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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
August 1, 2022 * Starr Report * Volume 83

Your Monthly Horoscope Newsletter


As we begin the month of August, you will have the lion’s courage and willingness to shape meaningful change. Romance will shine! Enjoy vacations and put your creative ideas into action. Get ready for some sexy Summer energy. Allow passion to infuse your life. Plan for a fun month ahead!

Fearless Action Arising from Loving Awareness.
Being fearless and courage are the main themes of Leo Season — with a focus on truth, freedom, and joy. You are destined for greatness! It is in your spirit. A life lived with fearless courage defines a hero’s journey.

•    Leo governs the heart…Love, Passion, Creativity, Play, Shine Your Light!
•    Step onto the Stage of Life…all the world’s a stage with Leo!
•    Proclaim your Message and Mission with Fearless Confidence!
•    Be A Star! Use your powers for good. You are sunshine and light!

Leo (ruled by the Sun) is a Fire sign and rules the fifth house of creative self-expression, artistic skills, children, entertainment, pleasure, romance, speculation and risk-taking in Astrology. What you are passionate about manifesting, is represented in your fifth house.

Settle into the present moment in August. Summer is at its peak, and a festive spirit fills the air. If you have planned a vacation at this time, you will be able to relax and enjoy a wonderful time of carefree joy.

This September begins difficult astrological transits, with communication planet Mercury turning retrograde for three weeks in fair-minded Libra and critical Virgo from September 9-October 2, 2022. Patience will be required to keep things running smoothly and on an even keel. Stay flexible with plans and accomplishment deadlines. Enjoy the summertime!

“There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.”
— Celia Thaxter

“He who conquers others is strong. He who conquers himself is mighty.”
— Book of Tao    

Look forward to new beginnings and welcome new energy into your life!
FIRST WAVE August is a 5 month in Numerology. Change is coming. Everything in your life now will begin to propel forward. You’ll notice a shift from stagnation to flow, from lack to abundance, from confusion to clarity, from pain to peace. This is the turning point.

The manifestations and intentions you create— have power to draw what you want to you. August is a 5 month. Make your base secure because change — is right around the corner. Imagine the best for yourself. It’s all leading to your manifestation.

When you take positive action towards your goals, the Universe works in your favor.

August 2022 is a 5 month invoking a code of freedom and change •Plant seeds of intention + creation •Manifest abundance, love + prosperity •Your dreams, ideas + vision are manifesting into reality •Brighter days are coming! Trust how it’s all unfolding!

Learn how you should approach 2022-2023 with an expanded outlook included in your personal Cosmic Roadmap Numerology + Astrology reading with me. My clients are taking 5-8 pages of notes. It’s time for you to rise to greater heights. Visit to order today for scheduling + payment process. Manifest it now.

Get ready for a dramatic and exciting month! 5 energy is all about enjoying travel, adventure and meeting new people. Time will just fly by with all the activities and change.

I radiate beauty, charm, and grace.5 is the Number of beauty. True beauty comes from within your heart. Focus on improving your health to look and feel your best.  Align with your own integrity. Take pride in putting your ideals and aspirations into action.

Remind yourself daily to give thanks and show gratitude for all that you have.

As a child of the Divine I am worthy and ready to receive the abundance and prosperity I so richly deserve. I am ready to accept assistance in all forms to make this happen easily and with joy. And so, it is.

8 is the number of: *Money *Power *Karma. There will be great emphasis on the markets and the economy this month. Expect good news with financial flow in your life but also keep in mind that 8 is a Karmic balancing number. Pay off your debts.

Number 8 is the ultimate manifestation and money frequency. August is the 8th month and a time to prosper. After the reflective introspection of July, now is the time to act! Act big on your goals, desires, dreams, and passions! Don’t delay any longer. Live your life to the fullest!

