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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars

April 2021 * Starr Report * Volume 30


Happy April! April 2021 is a 9 Universal month. This is a time of completions, transitions and taking inventory. You might let go of people, jobs, and places to move on to something new. Letting go attracts new opportunities. What is meant for you will happen! Trust the timing in your life. A shift is inevitable.

It is time to take inventory of what you already have and then discard what no longer has meaning to make room for your true purpose.
April will be a good, productive, and cheerful month! Spring is here so it is time to create some new magic and manifest miracles!


  • 9 is the number of completions.
  • Release what no longer serves you.
  • You are moving away from heavy energy to something new and lighter in April.
  • Some of the answers we need come when we let go and trust.
  • Let go of toxic energy.
  • Emerge lighter.
  • The number 9 always brings closure.
  • Whatever exits your life this month, willingly let it go.
  • Say goodbye to old ways as we begin to reclaim our lives after the COVID pandemic.

With April being a 9 Universal Month, it has a greater influence on global events. The 9 rules endings and completions so expect something of significance to come to a conclusion in April.

9 is the number of letting go of your past pain and blocks so you can be a leader and light unto the world. This cosmic alignment of a 9 month is the perfect time to free yourself; to release what is no longer serving you.

9 is the HERMIT in the Tarot. The HERMIT is looking within so he can shine his light out. This is what you are doing – going within so you can bring your light into the world. You are letting go of what no longer serves you.


  • There are 9 months of pregnancy.
  • In Baseball, there are 9 innings.
  • A Cat has 9 lives.
  • September is the 9th month 9 letters.
  • A stitch in T•I•M•E saves 9.
  • The sum of the digits of any multiple of 9 is 9.

The big shift you have been waiting for to release, discard and let go of what is no longer serving your higher purpose has arrived.

9 is the Universe’s way of reminding us to LET GO of any emotional baggage we may have been carrying with us. Begin the NEW MONTH with a fresh outlook and a LIGHT heart. Everything is getting better from here.

April is a DOUBLE ENERGY DAYS month. All the days in the month of April have the same Universal day number & date. Ex: April 1st is a 1 day in Numerology.
4+1+2+0+2+1=10 (1+0=1)

  • De-clutter, get organized, and clear space in order to let positive energy flow into your life.
  • Have respect for others and do everything with compassion and kindness.
  • Forgive others and that includes yourself.
  • You are in exactly the right place at the right time in your life.
  • You are on the cusp of a brand-new cycle!
  • Great things are coming next!

With all of the planets direct until April 27 this is a favorable time to launch new things, focus on our ambitions, start relationships, and begin projects. May you manifest exactly what you want. The best is yet to come for you.

4/3 Mercury enters Aries.
4/6 Jupiter semi-square Chiron.
4/9 Saturn trine North Node.
4/11 New Moon in Aries.
4/14 Venus enters Taurus.
4/19 Mercury enters Taurus.
4/19 Sun enters Taurus.
4/23 Mars enters Cancer.
4/26 Full Moon in Scorpio.
4/27 Pluto Retrograde to 10/6.

A theme of transformation emerges on April 2 as Mercury in Pisces aligns in a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. This is an excellent day for brainstorming projects. Study, research and dig down to get to the heart of matters.

Mercury the cosmic messenger will soar into go-getter Aries on April 3. Communication becomes direct, active, forward-pushing, extroverted, impulsive, and outgoing energy. The end result can be a grand scheme for bold implementation. Pause and think before you speak or send that text.

April 6 is an especially feel-good day with a sextile between the cosmic lovers Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini promoting connection and cooperation to help you along the way.

On April 11, the New Moon in Aries reminds you it is time to put your desires and ambitions first. The Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Chiron form a stellium in this energetic and passionate sign. This is a great day to make an action plan as the Moon sends lovely beams to Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius.

Love goddess Venus and her gold makes her biggest power move of the month, when she enters home sign Taurus on April 14 — and now is the time to invest in what you truly want to see grow.

On April 19, both the Sun and Mercury enter Taurus and the pace of life slows. Taurus, the earthiest of earth signs, is steady and dependable. The ruling planet for Taurus is Venus (harmony, sensuality beauty, art, music, money, and love).

Mars enters Cancer on April 23. Mars is all about power and energy — and Cancer is an emotional, nurturing sign. Mars in Cancer can make you aggressive emotionally. Your feelings can get hurt easily, and you tend to hold those hurts inside. You might be more overprotective.

We hit an energy climax at the end of the month with the high-point Full Moon Supermoon in Scorpio on April 26. With oppositions to the Sun, Uranus, Venus, and Mercury stellium in practical Taurus, the energy of this lunation is strong. Pluto (transformation) is the ruler of the Scorpio Full Moon and is stationing retrograde at the same time, intensifying the powerful piercing of the deep Scorpio energy.
Go with the flow, with Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, directly opposite the Full Moon.

