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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
May 28, 2022 * Starr Report * Volume 76
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To end the month of May, we welcome an exhilarating New Moon in sociable, curious Gemini (9 degrees) on May 30. Ruled by communication planet Mercury, (lower mind) Gemini is a mutable air sign, so the theme of the New Moon is “Fortunate Action,” infused with a spirit of cooperation in the air. The sign of the Twins brings a “everything comes in two’s vibe” and may rekindle a new chapter with a partner, neighbor, sibling, or coworker. Break free of your routine while connecting with a new group or attend a community event. 

The year’s only New Moon in Gemini will impact all zodiac signs but (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will feel it the most. The Mutable signs come at the end of each season, are adaptable + good with change. Major changes are likely coming in your life. Use this energy is a positive way. Connect with other people and step outside your comfort zone. Gemini is a social zodiac sign, so kick back with friends and family while enjoying the Memorial Day holiday.

NEW MOON IN GEMINI May 30, ushers in a fortunate, forward-looking New Moon in Gemini at (9 degrees). If you have something important to start around now, this is a great time to do it. Doors open for you bringing opportunity in the months ahead. Manifest your dreams + desires.

Gemini wants someone who they feel is the other half of their whole. They are searching for a twin — so they can be themselves.

After a rather intense month of May filled with major astrological energy, the month ends on a relatively calm vibe. Open yourself up to new possibilities. Be ready to receive and allow new energy to enter your life in beautiful June. 

As above, so below. As within, so without.
As the Universe, so the soul.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the twins. Mutable Air sign Gemini craves adventure, stimulation, and communication at Soul Level so we will be conveying an important message.

I am willing to release all blocks that have prevented me from fully expressing my creativity.

Mercury the ‘Messenger Planet’ rules this New Moon and will still be in backspin retrograde motion until June 3. Words will find their way out. You may want to get an important message across.

This New Moon occurs at 9 degrees in Gemini, affecting people born with personal planets at 4° to 14° of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) most significantly. May this New Moon change your life for the better. Keep believing that it is possible.

Watch your words with the New Moon in mutable Air sign, curious Gemini. All forms of communication are affected as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet. Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house of knowledge, communication, neighbors, siblings, and short trips. Your connections could deepen in unexpected ways.

Gemini is the Chief Communicator of the zodiac.

The events of the New Moon in Gemini will be tied to how you have been building your plans, learning, and communicating since the Gemini Full Moon on December 18, 2021. Trust the timing in your life and how it’s all working out for you.

Gemini is the zodiac sign famous for its duality and love of new experiences, as well as for its role as communicator. Gemini is mutable air, which translates into changing your mind, so expect your Gemini planet to be entertaining and versatile. This sign knows a little about everything. Gemini planets display at least two distinct sides to their personalities, are changeable and even fickle at times, and are wonderfully curious.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so if what you are doing involves talking, writing, gesturing, or working with hand-eye coordination, your Gemini planet will love it. Mercury also rules short trips, so any planet in Gemini is an expert at how to make its way around the neighborhood in record time.

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MARS CONJUNCT JUPITER – Mars and Jupiter fire up the action as feelings of excitement are in the air, as good news abounds! Expansive Jupiter is the planet of bounty, good luck, and good fortune. Assertive Mars (drive, action, energy), the ruler of born leader Aries, gives you the energy to go after what you want in life. You can expect some good things to take place in your life over the next two weeks. This make-it-happen aspect occurs once every 22 months, but they haven’t met in Aries since 2011, so take advantage of it.

The War Drums are sounding in 2022. Mars is the God of War, and the Arab Spring was in action the last time this Mars-Jupiter meetup took place in Aries, eleven years ago.
Fortunately, the Mars-Jupiter conjunction (good fortune, increase, expansion, go big), is sending fortunate beams to the New Moon, making it the perfect day to think big and break boundaries.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER – Opportunities for wealth expansion—& looking ahead to the future are ideal at the moment. It is all aligning for you right now! You are going to see good news coming your way. A very optimistic lunation for all when fortunate Jupiter is in good aspect.

