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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
July 21, 2021 * Starr Report * Volume 42


Welcome an incredible Full Moon in Aquarius — a sign of personal freedom and innovation. Aquarius is an intellectual and has an emotional need to communicate.  A creative and independent sign, Aquarius is happy if they can find a partner that is on their level to talk with.

On July 23, a Full Moon arrives in forward-thinking Fixed Air sign Aquarius with the “Great Benefics” Venus and Jupiter opposite one another. Savor a moment of freedom, hope, abundance & optimism. Every Full Moon offers an opportunity for culmination followed by a fresh start. Doors open to enterprising opportunities in the coming months. Think outside the box and set goals for the future.

Shimmering Venus is the star of July having just moved into health-conscious Virgo! We can all use her peace, love, and harmony right now. Be what you want to attract. So many great things are in the works for you!

The Full Moon in change agent Aquarius 1° will open a new path. The Number 1 is all about new beginnings. Full Moons are about completion, but when one door closes, another one opens. Aquarius is how we keep life fresh and exciting. It is a good time for pushing forward. A Venus-Jupiter meet-up is bursting with love, peace, and harmony. Manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

Discover how the Full Moon in Aquarius at 1° will shift you and celebrate your uniqueness! Dedicate yourself to blazing a new path toward your goals. The Full Moon invites you to trust yourself. Believe that something better is meant for you and trust that it will happen.

This is the first of two back-to-back Full Moons in Aquarius. The news that arrives now will lead up to the second Aquarius Full Moon on August 22, 2021. The second Full Moon will be much happier, lively, and festive.

The ruler of the Full Moon in Aquarius is change-agent Uranus, clashing both directly with stern Saturn and transformational Pluto. A big change is happening now.

FULL MOON ON JULY 23, 2021 1° IN AQUARIUS 10:37 PM EDT A powerful time of culmination. We may see our wishes, dreams & intentions we set 6 months ago on the Aquarius New Moon come true! Full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite the one they are in. Trust your spirit.

Affirm Aquarius Full Moon:

  • See things in a new light opening a path to my goals
  • Am open to the beginnings that are flowing to me
  • Embrace change and transformation
  • My focus and attention are my power
  • I am supported fully by the Universe

Aquarius is a sign of freedom and innovation. Moon in Aquarius is an intellectual, and if you can find someone on your level and wavelength to communicate with, then you are happy. You can unintentionally hurt others with your abruptness and impulsivity. You are independent and creative. You love your family and enjoy helping others, but you may run from too much emotion in your relationships, as it is uncomfortable for you.

AQUARIUS – SATURN (Ancient Ruler), Uranus (Modern Ruler)
The eleventh house in Astrology is governed by Uranus (modern ruler) ruled unconventional Aquarius. Here is where the team player is in you, the side of you that helps find your peer groups. The eleventh house shows the types of associations, friendships, goals, initiatives, groups, clubs & organizations you are drawn to join. Your hopes, dreams and wishes can manifest here.

Uranus (ruler of the Full Moon and Now Aquarius Age) is in steady, stable Taurus. Go with the flow! Uranus is the planet of shifts, changes, and freedom to explore your future! Be open to the miracles that are coming. Manifest your dreams & desires.

Aquarius Full Moon Affirmation: I inspire the world with my unique gifts, and I am always at peace. I know how to set healthy boundaries and how to achieve emotional freedom. I believe in the power of “WE” and together we can make this world a better place to live. And so it is!Buckle up—Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). Full Moon in Aquarius will be most intense for all Fixed signs.

If you have placements at 27° to 29° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and 0° to 5° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) welcome surprising financial news at the Full Moon in Aquarius. Embrace what comes next. Manifest.

With the energy of the Moon in Aquarius I dedicate myself to my truth. I move step by step towards my dreams. I open to my destiny. I trust in my unfolding. I breathe in the magic of the Moon and embrace limitless possibilities.

The energy of Air sign Aquarius is related to genius, futuristic, unique, inventive qualities and how to communicate forward-thinking concepts.

Aquarius is one of the most analytical signs in the cosmos taking pride in their innovative problem-solving skills that work especially well when remaining flexible. Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign that is into personal freedom like no other — that cares about the world and its future. Aquarians are big idea people with a love of science and technology, particularly when it is going to benefit others. Too much emotion can be uncomfortable for Aquarius — and they may run from it.

AMETHYST-SPIRITUAL HEALING The queen of crystals, amethyst aligns all your chakras and balances your elements, empowering you to take your place in life, remembering your divine nature. Deepen your spiritual journey at the Full Moon in Aquarius and raise your vibration.

Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings. This is a time of letting go. Release yourself from the need to please others. This Full Moon in Aquarius (intellect) opposite Sun in Leo (passion) illuminates finding balance & harmony in your relationships. Trust your timing.

The Full Moon is a power point of the month—when the Aquarius Moon is illuminated by the Sun in Leo, representing completions and endings. Time to let go. Stay calm through it. Everything is aligning for you. Stay consistent. You will live out your dreams.

Aquarius (ideas) is connecting to your Soul Groups as it rules the eleventh house of friends. This is a turning point for you!

Discipline is the strongest form of self-love. Be kind to yourself and take restful breaks in July — our 7th month. Take care of your energy. Commit time to your creative endeavors as well with July being a 3 Universal month in Numerology.