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.”
— Henry David Thoreau

8/1 Mars conjunct Uranus
8/4 Mercury enters Virgo
8/5 First Quarter Moon
8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal
8/11 Venus enters Leo
8/11 Full Moon in Aquarius
8/19 Last Quarter Moon
8/20 Mars enters Gemini
8/22 Sun enters Virgo
8/24 Uranus Retrograde
8/25 Mercury enters Libra
8/27 New Moon in Virgo

August 1, 2022
Mars and Uranus are set to change life as we know it in 2022. Brace yourself for a combative event as disruptive Uranus unites with feisty Mars!

The meetup between The Great Disruptor Uranus and the True North Node (need for expansion) becomes exact at (18 degrees) Taurus on July 31 and the get-it-done Mars conjunction with chaotic Uranus becomes exact on August 1.

This very strong event will be felt by Friday, July 29 as a lunar conjunction of Mercury in square with Mars (explosive force) and Uranus only adds fuel to the fire, building in strength over the weekend. This is the turning point.

Brace for out-of-the-blue expenses as money news will be unexpected when it comes. Sometimes this is the way of life. Tech-savvy revolutionizer Uranus (unexpected shocks) is the planet of surprise. Expect the unexpected and go with the flow.

Every 15 years Uranus and the North Node meet up – but they haven’t met in business-first Taurus since 1855. The last time Mars was involved in a Uranus-North Node meetup was 1458. Agriculture and the world food supply was harshly disrupted in that year due to a “volcanic winter” when ash blocked the illuminating Sun’s rays, resulting from severe cooling of the planet.

•To best cope with this vibrational shift pay attention to anything that is pointing you in the direction of necessary change on the horizon – towards a new mission.
•SLOW DOWN – Mars-Uranus is accident prone energy! Be aware or beware.
•SPEND TIME IN NATURE – Be in a place of beauty + enjoy comforts in your life.
•CHOOSE YOUR PEACE – Be open to the signs and listen to your spirit. May things miraculously work out for you.
•PRESCRIPTION – Work with Malachite power stones for absorbing negative energy and additional protection against accidents. Carry a small piece in your carry-on, purse, or pocket.

The North Node is the point in the chart that is the key lesson in our lives. Now that the destiny-seeking True North Node, is joined with change-agent Uranus and assertive Mars in Taurus, there is a higher-than-usual chance of sudden shifts, surprises, shake-ups, and breakthroughs. Crises around the environment, inflation, gas prices, housing, and food costs, will become more pressing. The Mars-Uranus-True Node meetup could bring the most eye-opening moment of 2022.

Mercury is in Virgo from August 4-August 25, 2022. Ready, set, organize! Mental Mercury is at home in sharp-minded Virgo and is all order and practicality. Mercury in Virgo is an analyzer. Rational thought starts to see through the guile. Get ready to shine brightly at work on a project. Now is a good time to express yourself!

Peaking on this August 8, Lions Gate Portal creates an incredible period of accelerated ENERGY. In Numerology, the 8th day of the 8th month is a highly spiritual and fortunate time. The opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal 8:8 lifts our consciousness to new heights and brings awakenings.

Love goddess Venus struts into dramatic Leo from August 11-September 5, 2022. Love is magnificent and grand. We take pride in love, and we are generous with our money as well. This is a great time for shopping, sports, romance, and self-confidence. Find that perfect playmate this month. It’s a warm-hearted, teasing, expressive, and proud placement for Venus. We feed on attention, acknowledgment, and adoration.

My heart is open to receive the energy of love. I radiate this essence. I walk my path with ease and grace.

The Full Moon on August 11 is a power point of the month—when the Aquarius Moon (19 degrees) is illuminated by the Sun in Leo, representing release, completions, culmination, and endings. Time to let go. Stay calm through it. Everything is aligning for you. Stay consistent. You will live out your dreams.

With this Full Moon “Supermoon” squaring the destiny-driven lunar nodes of fate, and change-agent Uranus, whatever you arrive could have a destined energy to it. An anxious T-square forms with game-changing Uranus while also drawing in assertive Mars and stern Saturn into the mix. This could be a day of battle when things get shaken up by volatile forces. Be aware or beware of frenemies, as this Full Moon may give you the courage to leave a toxic situation behind so that you can cultivate healthier, more supportive relationships.

