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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
April 7, 2022 * Starr Report * Volume 71

Happy April! With pioneering, daring Aries season in full swing, calling all trailblazers! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It’s time to take a bold step forward with exciting, life changing shifts and turn your passions into reality.

Get ready for a really powerful and life-changing month!

  • April is one of the most pivotal months of 2022.
  • April will be a turning point month of breakthroughs.
  • April brings the first eclipse season of the year guiding you to make some important changes in your life right now.
  • Eclipses expedite evolution and speed up the soul’s karmic path.

April 2022 is a 28 Universal month in Numerology. The number 28 is the Number of Wealth. 28 breaks down to the numbers 10 and 1. The number 10 brings instant manifestation and 1 brings new beginnings, forward momentum, new ideas and new energy. You have big dreams that are manifesting for you!

  • April 2021 is a 28 Universal month.
  • 28 brings a code of fortunate New Beginnings.
  • 28 is a number of leadership and inspiration.
  • 28 brings you a welcome dose of energy.
  • 28 is a number which brings consciousness to wealth creation, your personal power, and opportunities. 28 is the Number of Wealth.
  • You will experience shifts that clear the way to profound breakthroughs!
  • Manifest your deepest desires and dreams with 28 the Number of Wealth!


May April be a turning point month for you! It’s a new beginning for you right now. Allow your heart to guide you. Your full potential is manifesting.

April is a fortunate time to launch plans! It is time to take the initiative and clarify your goals. Make room for new growth – Manifest it!

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  • April is the 4th month in 2022 — a 6 Universal year. The energy of the number 4 is stabilizing.
  • Embrace in April—the 4th month, when family and friends will have a special place in your life.
  • April will be all about building foundations and organized structures.
  • In Astrology, the fourth house is the house of home and family.
  • April will be about creating a nurturing, cozy home. Home is where the heart is.
  • The fourth house is naturally associated with Cancer and is ruled by the Moon.

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4/1 New Moon in Aries
4/5 Venus enters Pisces
4/9 First Quarter Moon
4/10 Mercury enters Taurus
4/12 Jupiter conjunct Neptune
4/14 Mars enters Pisces
4/16 Full Moon in Libra
4/19 Sun enters Taurus
4/23 Last Quarter Moon
4/29 Pluto turns Retrograde
4/29 Mercury enters Gemini
4/30 New Black Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus


APRIL 1, 2022
A passionate New Moon in Aries, the 1st sign of the zodiac, arrives Friday, April 1, April Fool’s Day (and is no joke); bringing a sense of personal new beginnings to your life. It is time to present yourself in ways that serve you best. Conscious living brings confidence. Live consciously — it will set you free.

This is the perfect time to set up an action plan so you can achieve your goals for the year ahead.

NEW MOON ON APRIL 1, 2022 IN ARIES 2:24 AM EDT at 11°
The Aries New Moon starts things off on April 1, with the darkest and calmest point in April’s lunar cycle that has all the right stuff for planting seeds of New Beginnings! It’s time to put your desires and ambitions first.

REset + REstart + REnewal •Aries is the 1st sign •New Moon + New Beginnings •Energy is exciting in so many ways •Take charge of what you can control •Break free. Be pro-active. •Stay in a place of complete connection.

Embrace with New Moon in Aries:
•High energy •Physically active •Confidence •Trust yourself •Imagine what is possible for you •Just be and shine bright •Only manifesting the best •Count your blessings •Focus on raising your vibration •It is all happening for you now

If you take advantage of the Aries New Moon by making a new beginning this week, it could make all the difference in the rest of your year. Your ambitions to meet or exceed a goal are going strong. Manifest your desires and dreams. Fortune favors the brave.

Many blessings and new opportunities are about to enter my life.


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Venus is in dreamy Pisces from April 5-May 2, 2022. Pisces never sees the world in black-and-white terms. Rather, sensitive Pisces sees all the colors of the rainbow. With the goddess of love exalted in Pisces— our love is all-embracing and complete. Tender emotions are perfect for deepening your bonds.

Mercury is in tasteful Taurus from April 10-April 29, 2021. When messenger Mercury is in efficient Taurus, our thinking is down to earth, solid, and grounded. Communication may become more stable and methodical in Earth sign Taurus. Unexpected news may come your way.

Magic in in the air on April 12, 2022! A powerful conjunction between Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and nebulous Neptune, the planet of spirituality and imagination, their first in 13 years, in spiritually high-minded Pisces, infuses April with peaceful, harmonious vibes filled with love, understanding, and compassion. This alliance is setting the stage for a whole new era.

