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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
April 15, 2022 * Starr Report * Volume 72


April is the best month of 2022. It’s the first Full Moon of Spring! A powerful and positive Full Pink Moon in Libra with a fortunate trine to taskmaster Saturn, invokes a fortunate code of leadership, courage, and strength, bringing a message of hope. We may see our wishes, dreams & intentions that we set 6 months ago on the Libra New Moon come true! Full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite the one they are in. This Full Moon will be felt for several days before and after April 16. Trust your spirit. You are being guided.

The Full Moon is a power point of the month—when the Libra Moon is illuminated by the Sun in Aries, representing completions and endings. Time to let go. Stay calm through it. Everything is aligning for you. Stay consistent. You will live out your dreams.

Full Moon in Libra, the 7th sign in Astrology. Libra is an Air sign – strokes of genius. 7 is a number of discernment, as it brings you up close to life’s bigger and deeper questions. Be open to receive. Be aware. Every vision is coming together to manifest for you.

This Libra Full Moon is in harmony with taskmaster Saturn, while messenger planet Mercury sextiles lovely Venus, bringing hidden information to light. Saturn provides grounding and stability, while Venus encourages loving feelings. It is an extraordinary opportunity for healing. Embrace and deal with issues that have been pushed aside.

You may be inspired to shift your work-life balance around the Full Moon on the 16th.

Libra is in search of balance using their intellect and curious mind. With Venus (what you attract and how you earn money) as the ruler of the Libra Full Moon, you are on the lookout for opportunities to put your social skills to work in your personal and business relationships. Deepen your connections and bonds.

The Full Moon in Libra on Saturday, April 16 is a pivot point where an outcome guides your life into balance.

The Aries-Libra polarity is a relationship axis, where Aries represents the “self” and Libra represents “other.” Where Aries is about self-assertion, Libra is about compromise. The energy of the Full Moon in Libra is the awareness of the need for balance and harmony in relationships and all that comes with it.

At the Full Moon on April 16, you may be directing your energy toward relationships.

Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings. This is a time of letting go. Release yourself from the need to please others. This Full Moon in Libra (others) opposite Sun in Aries (self) on April 16 (26 degrees) illuminates finding balance and harmony in your relationships. Libra rules marriage and partnership. People may be prone to start new relationships or decide to end partnerships. Solo acts could become joint ventures. Practice active listening.


Since Libra’s job is to restore balance, you may find yourself in situations of emotional imbalance at the Libra Full Moon that require a delicate tap of the scales to set them right. Are you giving too much to others or not feeling appreciated? Make your own happiness a priority. Realign yourself with your goals. Listen to your intuition.

Things are going to start aligning for you!

A Libra Full Moon prompts us to make our surroundings beautiful, or to put ourselves in situations where beauty is all around us. You will attract better and greater. Seek balance and harmony while seeing the truth of a situation.

The Full Moon is in charming Libra, with the Sun in fiery Aries. People tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon. Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts, and emotional connections are aroused. Set your intentions. The focus is on balance in your relationships at the harmony-loving Libra Full Moon.

The Full Moon is all about release so do not cling to your emotions today.

The Full Moon in Libra will culminate a situation that has been evolving for you over the last six months. What you have been building since October 6, 2021 is coming to completion and manifesting in your life now.

Lovely Venus, (how you relate to others, express affection and feel appreciated) the ruler of the Libra Full Moon, will be in a beautiful dance with Mercury (how you think and communicate) and Uranus. The cosmic weather is aligning for your success! Use this fortunate, fair Venus ruled, Full Moon in Libra energy to set your intentions and find joy in life.

With the Full Moon in artistic Libra, friends fulfill different needs, as mirrors of how we feel about ourselves. Libra is the ultimate sign of projection – who do you think I am? Under the airy Libra Moon, we realize how others see us, or wise up to a trait that impacts others.

Your relationship is naturally your mirror, as your partner mirrors back to you, what you need to see and learn about yourself throughout the process of your partnership.

What is the Law of Mirroring?

We attract people in which we see glimpses of ourselves.

“What we love in other people is what we love in ourselves. What we hate in other people is what we cannot see in ourselves.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Love yourself first. That will help you avoid the need for validation through someone else.

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It is an 888-manifestation code! The Full Moon is at 26° Libra opposite Sun in Aries at 26° (2+6= 8), on an 8 Universal Day. 8 is the number of money, power and karma. Trust how it is all unfolding for you.

The number 8 resonates with manifesting abundance and prosperity. Manifest your dreams. Trust the timing in your life. You will manifest your vision. Things are working in your favor! The story is unfolding now.

8 is the Infinity Number. Strength, Leadership, Abundance, Overcoming obstacles, Money, Karma, Power, Implementation and Manifestation. Have a vision. Take hold, step up and implement plans.

This Full Moon is in harmony with Saturn and bringing hidden information to light. Saturn provides grounding and stability.