Look back to the January 31, 2022 Aquarius New Moon for clues about what will manifest. The Full Moon Supermoon, is pressing us to look more closely at the needs and wants in our lives regarding personal and professional success. Your hard work will pay off this year.

Full Moons are a time for letting go, releasing and closing chapters as you prepare to start over at the next New Moon on August 27. Rest, heal, and plan for the future because change — is right around the corner. Make your base secure. It is all leading to your manifestation.

Passionate, energetic Mars blazes into persuasive, versatile Gemini from August 20 – March 25, 2023 for an extended stay ushering in an extremely social period. The red planet is spending a rare seven months in the sign of the multitasker Twins (the Great Communicator) – as opposed to its usual seven weeks.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury (how we use our logical mind) and is a quick-witted communicator. With Mars in self-expressive, dualistic Gemini, your curiosity will be ignited, and conversations will be stimulating.

In Gemini, Mars is versatile and flexible but also not especially determined or focused. You will have diversified interests, but you should also watch for becoming too scattered and ineffective.

As the winds of change drift into Autumn, the Sun dances in Virgo from August 22-September 22, 2022, ruler of the sixth house of health, well-being, work environment and service. Mercury governed Virgo season brings your focus to creating a more harmonious work -life balance that fulfills your needs. Self-care and getting your day-to-day life organized takes precedence. Virgo season will support your efforts.

Until September 22, your focus is on healthy living. Get proactive! Watch what you eat— a balanced diet is essential to your good health. Take a walk or try a new outdoor sport. Fresh air — fresh mind. Invest in the right coaching or training and you will be feeling fit in no time.

August will be a powerful turning point of 2022. Lightning-bolt energy strikes so expect the unexpected as game-changing Uranus does a backspin from August 24-January 23, 2023. Taurus is an Earth sign, and the planet of chaos Uranus, is its least favorite sign to be in, while getting rid of old ideals and structures. Apply safety precautions when traveling. Pay attention to the shifts in your life around the days surrounding August 24, as the stations are the strongest.

Taurus people born between May 1 and 10, will feel the most pressure from disruptive Uranus this year. Resolve differences before Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus on the 24th. Break free from anything that’s holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

Although forceful energy unfolds when Uranus in Taurus is retrograde (until 1/23/2023), our desire to make changes in our lives can be turned inward. Stay consistent with your vision and know that it’s manifesting for you.

Welcome to the judicial league! Mercury begins its first of two passes through balance-seeking Libra from August 25–September 23, 2022. Libra has the strong will of Aries, is able to sync with others, and come to creative compromises.

•Start preparing now before the messenger planet spins retrograde on September 9-October 2.
•#Protip – Get contracts signed before Mercury goes retrograde and immediately starts triggering misunderstandings and emotional confusion, due to a harsh lunar T-square with Venus and Mars.

Relationship or legal matters that were up in the air may reemerge in the coming month. Consider others point of view and arrive at fair conclusions. Double-check your work. Review contracts to make sure you are in compliance.

The only New Moon in Virgo this year on August 27 (4 degrees) at 4:17 AM EDT conflicts very tightly with assertive Mars in Gemini. This New Moon in Virgo is extremely powerful and will be asking us to make a change. It’s time to embrace a fresh start. This cosmic event begins a cycle when opportunities arrive, to take charge of our lives by getting organized and to take better care of our health. Focus on self-improvement and healing. New Moons always symbolize a new beginning.

Teaming up to achieve a work or health goal can be successful and attractive now. Meeting new people through these endeavors can also figure strongly in the weeks ahead. We may be bringing more creativity to the work we do or to the services we provide.

Patterns echo so watch for the events taking place in your life now coming to culmination around March 7, 2023.

Under this New Moon, I am grateful for a fresh start. As I heal and cleanse myself of the past, I grow by a new light that shines upon me. I will stay on this path of growth until I reach my maximum potential. I am certain in my heart that I will get there. And so it is.

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If you don’t have a map, you won’t get where you want to go!

