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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars

September 3, 2021 * Starr Report * Volume 47


This spectacular New Moon in Virgo on September 6, Labor Day, is extremely powerful and will be asking us to make a change. It’s time to embrace a fresh start. This cosmic event begins a cycle when opportunities arrive, to take charge of our lives by getting organized and to take better care of our health. Focus on self-improvement and healing. New Moons always symbolize a new beginning.

September 6, ushers in a fortunate, forward-looking New Moon in Virgo at 14 degrees. If you have something important to start around now, this is a great time to do it. Doors open for you bringing opportunity in the months ahead. The Mercury ruled Virgo New Moon, is in exact trine with change-agent Uranus. Expect the unexpected and break free from old patterns and habits. On the same day a powerful and transformative trine between Pluto and Mars makes an excellent moment to plan for the times ahead. This is a great time to set future goals. Another fortunate trine between Venus and Jupiter is absolutely bursting with gifts, good fortune, luck, and abundance. This is a perfect, romantic date night.  

This week delivers a New Moon in orderly and organized Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, (lower mind) so they communicate well and are intelligent and analytical. Virgo is a sign of service, and they often work in jobs that contribute to making a better world.

If you have placements at 10° to 20° (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) welcome surprising financial news at the New Moon in Virgo. Embrace what comes next. Manifest your dreams.

Teaming up to achieve a work or health goal can be successful and attractive now. Meeting new people through these endeavors can also figure strongly in the weeks ahead. We may be bringing more creativity to the work we do or to the services we provide.


MOON TRINE URANUS What a way to begin the month of September! Be ready for a sudden breakthrough. Be ready to receive! It’s all happening for you now. Change-agent Uranus is bringing happy surprises as doors open for you.

SUN TRINE URANUS If you need a break away from something in your life that’s no longer working, this can be an open door to walk through. Flexibility is the key to success at this time, and pleasant changes are in store. We feel grounded and stable. It’s easy to stick to a task and make headway. Go with the flow.

MARS TRINE PLUTO This is a Power Day! Strong will and determination. Secret warrior, secret fire. Go-getter Mars brings a sense of motivation, strength, courage, and passion. Creates great ambition. Pluto is the desire to create power.

With Mars trine Pluto you can expect an energy reset this week.

VENUS TRINE JUPITER Venus trines Jupiter, one of the most fortunate aspects in all of Astrology, is sending shimmering beams of love, abundance, luck, and fortune. Financial flow is enhanced. Venus rules money, love, beauty, and Jupiter rules wealth. Embrace the new beginnings that are unfolding. Manifest.

The Universe is making some great alignments for you.

A major period of manifestation begins at the New Moon in Virgo with Venus trine Jupiter. Set your aspirations high and enjoy the new affiliations and the pleasure they bring in your emerging vision. Dreams can become a reality. The best is yet to come. Manifest it.

Patterns echo so watch for the events taking place in your life now coming to culmination around March 18, 2022.


See what the future has in store for you in a highly informative Numerology and Astrology reading. The Universe has been preparing you for this moment. It’s time to up level in all areas of your life. Rise to the top!

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5-5-5 Manifestation Code in Numerology.

On September 6 the Sun and Moon join forces in Virgo at 14 degrees (1+4= 5).

September is a 5 month in 2021 a 5 Universal year (2+0+2+1= 5).

Number 5 is a pivot point of freedom and change, reminding you to let go of the past, giving you a chance to take a risk, start over and embrace your true passions. This is the best time of year to start new projects. Manifest a new chapter in your life. Cut loose from restrictions and take on a new adventure.

You may be feeling very optimistic, and positive about the future!

Remember that you will be feeling the effects of the New Moon in Virgo for quite some time now. Use this extra energy boost for success in whatever you want to accomplish.

If uncertain about priorities, order a reading with me for guidance as to which steps to take.


Embrace New Moon in Virgo:

  • Organizing
  • Self-care
  • Refining work projects
  • Making steady progress
  • Better attention to health
  • This is a fertile and productive time
  • You will be very busy in September
  • Taking care of self and others
  • Making a new start
  • Manifest

Mercury is in its shadow period from September 6th on, with Mercury Retrograde from September 27-October 18.

Our cosmic messenger Mercury backspins in charming Libra from September 27 – October 18. In Air sign Libra, focus and reflect on relationships. Libra insists on harmony and balance. Confusion and miscommunication errors may occur now. Be discerning about not getting carried away with implementing plans, making executive decisions, or signing contracts. Back up your files and avoid purchasing electronics and big-ticket items. Be aware or beware.

