stars
  • Look on the bright side
  • Epiphanies around relationships
  • Letting go to make space for the new
  • Do what’s best for you and your family
  • People with a Moon in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) rarely show their emotions because they are very patient with it.
  • They always find out a way to solve their problems themselves rather than venting to someone.


FULL MOON SEXTILE JUPITER – Opportunities for wealth expansion—and looking ahead to the future are ideal at the moment. It is all aligning for you right now! You are going to see good news coming your way. A very optimistic lunation for all when fortunate Jupiter is in good aspect. This is your reality. All your dreams are manifesting!

FULLL MOON OPPOSITE SUN IN CANCER – Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. Full Moons emphasize harmony and balance. This means two parts of our life need to be brought into alignment. This Full Moon connects Cancer and Capricorn celebrating tradition, family, and career achievement.

With the Cancer-Capricorn axis involved, the needs concerning the balance between our private lives, represented by watery Cancer versus our public lives represented by serious Capricorn, is highlighted.

VENUS OPPOSITE PLUTO – This is hot, sexy, passionate energy! An intense emotional or sexual attraction, a very revealing, intimate encounter, or a powerful desire to be close to and share our deepest feelings with someone is very likely now. Venus opposite Pluto may add intense pressure to your closest relationships. Be aware or beware.

SATURN SEXTILE CHIRON – Means being responsible for your health and healing. With Saturn sextile Chiron now at 12° Aries, and influencing most of the year ahead, the healing is in the self, and it is time to know who you are, what your purpose is — and to discover your identity. Heal by having faith in your destiny.

SATURN SQUARE URANUS – With stern, taskmaster Saturn square rebellious Uranus —Earthquakes are a strong possibility. Looking back to mid-February might be useful figuring out where this story is going. Forces of innovation may brush up against the old ways of doing things, leading to frustration and roadblocks. With 2/3 occurring on June 14, there will still be a few more weeks of tension, with the final meet-up on December 24, 2021.

This is a relatively rare aspect, with the next one not occurring until 2043. The last time these squares happened was in 1999-2000, when the roles were reversed. Uranus is here to inspire you to be yourself — exactly as you are.

Discover the freedom to experience your true nature. When you allow this freedom-loving energy to guide you, you discover something new and exciting about yourself. If you have natal placements between 8 and 18 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) this square most affects you.


  • February 17, 2021
  • June 14, 2021
  • December 24, 2021

This karmic Saturn square spontaneous Uranus aspect will be affecting all of 2021— and may cause feelings of rebellion on a social scale. Prepare for unexpected emotions and stay positive.

HOROSCOPES – What is in store for you this month!
Aries – Step into your power at the Full Moon in your status-setting career zone on the 24thA new job offer or a promotion arrives bringing you the professional validation you have been seeking. Turn your ideas into action. Around the Full Moon you could be presented with an opportunity to make a big move on the job. Embracing the spotlight sets up rewards. You can manifest it!

Taurus – Take a leap of faith and soar into new horizons as a Full Moon arrives in your expansion zone of spiritual voyages, philosophy and faraway lands on the 24th. Time for that river deep, mountain high experience. Brush up your skills and break out of your comfort zone. Be open to receiving. The Universe has your back.Time to decide what you really want. Brighter days are coming.

Gemini – On June 24, a Full Moon arrives in your sex, intimacy, and shared resources zone. It is sexy time! Release your inhibitions and merge mind, body, and soul with the one you love. Pay more attention to relationships and your connection with others. This is a good time to settle your finances. Ask for what you want. A large sum may come in as a bonus. Believe in it until it manifests for you!

Cancer – Happy birthday season, Cancer! Put yourself and your projects first.The June 24th Full Moon marks a turning point in your relationships. Look back to the January 13 Capricorn New Moon for clues about what is manifesting! There is a mutual attraction taking place now. The Universe has your best interest. Welcome all change and be ready for new blessings!

Leo – Kick off your summer fitness plans! Open your heart and enjoy summer as the Full Moon on the 24th encourages a new fitness regimen. Rejuvenate your day-to-day schedule, habits, and work routine.Find the best work/life balance for you.A daily practice that you can build on like meditation feels truly restorative!Spiritual growth is essential. Take more solo time to care for yourself.

Virgo – You are bursting with creative passion! The month ends with the Full Moon in your pleasure zone on the 24th. One of your best cycles for higher love in years arrives, and especially if you have early Virgo placements. Keep your heart open for love. You are only attracting greater. Move up towards a higher destiny. Karmic love magic happens! Trust the timing and be patient.

Libra – Home is where your heart is. A Full Moon is your domestic sector arrives on the 24th. Some of you may be moving. Something has been brewing on the home front since the January 13 Capricorn New Moon. Look to that time for clues, and deal with it in a fair, graceful way, as only Libra can. This month is a preview. The best is yet to come for you. Be patient. A blessing will come out of it.

Scorpio – Big news arrives! Step into something bigger. A Full Moon ends the month in your communication zone on the 24th. News arrives taking you away from a situation that has been holding you back. Full Moons bring completion. Soul freedom calls. The process is never easy, but you will rise from the ashes. You may receive an important long-term contract to sign. Manifest it.

Sagittarius – Own your self-worth. Ruler Jupiter is powering you up to make a bold statement move. Luck is once again working for you. A financial opportunity comes to fruition now. Money will come to you — so be receptive to this.  A Full Moon ends the month in your money zone, bringing a raise or a new job. Your mindset will get you there. Manifest it!

Capricorn – The spotlight is on you! A Full Moon in your sign occurs on the 24th. Full Moons shine their light into the house opposite to the one they are in. Your vision is manifesting. Pay attention to the messages you receive during this time. You are in the midst of a personal evolution. The week that surrounds this lunation will be one of the most important for you. Let it align.

Aquarius – Expect revelations — you are embarking on a spiritual journey. The Full Moon on the 24th lands in your sector of soul secrets, healing, closure, and rest. Work on projects that require a great deal of concentration. Create your own spark. Treat yourself to a luxurious experience that makes you feel extra special and pampered. It will be a wonderful way to end the month. Take a break and be kind to yourself.

Pisces – The Full Moon on the 24th lights up your social sector. Surround yourself with friends. This is a magical and special time for your personal growth. Become more confident and committed to your soul dream. Allow this Full Moon to remove any stagnant or outgrown energy.The Universe is yours. You have a bigger calling that will reveal itself to you. Trust the process.

Closing out the month of June in Astrology, Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces the following day on Friday, June 25th awakening fantasies into harsh realities. Look inward to find the answers over the next few months.

ONYX – Capricorns are tough and strong. To maximize the Capricorn Full Moon energy use and wear Saturn-ruled Onyx. Transformational Black Onyx is all about durability, diligence, determination, and long-term strength. Onyx is protective so it can help shield your body and mind from negative energy and has been said to alleviate symptoms of depression. Work toward your long-term goals and focus on the big picture.

This Full Moon will be charged with luck!
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