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ARIES – A whole new chapter of your life has arrived. A New Moon in Leo takes place on July 28 in your pleasure zone energizing passion and romance throughout August. Singles could meet someone new or for those already coupled ignite the sparkle in your relationship. Take a bolder approach and manifest your dreams.

A month filled with opportunities awaits you in August so pour your heart into something creative and recognition will follow! Express your feelings as your words and ideas will sparkle. All that glitters just may be gold. New beginnings bring opening doors launching a take-charge new cycle.

I am radiating inner love and peace.

TAURUS – You may be compelled to start a new tradition with loved ones around the New Moon on the 28th setting the stage for August. Connecting close to home boosts bonds. A new chapter with family and the home can be in focus in August. Desire fuels change with a fresh view. Channel your energy positively.

August is a productive & creative month for you. The Full Moon on the 11th sets your goals on fire and blesses all dealings to take charge and get things done. Having something to aim for is essential to your wellbeing. Get ready to achieve more. Plan your best and next move yet! Now is your time of harvest. Step up your professional game. Make career moves and embrace increased financial flow. Manifest.

I am a magnet to all my manifestations.

GEMINI – Let your imagination flow at the New Moon on the 28th introducing new beginnings in August. What you say opens doors. Make happy connections. Achieving your true potential is on the way in August. Come up with new ideas and improve your skills. You excel at communications. A great breakthrough is on the way!

Open up to bright, bold new beginnings. Get ready to spread your wings! Your love of travel will be strong at the Full Moon on August 11. You are inquisitive by nature and are attracted to anything that is stimulating and different. Fellow Air sign Aquarius vibes will push you to see things from a different perspective. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Everything I visualize will come to life.

CANCER – Money matters and practical affairs may be on your mind around the New Moon on the 28th. It could bring a new job your way in August. This is one of the best times of year for moneymaking ideas. Score a win that will bring in extra cash. Negotiate business deals. It is all coming together for you! Manifest dreams.

Around the Aquarius Full Moon on August 11, you will benefit from the wealth and resources of others. Keep your pockets open and be ready to receive abundance. Know you are enough. Live your best life and express yourself artistically. Strengthen partnership communication. You have the power of persuasion on your side now. Release those emotions. Only positive vibes.

I am living my life as if everything I want to manifest has already happened.

LEO – Happy birthday season! This is your moment to shine, Leo! It’s your best chance all year to make resolutions about where you are headed. Goals help you to achieve your dreams. You’re sure to make a strong impression & you will be more charming than usual while the New Moon is in your sign on July 28, the most important lunation of 2022 for you.

Light up the world, Leo! Collaborative efforts pay off around the Aquarius Full Moon on August 11. Relations with partners and close friends are highlighted for the next two weeks. Significant turning points my occur in your relationships. There will be some sort of significant news with closure. You will feel truly connected! Good news arrives around a professional opportunity. You will be ready for the next challenge. Manifest ways to boost your income now.

Everything I want to manifest will happen through patience and trust.

VIRGO – Your research skills are fabulous around the New Moon on the 28th. It is a great time to work behind the scenes, as your intuition will lead the way. You might discover marvelous solutions to old problems this week. Something new or important is just around the corner!

Happy Birthday Season! Get organized and be ready to get things done! You will be in tune with your desires at the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11. Speaking from the heart feels transformative. Find special moments with loved ones sprinkled throughout the month — warming your heart. There may be a shift around your employment or work projects. Extra cash arrives in your wallet. Manifest and set your future in motion.

I believe that I will manifest my greatest dreams.

LIBRA – Collaborate with friends on projects that share your interests around the New Moon on the 28th. Welcome a boost of new energy to your life! Trust that your timing will be perfect. Long live your dreams, happiness goals and wishes! Allow yourself to evolve. Start anew.

Embrace your artistic side. Love is all around you. More playful, spontaneous fun is within reach at the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11. You are feeling more upbeat than usual now. Get ready for something bigger. You begin the month feeling optimistic with extra cash arriving. Be clear about the outcome you want. You will live out your dreams. Lucky breaks and opportunities are yours. Manifest your dreams.

I am going to keep speaking great things into existence for my life.