Buckle up—Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Full Moon in Libra will be most intense for all Cardinal signs.

Fresh air is relaxing for Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and the more space around them, the better they feel.

Full Moon in Libra, the 7th sign in Astrology. Libra is an Air sign – strokes of genius. 7 is a number of discernments, as it brings you up close to life’s bigger and deeper questions. Be open to receive. Be aware.

Since Libra’s job is to restore balance, you may find yourself in situations of emotional imbalance that require a delicate tap of the scales to set them right.

This magical Full Moon on Saturday, April 16 occurs at 26° Libra, affecting those with personal placements at 23° to 29° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and 0° to 1° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) the most. Welcome change! It all starts within you. Set your intentions—see them manifest.

Venus (goddess of love) chart placement shows where you will have love and abundance in your life.

Libra is in search of balance using their intellect and curious mind. With Venus as the ruler of the Libra Full Moon, you are on the lookout for opportunities to put your social skills to work in your personal and business relationships. Deepen your connections and bonds.

This is a great time to decorate, shop for the home, or visit places of elegant beauty. Look for ways to get creative at home— it is sure to bring healing to your soul and contentment with life.

Full of beauty and grace, Libra (ruled by Venus) reminds us that love rules all.

Air sign Libra, governed by Venus, rules the seventh house of all kinds of partnerships. Libra balances—Scales, 2 sides of scale. Signing contracts, commitments and agreements are featured in the seventh house. If you sign a contract—that is covered in the seventh house.

The Libra Moon is most oriented toward relationships and partnerships.


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Venus rules Taurus and Libra, and she presides over love, relationships & money. Venus enjoys beauty and comfort. She shows you how to attract what you love, especially people. Venus governs your finances. Venus and her gold respond to your desire for fine art and music.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) live in their minds.

If you have placements at 23° to 29° (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and 0° to 1° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) welcome surprising financial news at the Full Moon in Libra. Embrace what comes next. Manifest.

Affirm Full Moon in Libra:

  • I welcome the Universe’s blessings
  • I welcome growth
  • I welcome abundance
  • I know what I need
  • I am ready.

Libra Full Moon Aspects
Pro Tip: When the Moon touches one of the planets in our natal chart, we react from an emotional point of view.

Moon opposite Sun: Full Moons bring completion and endings. The Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, Libra and Aries, Cardinal signs, that initiate things and start our changing seasons. Aries (Spring), Cancer (Summer), Libra (Autumn) and Capricorn (Winter). Full Moons emphasize harmony and balance. Two parts of our life need to be brought into alignment through heart-centered awareness.

Moon trine Saturn: With the balance-seeking Libra Full Moon trine Saturn (long-term stability) in Aquarius, both in Air signs infusing you with so much focus — you will be determined to achieve your goals in a very unique way. You want your life to be enriched and fulfilling with courage and ambition. The Moon’s trine to taskmaster Saturn helps us prioritize and focus on ways to move your life forward. Dream up ideas to advance your plans and build a solid foundation.

Venus sextile Uranus: Venus assists in turning the beat around through its harmonious sextile to change-agent Uranus, bringing sudden diplomatic solutions. Emotions are creative and loving. Move towards the things you truly love. Uranus may bring surprises—especially in relationships. Go with the flow. You may be feeling a bit restless — break free of your routine. Stay in the moment for the best results.

Mercury sextile Venus: Mercury sextile Venus favors playfulness in love and enhanced communication between partners. Good for expressions of love, affection and making new social contacts. This is a time when promises, pledges (usually very positive!) are made in love relationships. Good news arrives! This transit favors diplomacy, charm, social graces, presentation of ideas, romantic overtures, teaching, business deals, and publishing while encouraging social contact, compromises, agreements, and negotiations. You’re resilient and mentally sharp as Mercury gives you a stronger voice. You are feeling optimistic, ready for action and can be more assertive.

Sun and Moon square Pluto: Buckle up — A powerful T-square to domineering Pluto in Capricorn from the Full Moon in Libra and ego-ruled Sun in Aries creates forward momentum but things might start moving so fast that you need to hit the breaks to regain a sense of control. Pluto rules transformation, power and release invoking a very strong purging effect. These are all Cardinal signs of action. There can be intense realizations now and power struggles. It could initiate deep conversations. You can reaffirm your commitment and overhaul relationships. Believe in sudden positive shifts.

Mercury conjunct Uranus: We can feel inspired to think and connect or communicate in new, fresh ways when an exact conjunction forms with lower-mind Mercury, (the messenger planet) conjunct chaotic, higher-mind Uranus (how we respond to the unexpected) in reliable Taurus (money) on April 18. Strike while the iron is hot in money matters, you will succeed. With this meetup of both planets that rule technology, look for software or apps that help you manage the details.