MOON SEXTILE MARS – The Gemini New Moon forms a fortunate sextile with Mars in Aries. We’re inclined to believe in our plans fully and we want to improve, grow, and impress. Optimism, confidence, and enthusiasm are in big supply now. It’s all happening for you now. Manifest it!

MOON CONJUNCT SUN (New Moon) – Represents the beginning of a brand-new cycle. New Moons have a long influence over a period of six months that influence the trends. The Moon is all about emotions and the Sun is about the outer self. It is happening now. You can rewrite your story.

MOON SEXTILE CHIRON – With the Moon sextile Chiron, you’re in good shape for a chance to heal. Opening up seems to be a key. This aspect brings emotional healing and clarity towards moving forward. Avoid absorbing negativity. Think positive. More blessings will happen for you. 

Unleash the power. Assertive Mars warrior energy is in passionate Aries for a seven-week stay from May 24 -July 5, 2022. Mars (action) feels at home in the sign that it rules, fiery Aries. Power is boosted + our energy is spontaneous, and impulsive in assertive Aries. Go-getter Mars will be at maximum fire power. Light your fire. Be the best version of you and take the initiative.

Sensual Venus, the goddess planet of love and beauty, comes home in business-first Taurus from May 28-June 22, 2022. In Taurus, Venus is very sensual (naturally), content, and possessive. We seek security and value that which lasts. Our desire for pleasure is strong. Physical expressions of love and romance are important now. Longevity is built within any new love now. Financial matters will get a boost as lady luck will be on your side. Manifest your dreams.

Messenger planet Mercury is wrapping up a three week retrograde on June 3. Projects get the green light now to move forward. Things will begin to run more smoothly now. Communication breakdowns will come to a resolution. Career matters will move ahead, and any confusion will be lifted. Put your plans into action now. Imagine it all working out for you! 

The days surrounding the Mercury Direct station—will see obstacles and delays that were in your way, start to lift. You will be able to look at things from a different perspective. Watch your words — reflect and pause before speaking. New information will become available. Factor it in – it may be a blessing in disguise.

New Expanded Horoscopes

Aries -Around the New Moon on the 30th, making a point to reach out for catchups with friends sets a lovely tone in your relationships. You will be in good shape for picking up new information and feeling out your options. You may receive two exciting offers in the following days. The outcome will be worth the process. Be kind and patient with yourself. Things are unfolding for you.

Connecting with others leads to plans for boosting your income. Those of you born between March 20 and 30 will see the most action from Jupiter while it is in your go-getter sign of Aries until October 28, then moves back into Pisces until December 20, and then reenters Aries for a long stay in 2023. Be sure to embrace your power while you are attracting good energy to reach your goals.

Taurus – You will feel more confident about moneymaking projects around the New Moon on the 30th. Sharing your ideas proves inspiring – and lucrative. Income and finances are in sharp focus – relate to what you have in new ways. You are the financial wizard of the zodiac. You will experience a positive shift.

Venus stars in its home sign of traditional Taurus from May 28-June 22 giving you the chance to pay more attention to the loves in your life. Peaceful moments bring you joy. Welcome the change and stay open to new beginnings. It’s your time! You are already aligned to your manifestations, so rest your mind. 

Gemini – Happy Birthday, Gemini! At the New Moon in your sign on the 30th, set a powerful intention: It will make a long-time dream a reality! Your charisma will be at an all-time high with the Sun in your sign for the next four weeks. A burst of vitality – be inspired! May you receive a surprise blessing.

Your charismatic sign has a knack for attracting exciting, fascinating people. With Jupiter in Aries, lighting up your technology, friendships, and groups zone, until October 28, connect your team and enjoy the friendly vibe as kindred spirits unite! What’s meant for you is showing up.