For the first time since March 17, 1856 the Jupiter-Neptune meetup takes place in psychic Pisces at (23 degrees), the zodiac sign that is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune! Make the most of it.

Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 will be a new beginning and a powerful shift in your life, putting you on the right path.

We will see a brand-new renaissance era begin in dance, film, art, poetry, and music both in television and Hollywood.

Mars, the passionate planet, shifts into dreamy Pisces for the next six weeks from April 14-May 24, 2022. We tend to feel less motivated to go after traditional goals, and more motivated to pursue spiritual or emotional drives during this cycle in highly creative and mystical Pisces. Tap into your intuition.

April 16, 2022
Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings. This is a time of letting go. Release yourself from the need to please others. This Full Moon in Libra (others) opposite Sun in Aries (self) illuminates finding balance and harmony in your relationships. Solo acts could become joint ventures. Practice active listening. A Libra Full Moon prompts us to make our surroundings beautiful, or to put ourselves in situations where beauty is all around us. You will attract better and greater. Seek balance and harmony while seeing the truth of a situation.

The Sun enters the Fixed Earth sign Taurus, from April 19 to May 20. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, art, and money. Venus is how we attract our desire to us. Passionate, stubborn Taurus attends to security, values, and finances, so it is best to keep an open mind. Taurus lays down roots on Earth, providing security and grounding. Earthy, sensual Taurus are very stable, steadfast, and predictable. Relax and enjoy the good life during this four-week period that ushers in a calmer environment and steady routine.

Authoritative changemaker Pluto begins its yearly retrograde cycle today at 28° Capricorn from April 29th to October 8th. The coming months are best for reworking career, refining projects, and planning initiatives. Avoid power struggles. Pluto is all about power and influence and transforming the kind of person you are. Allow yourself to shift and grow!

Your mindset will take you there.

Adaptable, airy Gemini is the intellectual communicator of the zodiac. Mercury works at its best and is right at home here in its rulership sign from April 29-May 22. Mercury, the messenger in Gemini is great for writing and speaking. This could be a strong time for making powerful connections. Mercury rules Gemini so your mind works fast now, and communications flow quickly. Connecting now bolsters bonds all around as this is a highly social time. A Mercury retrograde begins on May 10-June 3, so back up those files and plan ahead!

Money Makeovers & Financial Fluency — as Eclipse Season begins on April 30 at the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus!

This year’s only New Moon in Taurus (10 degrees) on April 30, is an electrifying Solar Eclipse that may reveal surprising and creative solutions.

The eclipse brings a surprising window of opportunity.

There are two New Moon’s in April making this partial Solar Eclipse a rare Black Moon. This lunation is sextiling assertive Mars, pulling in Uranus through a loose conjunction, and creating bountiful unexpected surprises. The magical seeds you plant now will take you down a path of amazing possibilities. Allow the Universe to unfold what is meant for you right now.

New energy is coming into your life.

The magical, fortunate conjunction of Venus (love and money) and Jupiter (wealth and expansion) in Pisces on the same day, infuses a spirit of compassion abundance, art, and love into all of your endeavors. Singles should keep an eye out for a soulmate connection who can unlock the secrets of your heart.

I am worthy of receiving all the abundance, prosperity, and wealth the Universe is ready to bless me with.

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Aries – Happy birthday, Aries! It is your month to shine, Aries! From now until mid-April, the Sun in your sign makes big progress on all of your goals. Allow this surge of self-assuredness to fuel your boldest pitches. Then, from mid-April on your moneymaking game plan surges allowing you to manifest your dreams! Your personal magnetism is on fire in this powerful month for you. Go forward and welcome it! Trust your intuition that you will rise up and make it to the top.

Taurus – Imagination opens up a surprising new direction. Carve out time for soul-searching. This will elevate your self-awareness. Changes within bring the changes that you have been waiting for. Trust your intuition to inform the best game plan when the Sun enters your sign on April 19 bringing feelings of freedom and lightness. Your financial forecast is strong for increasing your income! The Universe is working in your favor.

Gemini – Get ready for surprise possibilities! Assert your desires and follow your heart. Do your research and make a move. Listen for whatever opportunities come your way. Embrace what is brought into the light. Develop professional strategies and pair up with colleagues on team projects for a win! You are the sign of ideas and the mind. It is time to make future plans and dream up new goals. You are highly blessed in so many ways!