SCORPIO – The New Moon on the 28th is a powerful time to make progress on a work project. Step into the spotlight: It is sure to earn you accolades! Professional news will be amazing! You are in the career power zone. Great blessings are here! Claim it. Ask for what you want. Manifest.

Unlock a fresh cycle—your home and family zone is lit up at the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11. Bonding with loved ones is a top priority. Make your base secure with major changes coming. Enjoyment comes with meeting and connecting with kindred spirits. Trust your intuition and embrace your feelings. Focus your intention for serious results. There is a big awakening happening for you in August. Open yourself to more harmony and magic.

I am thinking, feeling and celebrating as if I have already manifested what I want.

SAGITTARIUS – Around a freedom lighting New Moon on the 28th, positive developments may come your way! Learning new things can be highly favorable. Sharing ideas leads to new beginnings. Speak positive words over your life! Love is coming around again. Trust your intuition!

Set luck in motion. Pay attention to what your imagination is telling you at the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11—it will lead you to fulfillment! Watch your words around this week and pay attention to how you are communicating to others. There could be a culmination to a writing or speaking matter. Ruler lucky Jupiter could deliver the opportunity you have been waiting for. The Universe should have your back going forward. Manifest it.

I believe great things are getting ready to happen for me!

CAPRICORN – At the New Moon on the 28th commit to something important to you. This is going to be one of the most powerful new beginnings of the year. Recognize your inner strength and you will feel more powerful. Details of a financial matter come to you with good news! Manifest.

Bring on the windfalls! Explore new paths to abundance at the Aquarius Full Moon in August—your money zone is lit. There is nothing you cannot achieve with your confidence high and income increasing. Turn a moneymaking plan into a lucrative harvest. A new job offer arrives. You could be looking at a deal that leaves you better off. A prime opportunity manifests!

I already claim the blessings that are coming my way.

AQUARIUS – Around the New Moon on the 28th your relationship sector is revitalized with a fresh start. Look for ways to improve how you relate. Schedule date night. Focus on projects that genuinely move you. Intuition has the answers. Imagine it all working out! Be grateful.

In the next six months after the Full Moon in your zodiac sign on August 11, you may be handed one of the most powerful periods for personal abundance that you have experienced in years, bringing an important culmination to a personal wish or goal.

Expansive, fortunate Jupiter enters Pisces and will return to your money zone from October 28 until December 20, 2022. Enjoy your good fortune and growth. Score a win in lucky money matters! Step into your power and embrace being in the spotlight. You can manifest it!

I am attracting successful outcomes into my life.

PISCES – Around the New Moon on the 28th, committing to a new wellness plan that fits into your schedule proves to be revitalizing. Good news arrives with your career this week! Take charge and look forward. You will likely feel less stressed. Only welcome in good energy!

Superpower your intuition. Create a pathway to prosperity and enjoy those big dreams at the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 11th. Take some solo time to fuel those rewards down the road. Give yourself some time to meditate on your goals, giving yourself a spiritual awakening. If you can dream it, you can live it. An unlikely romance may now take on extra meaning. Manifest it.

What belongs in my life is on the way right now.


Amethyst – SPIRITUAL HEALING The queen of crystals, amethyst aligns all your chakras and balances your elements, empowering you to take your place in life, remembering your divine nature. Deepen your spiritual journey at the Full Moon in Aquarius and raise your vibration.

With the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius I dedicate myself to my truth. I move step by step towards my dreams. I open to my destiny. I trust in my unfolding. I breathe in the magic of the Moon and embrace limitless possibilities.

Crystal Recommendations for the NEW MOON IN VIRGO

Smoky Quartz – Helps you become grounded and rids your body of negative thoughts and emotions. Hold it in your hand as you meditate when you feel yourself becoming critical of yourself and others. Release feelings, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve a positive purpose in your life. Listen to your soul, calling you to relax!

I am the Truth Seeker. I am aligned to the light of my truth. I walk the path of evolution and change, to express my true self.

Have a magical month of August as you own your light and shine even brighter!
Wishing you love, light and laughter – always and in all ways.

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