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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
April 2021 * Starr Report * Volume 31


A passionate New Moon in fiery Aries, the 1st sign of the zodiac, arrives on Sunday, April 11, bringing a sense of personal new beginning to your life. It is time to present yourself in ways that serve you best. Conscious living brings confidence. Live consciously – it will set you free.

New Moons signify new beginnings. The Aries New Moon starts things off with the darkest and calmest point in April’s lunar cycle that has all the right stuff for planting seeds of New Beginnings!

There is so much positive forward momentum coming your way! More than any other New Moon of the year – this one can really spark some major change in your life!

The New Moon conjunct vivacious Venus is a time of planting potent seeds of intention. The effects last up to SIX MONTHS! Use this Aries New Moon energy— to launch your highest goals. This New Moon in Aries is setting the stage for your loftiest intentions. Manifest your dreams into reality.

You are totally pumped! The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all gathered in assertive, passionate Aries in a stellium pumping up the volume and energy, promising enthusiasm, drive, motivation, new ideas, confidence, success, courage, and bravery.

Your dreams may come true in both love and finances.

Love goddess Venus is dancing with lucky Jupiter, giver of gifts and good luck!

Venus will align with Jupiter at the New Moon in Aries bringing a celebratory feel, joyful social relations, and a spirit of adventure. Romantic opportunities or harmony are part of the picture. Financial endeavors are successful now. Things will only get better and greater.

On April 11, a New Moon arrives in passionate Aries with the “Great Benefics” Venus and Jupiter joined together. Savor a moment of freedom, hope, abundance & optimism. Every New Moon offers an opportunity for a fresh start. Doors open to enterprising opportunities in the coming months.

The sweet New Moon in Aries reminds you it is time to put your desires and ambitions first. The Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Chiron form a stellium in this energetic and passionate sign. This is a great day to make an action plan as the Moon sends lovely beams to Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. This is one of the best New Moons of the year for starting something under!


This lovely lunation at 22° Aries brings vital energy fresh start to our lives sandwiched between messenger Mercury and fair Venus while sending out fortunate beams through sextiles to supportive, assertive warrior, Mars and Jupiter, the givers of gifts and good luck. This is a great day to make an action plan. The Aries Moon is closely aligned with love goddess Venus but there is a square between Venus and Pluto (transformation). Power and control issues may arise in existing relationships.

With the New Moon at 22°, the Number 22 is the number of the Master Builder invoking stabilizing energy, receiving good fortune, and bringing a sense of overall calmness in our lives.

If you take advantage of the Aries New Moon by making a new beginning this week, it could make all the difference in the rest of your year. Your ambitions to meet or exceed a goal are going strong. Manifest your desires and dreams. Fortune favors the brave.

Use good judgment and courage to take advantage of opportunities for growth with the midpoint of Mars trine Jupiter at the Aries New Moon, creating an abundance of positive energy and good fortune. Romance and relationships are heated up and made passionate.


Embrace with NEW MOON in Aries:

  • High energy
  • Physically active
  • Confidence
  • Trust yourself
  • Imagine what is possible for you
  • Just be and shine bright
  • Only manifesting the best
  • Count your blessings
  • Focus on raising your vibration
  • It is all happening for you


Sun conjunct Moon When the New Moon is happening in bold, Fire sign Aries, you have a lot of energy, vitality, and physical strength. You feel naturally assertive, open, and passionate. Aries is a sign of action and beginnings. The balance this energy brings is ideal for clarity and fresh starts.

Moon, Sun, and Venus sextile Jupiter This is a very fortunate meet-up creating beneficial aspects to expansive Jupiter (good fortune, opportunity, security, protection, and good karma), marking a fortunate time in your life. You will have blessings and good luck.

Moon and Sun conjunct Venus Harmonious Venus combines effect with the luminary Sun to create an enthusiastic, loving influence. Venus is all about love and the Moon is emotion – a great combination! The Moon and Venus create a life of happiness and balance. We are being filled with a positive outlook, love of beauty and art, romantic love, affection, pleasure, and financial flow.

Moon, Sun, and Venus square Pluto This trio of planets interacts with transformative Pluto in a powerful way connecting you to a higher consciousness. You may be feeling ultra-sensitive to what is happening around you. Secrets good or bad may be revealed. Avoid drama and stay calm. This is a very intense square. Pluto wants you to purge so surrender, release, and let go.

Sun sextile Mars Assertive Mars, the ruler of the Aries New Moon, brings energy, positive attention, and drive to get what you want. This aspect acts as a catalyst to attract what you need, come up with ideas, produce the energy for start-ups, and make the decisions to produce results. You will have a lot of drive and ambition. Just keep moving and others will follow your lead.

Sun sextile Jupiter This fortunate aspect brings a very positive connection with the Sun representing your soul or spirit and Jupiter bringing good luck, gifts and fortune. Recognition comes your way, with support from the Universe. There is a sense of gratitude.

Mars trine Jupiter Be sure to harness the energy of Mars (courage, determination, action) in sync with good-fortune Jupiter (money, happiness, luck). Growth, success, and profit should be the result of any actions taken now. Take the first bold step to make things happen. This is the right time to take action and increase your wealth. Take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.