Sun quincunx Jupiter – The Sun is heading towards a quincunx (inconjunct) to Jupiter. Quincunxes are generally seen as creating a challenging relationship between planets, pointing to some indecision. This is a time of adjustments. Take a moment to think things through to avoid a misstep.

Moon quincunx Venus – With a Moon-Venus quincunx/inconjunct, our emotions (Moon) and our values/love nature (Venus) are difficult to blend.

Mercury trine Neptune – Good feelings prevail. Mercury is smiling at Neptune lighting up your ability to communicate at a Soul Level while gaining a clear, direction to your future and destiny. This is the beginning of great blessings for you. Only manifesting the best.

Venus opposite Jupiter – A feel-good aspect but inclines to excess. Our desire for pleasure, love, or material things is big now. Over-inflated expectations and the tendency to overstate our affections are things to watch out for.

A Blast from the Past
Fortunate Jupiter, giver of gifts and good luck, retrogrades back into the realm of Aquarius on July 28 and immediately opposes Mars in blazing Leo, focusing the spotlight on the Fixed signs once again. Keep any stubborn, rebellious vibes at bay. Stay positive, wherever Jupiter goes it expands whatever it touches, bringing growth and luck. Jupiter acts as a “guardian angel” bringing blessings and opportunities. Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius on October 18 and will remain there until December 28, 2021.

ARIES – It is all about collaboration at the Full Moon! You will find striving toward a goal has you feeling fulfilled! The abundance of Air sign energy puts you in a communicative mood. It is easy to get in touch with your emotions. Optimism returns in your finances. Manifest and take advantage.

TAURUS – The Full Moon sets your goals on fire and blesses all dealings to take charge and get things done. Get ready to achieve more. Plan your best and next move yet! Now is your time of harvest. Step up your professional game. Make career moves and embrace increased financial flow.

GEMINI – Get ready to spread your wings! Your love of travel will be strong at the Full Moon. You are inquisitive by nature and are attracted to anything that is stimulating and different. Fellow Air sign Aquarius vibes will push you to see things from a different perspective.

CANCER – Around the Full Moon you will benefit from the wealth and resources of others. Keep your pockets open and be ready to receive abundance. Know you are enough. Live your best life and express yourself artistically. Strengthen partnership communication. Only positive vibes.

LEO – Happy Birthday Season! Light up the world, Leo! Collaborative efforts pay off around the Full Moon. Relations with partners and close friends are highlighted for the next two weeks. Significant turning points my occur in your relationships. There will be some sort of significant news with closure. You will feel truly connected! Good news arrives around a professional opportunity. You will be ready for the next challenge. Manifest.

VIRGO – Get organized and be ready to get things done! You will be in tune with your desires at the Full Moon. Speaking from the heart feels transformative. Find special moments with loved ones sprinkled throughout the month — warming your heart. There may be a shift around your employment or work projects. Extra cash arrives in your wallet.

LIBRA – Embrace your artistic side. Love is all around you. More playful, spontaneous fun is within reach at the Full Moon. You are feeling more upbeat than usual now. Get ready for something bigger. You end the month feeling optimistic with extra cash arriving. Be clear about the outcome you want. You will live out your dreams. Lucky breaks and opportunities are yours.

SCORPIO – Unlock a fresh cycle—your home and family zone is lit up at the Full Moon. Bonding with loved ones is a top priority. Make your base secure with major changes coming. Enjoyment comes with meeting and connecting with kindred spirits. Trust your intuition and embrace your feelings. Focus your intention for serious results. Open yourself to more harmony and magic.

SAGITTARIUS – Pay attention to what your imagination is telling you at the Full Moon—it will lead you to fulfillment! Watch your words this week and pay attention to how you are communicating to others. There could be a culmination to a writing or speaking matter. The Universe should have your back going forward. Manifest it.

CAPRICORN – Explore new paths to abundance at the Full Moon—your money zone is lit. There is nothing you cannot achieve with your confidence high and income increasing. Turn a moneymaking plan into a lucrative harvest. A new job offer arrives. You could be looking at a deal that leaves you better off.

AQUARIUS – In the next five months after the Full Moon you may be handed one of the most powerful periods for personal abundance that you have experienced in 12 years. Expansive, fortunate Jupiter returns to your sign until December 28. Enjoy your good fortune and growth. Score a win in lucky money matters! Step into your power and embrace being in the spotlight.

PISCES – Create a pathway to prosperity and enjoy those big dreams at the Full Moon. Take some solo time to fuel those rewards down the road. Give yourself some time to meditate on your goals, giving yourself a spiritual awakening. If you can dream it, you can live it. An unlikely romance may now take on extra meaning.

I express my emotions and listen to my intuition, to come into wisdom, growth, and change.

This time we are in is full of uncertainty. As things around you shift — adjust and change. Listen to your inner guidance. Trust the process. Your dreams are possible. Happy days are on the way!

  • You may receive sudden financial benefits from unexpected sources this week. Manifest your dreams.
  • The Moon is your emotional life and your inner self.
  • Give your attention to what you want to manifest.
  • Something you desire is about to reach culmination at this Full Moon.
  • This is a great time to look at your goals moving forward.

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