Affirm Libra Full Moon:

  • I see things in a new light opening a path to my goals.
  • I am open to the endings & new beginnings that are flowing to me.
  • I embrace change and transformation.
  • My focus and attention are my power.
  • I am supported fully by the Universe.

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Aries – Happy Birthday, Aries! This is a strong month for you. Continue to believe that you will be rewarded in the future. Trust your intuition. Your relationship needs are in focus at the Full Moon in Libra, your opposite sign, a mirror to you. You may feel an emotional push to take things further in your personal and professional partnerships. Pace yourself to stay on top of things. Welcome in more good fortune as you begin a new phase of your journey.

Taurus – Goals come within reach in April. You may have a chance to stand out and get the recognition you deserve. Projects are coming to completion and some of you may be changing jobs. You could have an epiphany about your work-life balance around the Full Moon in Libra. Watch your health. Your area of daily activity & need to manage your time better, comes into focus. Something pushes you forward. Spread your wings and take a chance.

Gemini – Revelations can be around romantic feelings at the Full Moon in Libra. Love begins with you. A project can reach a turning point or there can be an epiphany that facilitates making changes. A highly influential person could make you an offer in a highly paid position – this may possibly be your dream job. Find a bigger dream. Be ready to receive. Find your joy. Move forward.

Cancer – Around the Full Moon in Libra, share experiences with loved ones to boost bonds. Be honest about your needs. It is time to start receiving your blessings. You deserve it. Don’t be afraid to dream big. This is a time to focus on home & family. Some of you could be moving or doing renovations. Something needs to shift if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed in achieving better work/life balance. Stay positive about what’s to come in your life.

Leo – The month ahead is strong for increasing your knowledge. At the Full Moon in Libra, ask for help in checking off all the to-dos on your list. Treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care. News could be a catalyst for change in your communication zone. You may be negotiating an important contract. You are very close to manifesting your vision. Good things are coming your way!

Virgo – Believe in where you are headed. You may receive professional recognition now. At the Full Moon in Libra, take note of how your work reflects your goals and values. Take action now, if it’s time to move on. Take your time before making any important decisions. Feel deserving of receiving the best. Your money zone is lit. The energy is in your favor. Be grateful and manifest.

Libra – Find the perfect balancing act. Come the only Full Moon in your zodiac sign this year puts you front and center in the spotlight while you may find you have been putting your needs on hold for too long. Prioritize self-care to recharge. Keep the faith in a higher plan. Personal and relationship matters come to light. Awaken to your true feelings. There’s so much positive energy being given to you right now. Embrace the real you. Take empowering action!

Scorpio – The Full Moon in Libra shines a light on getting your work and health routines in order. Feel deserving and ready to attract better. There are many ways these energies might manifest. Your desire to enjoy solo time is amplified now under these challenging times. Slow down, get extra rest, and enjoy some well-deserved self-care. Follow where your soul is guiding you.

Sagittarius – Make healthy choices with your routine around the Full Moon in Libra. This lunation shines a light on your hopes, wishes, & dreams. Dream big! Your blessings are unfolding. Do not let anything distract you from your vision. Embrace your desires. Tell a new story while preparing for a major year ahead. Be ready to celebrate your success in a major way in 2022!

Capricorn – You might want to strike out on your own to defend your creative vision around the Full Moon in Libra. Leaning into this impulse has you feeling invigorated. Take the lead and take charge. Find a better balance between your home life and career. Stand by your values. A raise, promotion or bonus may arrive. Get your message across and launch something now that will make you money.

Aquarius – You will want to shake up your routine around the Full Moon in Libra. Tap into deep-rooted emotions for artistic inspiration. Find ways to refresh your spirit. Release yourself from what holds you back. Immerse yourself in something that you love doing. Take a well-deserved break and enjoy some quiet downtime. Trust your intuition. Miracles are in the stars for you.

Pisces – Listen to your intuition around the Full Moon in Libra and you will be right on track. Good news! A sum of money that you have been waiting on arrives. Shared resources can be in sharp focus now. Researching a new investment plan comes naturally now. Your money zone is lit. Be daring! It will pay off. Your dreams are possible! Believe in your magic. Be ready to receive!

To support you in achieving positive outcomes:

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart chakra and is best for spiritual healing as it works on an emotional level. Get in touch with your emotions with Rose Quartz and become more aware of the love that is all around you.

I am a creator of beauty.

Turquoise is considered a lucky stone infusing your life with prosperity as it attracts abundance. Turquoise has a balancing influence that aids in creating harmony in your close personal relationships.

I am worthy of unconditional love.

Peace and love in your life are a choice. Believing in yourself serves as fuel now! Set goals and intentions that bolster your mind-body balance.

At the Libra Full Moon, on Saturday, April 16, we may see our wishes, dreams & intentions that we set six months ago on the Libra New Moon come true! Full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite the one they are in. Trust your spirit. You are being guided.

Have an enchanting Full Moon in Libra!

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