Aries – Around the New Moon on the 6th reflect on a new wellness goal. Seek to improve your wellbeing and routines. This is a productive week. Set your sights on a new kind of success. There are greater blessings waiting for you with a new project. You are turning a corner. Focus on what you truly love and develop a plan to achieve it. Doors open to your hopes and dreams!

Taurus – Bringing creative skills to the table on a project at the New Moon on the 6th could make for a stellar moment! Start fresh with love, romance, pleasure + creativity. Set an intention for positive change. Use this time well. You can reach new heights in your career with an income boost. Give your attention to what you want to manifest. Believe in it!

Gemini – Prioritizing time with your loved ones proves gratifying around the New Moon on the 6th. Your focus is on home, family, and private life. A new path is opening for you. You have a fortunate financial outlook. Be open to something new. It only gets better from here! Continue to broaden your horizons. Your manifestation is on the way!

Cancer – Focus on finding ways to strike more work-life balance around the New Moon on the 6th. Even small changes can bring rewards. New beginnings with communications, conversations, blog, news, short trips, and writing are in focus. Your financial prospects are extremely bright now! Trust the timing of it and be patient! You can manifest it!

Leo – Keep moving forward! Around the New Moon on the 6th getting clear on a money goal helps you key in on a plan to achieve it. Trust your timing! It’s all in divine order. Feel blessed! Your outlook for earnings is excellent! Know your true worth. Your vision will manifest. Better days are coming! Everything you have worked on is in the process of manifesting!

Virgo – Set a powerful intention around the New Moon on the 6th in your sign. Zero in on a personal goal. Even small steps can lead to exciting results! Your career should flourish now. Take this opportunity for renewal. Pay attention to your own happiness and needs. Something greater is happening for you! Embrace confident new beginnings. More income is on the way!

Libra – The 6th brings a New Moon that is motivating for addressing any long-standing problems. Slow down and take things easy. Meditating or journaling helps you reflect. Stay emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong! Take some much-needed downtime for introspection. The next four months may bring a soulmate relationship. Love is magical for you now! Manifest it.

Scorpio – Dive into a promising group project around the New Moon on the 6th. Getting involved in a collective effort could lead to rewards! Go with what works. Trust your intuition and follow your inner guidance. Your future awaits down a fresh path. Believe it! Stay positive.

Sagittarius – Get clear on how to make progress on a work-related goal around the New Moon on the 6th. Sharing your vision can set you up for the win! Your financial outlook is very positive. Turn over a new leaf and prepare for exciting new beginnings. You might move into your dream home. It’s all happening now! Manifest it.

Capricorn – Be confident! At the New Moon on the 6th, finding a way to broaden your horizons lays the groundwork for growth! Your cash flow continues to rise for most of 2021. Make long-range plans for the future. To attract – feel your best. Your blessings are coming. Feel grateful. Get in touch with your true desires. Reawaken optimism. What you focus on is manifesting.

Aquarius – Around the New Moon on the 6th, reflect on a fresh start with your finances. Manifest your desires. Money will be the key focus. Get organized for more clarity of mind and purpose. Focus on what you want to attract. Allow the transformation and trust what’s unfolding. Lucky Jupiter will remain in Aquarius until December 28. Manifest your dreams and take advantage of this amazing boost.

Pisces – Around the New Moon on the 6th, time with a friend could inspire a joint effort and set a harmonious tone for your connection. Friends bring benefits. Aim to set intentions and goals that better serve your needs. Bring more balance, harmony, and beauty into your life. This is a time for healing and peace. A lucrative financial opportunity may arrive. Manifest it.

Crystal Recommendations for the NEW MOON IN VIRGO
Smoky Quartz – Helps you become grounded and rids your body of negative thoughts and emotions. Hold it in your hand as you meditate when you feel yourself becoming critical of yourself and others. Release feelings, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve a positive purpose in your life. Listen to your soul, calling you to relax!

I am the Truth Seeker. I am aligned to the light of my truth. I walk the path of evolution and change, to express my true self.

Amazonite – Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Known as the “hope” stone, Amazonite helps you bring more consciousness to the fullness of your being, helps you get to the bottom of what you are feeling and honor the process of growth, wisdom and change. Can be used as a powerful Throat Chakra stone to support clarity in communication.

I process my emotions and find deep wisdom amidst growth and change.

Happy New Moon! This is a fabulous day for new beginnings! You are in the power seat. This energy can be motivating and inspiring. Use the Virgo Moon’s analytical skills to solve problems. You will live out your dreams. Imagine it all working out. The best is yet to come for you. Manifest it.

Have a magical New Moon in Virgo filled with abundance, love, and blessings!

Cosmic Luv,
Wendy Dellaney

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