Cancer – Get ready for success! Jupiter and Venus in Pisces is compatible with your sign. You are at your most focused on what you want to achieve in your career now. Climb the ladder of success and broaden your vision. Your intuitive mind attracts all the components and the positive energy necessary to bring plans into alignment this month. Results are on the way! Focus on what you want to manifest in 2022. Choose what’s best for you now.

Leo – Your luck could turn in April — for the better! It is time to solidify your goals and have faith in the outcome. April is about choices. Consider yours carefully. Sometimes all you need to do is take a leap of faith. Collaboration will be key. Research ways to broaden your horizons. Unusual experiences feel extra enlivening. Be happy and make a promise to keep. Things have started to turn in your favor. Trust the signs that you are receiving.

Virgo – You start the month getting some very nice attention and are feeling successful from teaching moments that give you valuable insight into your career path. The stakes are as high as you can dream. Your intuition will be sharp — follow it. Now is the time to cash in with revenue from outside sources. All of your blessings are multiplying! It’s all possible. Believe in sudden positive shifts. You’re headed where you are meant to be.

Libra – Good energy is with you in April! You will feel extra confident bringing your relationship to the next level. Love is in the air! You are attracting strong and intelligent people into your life. Focus on partnerships. Enjoy the flow of positive communication and dance to the music of success. Good news! Your cash flow increases in April! Things will only get better and greater. Manifest that. A raise could come your way by the middle of the month.

Scorpio – April shines a light on getting your work and health routines in order. Feel deserving and ready to attract better. There are many ways these energies might manifest. Your desire to enjoy solo time is amplified now. Surrender to change. Rise up & shine! Unwrap your present potential. Cash flow is excellent. Start owning and being the energy of what you want to receive. You’re rising up! You are worthy and deserving of the best.

Sagittarius – Time for a Spring fling! Your next journey begins in the days after the New Moon. It is time to shake-up your routine. Be a soul traveler. Your wanderlust will be stronger than ever. Expand your mind and horizons. Start right from where you are. A financial boost is on the way. Good things come to those who do not hesitate. Love comes full circle. Feel the love in April! Focus on that. May April bring you a miracle!

Capricorn – There’s no place like home for you in April! Dedicate yourself to relating. You might want to strike out on your own to defend your creative vision. Leaning into this impulse has you feeling invigorated. Take the lead and take charge. Find a better balance between your home life and career. Stand by your values. You are attracting opportunities to boost your current finances and self-confidence. Be in a constant state of gratitude.

Aquarius – A major month is calling you! April puts communication in the spotlight. Experiment with a fresh approach. Compromise for a better result. Jupiter is moving in harmony with your sign keeping money matters strong. Income and abundance are lit! Get ready for surprise possibilities! Focus on a cherished goal and visualize a win. You will be inspiring if you have to make a pitch to your boss. Success is yours. Focusing on what supports your soul helps you find balance. Good energy will multiply in your life.

Pisces – One of the most important months for you in 2022 has arrived! You will be feeling extra hopeful about the future in April! Your dreams are possible. April shines prosperously and throws a spotlight on your income, assets, and cash flow. Spread the seed of optimism where it counts. Your imagination is on fire and at your disposal now. Channel your emotions into an artistic project. Write down your dreams — it will help them come true! Savor the opportunity for new beginnings this month! Keep the momentum going.


AQUAMARINE — Resonates with the energy of the ocean. Ancient tales said that these stones were the treasure of mermaids, making them traditional talismans for luck, fearlessness, and protection. If you are looking for inner peace, a soothing energy, or a stress reliever, this is for you.

I channel my passion productively.

AMETHYST — SPIRITUAL HEALING The queen of crystals, amethyst aligns all your chakras and balances your elements, empowering you to take your place in life, remembering your divine nature. Amethyst is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. Deepen your spiritual journey by enhancing mental clarity with the Sun in Aries and raise your vibration.

I raise my consciousness to the highest levels.

DIAMOND — The diamonds are for luck and health, and like brave Aries, a sign known for its strength, diamonds are the hardest of all the gems. In challenging times, the diamond will help you persevere and pursue your goals. Diamonds are the stone of purity and innocence and will assist you with speaking your heart’s truth while attaining spiritual clarity. Associated with wealth, the diamond can help you manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

I am attracting greater and better.

Wishing you an amazing April filled with blessings and miracles!
You’re going to be celebrating something huge real soon.

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