When Jupiter and Mars connect, Jupiter increases Mars power with great passion and enthusiasm.

Venus sextile Jupiter – This magical dynamic duo of the two benefics in Astrology is playing a major role in an especially beautiful, abundant, and miraculous New Moon! Venus brings money, luck, love, and happiness. There are very positive results when Jupiter and Venus interact bringing financial success and creativity. Jupiter brings encouragement and energy to Venus. Many great artists have some Jupiter/Venus aspect.


Aries – Happy birthday, Aries! You have a wave of abundance coming your way. There is a bigger blessing in your timing. You are attracting solutions and opportunities. It is your time to shine brighter. That possibility is within you right now. This year’s only New Moon in your sign hits the refresh on your loftiest personal goals. Start a new cycle of opportunity!

Taurus – It is time to leave your past behind you and embark on new ventures. Toss what no longer serves you. Time to leave the past in the past! This is one of the best times of year for breaking out of your comfort zone and forging a new path. There are good opportunities for increasing your income! This is a powerful time for business and money matters.

Gemini – Assert your desires and change your world from within. Long-term plans look exciting now. What you focus on you attract. Your social life is shifting into overdrive with friends, goals, and your future. There is nothing you can’t tackle while connecting with your social network. Trust in the magic and maximize opportunities. This is a good time for you.

Cancer – Celebrate all you have achieved! You will be feeling extra hopeful about the future. Embrace the many blessings & abundance that are coming your way. Be ready to receive your manifestation. Exciting opportunities and shifts are happening now. Believe! Everything is lining up beautifully. Follow the signs you see this week. You will need to follow your intuition in the process.

Leo – Elevate your sense of self and cast a wider net in everything you do. Follow where inspiration takes you. You are radiating magnetism. Your world is only getting bigger this time of year. The journey is as important as the destination. Your manifestations are coming through for you. There is a bigger blessing in your timing. You will never know if you do not try.

Virgo – Release what no longer serves you and take what lifts you higher into a brand-new cycle. What you have been manifesting is coming to you. It is time to take a leap of faith in your own life. Career success is yours with increased cash flow on the way. You are attracting opportunities to boost your current finances and self-confidence. Believe in yourself. You will receive it.

Libra – You will be feeling extra confident as things are heating up in your love life. This New Moon brings energy to rekindle the fire — so do not lose hope. Set your intentions around one of the best cycles for togetherness in 2021. All partnerships are about give and take. Everything is coming full circle for you. The Universe is supporting your every move. Love is for sharing.

Scorpio – Manifestations will come to you more easily when you do the work and unwrap your present potential. Believe that things that suddenly change for you. Take better care of yourself and prioritize your well-being. Whatever you set your mind to you can achieve. Discover some profound growth and release. Free yourself up for big things coming your way!

Sagittarius – Time for a Spring fling! Coordinate a delightful getaway. Let yourself play and have fun. This loving New Moon sparks flames of attraction. Love comes full circle. You are feeling the vibes Sag, with your pleasure zone lit! Work and career goals meet your expectations this month.
Focus on bigger-picture goals. Opportunities for successful entrepreneurial pursuits are favored.

Capricorn – Allow what you have been manifesting to come to you. Pour your efforts into getting ahead in your career. You are transitioning to a new chapter. Take care of matters close to home.
You are attracting opportunities to boost your current finances and self-confidence. Your dreams can manifest this year! Set new priorities for yourself. Even subtle moves can be significant.

Aquarius A new path is opening up for you. Trust your intuition to inform the best game plan! You are attracting better. New beginnings and unexpected opportunities arrive. Change your world from within. What you focus on, you attract. Expressing your desires feels enlivening! Finances are growing stronger. So much of your future success rests with you. There is a bigger plan for you.

Pisces – Be open to receiving! You are attracting better and are totally in the flow now. Manifest your dreams and deepest desires with increased confidence. Good news arrives about a new job or a raise.  Imagine how much good news you will be sharing soon. So many great things are in the works for you. You will move forward soon. Go fund those dreams.


GARNET – Use Garnet for ritual purposes and meditation as a power stone to help manifest personal and career goals and enhance self-confidence. Garnet —Inspire passion and good business relations. Garnet is associated with Mars, and it can help bring success in things you passionately believe in. It can assist us in our worldly endeavors, in manifesting our dreams and visions and can flame the sparks of sexual energy.

ROSE QUARTZ (Aries New Moon) — Love is the true language of the soul. Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart chakra and is best for spiritual healing as it works on an emotional level. Get in touch with your emotions with Rose Quartz and become more aware of the love that is all around you.
Affirm New Moon In Aries:
  • I welcome transformation
  • I welcome growth
  • I welcome abundance
  • I know what I need
  • I am ready

Set your intentions at the New Moon in Aries to carry forth what is true to your heart — and motivates your passions. Make sure decisions are made from your authentic self. Take steps toward your own dreams. Everything is aligning for you. Trust it.

Have a beautiful New Moon in Aries!

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