Aries Manifest dreams.
Taurus Elevate self-awareness.
Gemini Follow your heart.
Cancer Success is yours.
Leo Feel empowered.
Virgo Trust your intuition.
Libra Shine on!
Scorpio Move that body.
Sagittarius Real magic.
Capricorn Cast your spell.
Aquarius Revelations.
Pisces Cash flow!


Aries – Happy birthday, Aries! It is your month to shine, Aries! From now until mid-April, the Sun in your sign makes big progress on all of your goals. Allow this surge of self-assuredness to fuel your boldest pitches. Then, from mid-April on your moneymaking game plan surges allowing you to manifest your dreams! Your personal magnetism is on fire in this powerful month for you. Trust your intuition.

Taurus – Imagination opens up a surprising new direction. Carve out time for soul-searching. This will elevate your self-awareness. Changes within bring the changes that you have been waiting for. Trust your intuition to inform the best game plan when the Sun enters your sign on April 19 bringing feelings of freedom and lightness. Your financial forecast is strong for increasing your income!

Gemini – Get ready for surprise possibilities! Assert your desires and follow your heart. Do your research and make a move. Listen for whatever opportunities come your way. Embrace what is brought into the light. Develop professional strategies and pair up with colleagues on team projects for a win! You are the sign of ideas and the mind. It is time to make future plans and dream up new goals.

Cancer – Get ready for success! You are at your most focused on what you want to achieve in your
career now. Climb the ladder of success and broaden your vision. Your intuitive mind attracts all the components and the positive energy necessary to bring plans into alignment this month. Results are on the way!

Leo – Your luck could turn in April — for the better! It is time to solidify your goals and have faith in the outcome. April is about choices. Consider yours carefully. Sometimes all you need to do is take a leap of faith. Collaboration will be key. Research ways to broaden your horizons. Unusual experiences feel extra enlivening. Be happy and make a promise to keep.

Virgo – You start the month getting some very nice attention and are feeling successful from teaching moments that give you valuable insight into your career path. The stakes are as high as you can dream. Your intuition will be sharp — follow it. Now is the time to cash in with revenue from outside sources. All of your blessings are multiplying!

Libra – Good energy is with you in April! You will feel extra confident bringing your relationship to the next level. Love is in the air! You are attracting strong and intelligent people into your life. Focus on partnerships. Enjoy the flow of positive communication and dance to the music of success. Good news! Your cash flow increases in April! Things will only get better and greater. Manifest that.

Scorpio – April shines a light on getting your work and health routines in order. Feel deserving and ready to attract better. There are many ways these energies might manifest. Your desire to enjoy solo time is amplified now. Surrender to change. Rise up & shine! Unwrap your present potential.
Cash flow is excellent. Start owning and being the energy of what you want to receive.

Sagittarius – Time for a Spring fling! Your next journey begins in the days after the Full Moon. It is time to shake-up your routine. Be a soul traveler. Your wanderlust will be stronger than ever. Expand your mind and horizons. Start right from where you are. A financial boost is on the way. Good things come to those who do not hesitate. Love comes full circle. Feel the love in April! Focus on that.

Capricorn – There’s no place like home for you in April! Dedicate yourself to relating. You might want to strike out on your own to defend your creative vision. Leaning into this impulse has you feeling invigorated. Take the lead and take charge. Find a better balance between your home life and career. Stand by your values. You are attracting opportunities to boost your current finances and self-confidence.

Aquarius – April puts communication in the spotlight. Experiment with a fresh approach. Compromise for a better result. Mars is moving in harmony with your sign keeping energy levels strong. Income and abundance are lit! Get ready for surprise possibilities! Focus on a cherished goal and visualize a win. You will be inspiring if you have to make a pitch to your boss. Success is yours. Who or what supports your soul helps you find balance?

Pisces – You will be feeling extra hopeful about the future in April! Your dreams are possible. April shines prosperously and throws a spotlight on your income, assets, and cash flow. Spread the seed of optimism where it counts. Your imagination is on fire and at your disposal now. Channel your emotions into an artistic project. Write down your dreams — it will help them come true!


AQUAMARINE Resonates with the energy of the ocean. Ancient tales said that these stones were the treasure of mermaids, making them traditional talismans for luck, fearlessness, and protection.
If you are looking for inner peace, a soothing energy, or a stress reliever, this is for you.

AMETHYST— SPIRITUAL HEALING The queen of crystals, amethyst aligns all your chakras and balances your elements, empowering you to take your place in life, remembering your divine nature. Amethyst is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. Deepen your spiritual journey with the Sun in Aries and raise your vibration.

Have an amazing, heart-centered, compassionate April!

Believe in it until it manifests for you!

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