Cancer – You will feel like focusing on self-care at the New Moon on the 30th. The downtime and introspection could lead to a plan for hitting big-picture goals. Set aside some quiet time in the next four weeks. Work behind the scenes and spend time on research. Take a short break, clear your mind and be grateful.

With Jupiter in Aries until October 28, it’s activating your goal-driven, destiny in the world career zone. You have an alluring shine – enjoy it! Start planning and setting your long-term goals. Branch out, as you connect with others while attending events and conferences. You will live your dream.

Leo – Assemble your dream team. Give your all to a collaboration with colleagues at the New Moon on the 30th. Team effort sets everyone up for success! The next four weeks focus is on friends, networking, and happiness goals. Discover new meaning in old connections. This is an excellent time for goalsetting!

With expansive Jupiter in Aries, you will be fired up to broaden your horizons, as it’s time for your fortune-filled global launch. Travel, take some enterprising risks and study. Pursue your loftiest visions. You will likely have extra energy reserves. Your dreams will manifest this year!

Virgo – Step into the spotlight on the job around the New Moon on the 30th. Showcasing your skills brings a sure win. Motivate yourself and the rewards will come. In the next four weeks you can advance your agenda. Doors open for you. Something greater is heading your way!

Your relationships get a major boost in 2022, with Jupiter traveling in your committed partnership and shared resources zones. Take a chance on romance. A person you didn’t think was interested may have a change of heart. The energy will be in your favor.

Libra – Shake up your routine around the New Moon on the 30th with an inspiring conversation with a friend. You will feel empowered. Plan a future trip as suddenly you want to explore. Over the next four weeks the focus is on learning and discovery in your life. Trust the timing.

Romance could bloom for you in 2022! Set the table for two with Jupiter in Aries firing up your relationship zone until October 28. You are all set for a whirlwind romance or an inspiring business partnership. Be more trusting about the timing. Be open to something new as you receive flattering news!

Scorpio – Around the New Moon on the 30th, open up about your emotions with a friend to set a healing tone for your bond. Explore your desires. A new start or vision benefits your intimate relationships. You are a passionate sign. Redefine what you want and need. Your focus is your power.

Mars is one of your corulers, pushing you to take action while touring your house of work, health and service for the next seven weeks. The possibilities are real. Believe in yourself and boldly go forward. You could make an amazing lifestyle change while pumping up your fitness routine. Refuel your soul in June.

Sagittarius – Partnerships are a top priority for you at the New Moon in Gemini. Stay present or you will miss out on the magic. You are stepping into your power like never before. Good things are coming your way! Trust the signs you are receiving. Enjoy every moment while embracing new love or consider giving a former romance a second chance.

With Mars in Aries, joining lucky Jupiter already there, in your zone of romance for the next seven weeks, the fiery red planet gives you the confidence to put yourself out there and take a chance. In Aries, Mars-Jupiter forms a flowing fortunate trine to your Sagittarius Sun, boosting vitality and good fortune.

Capricorn – At the New Moon on the 30th, experiment with a new health protocol to feel restored and balanced. You are looking at old problems in new ways regarding work and health. Small adjustments can lead to big benefits. You can make better choices! Believe in yourself.

Home sweet home! Mars meets Jupiter in Aries touring your domestic zone of home, family, and foundations for the next seven weeks. You may start a remodeling project, addition, or room renovation. Plan your next move while aligning your path and purpose.

Aquarius – Around the New Moon on the 30th, get ready for recognition from VIPs for your work. You deserve it! With the New Moon occurring in your pleasure zone in harmony with Saturn in your sign, enjoy a wonderful grounding influence. You feel lighter and more playful. This is your time to truly shine.

Share your ideas with the world as Mars-Jupiter in Aries tour your communication zone for a seven week stay. Start marketing your ideas. Your words have exceptional power now. Media and writing projects will all get a favorable boost. Romantic relationships sparkle with promise in June.

Pisces – At the New Moon on the 30th, start a new tradition with loved ones to amplify connections across the board. Reconnecting ties may prove satisfying now. Home and family are in strong focus over the next four weeks. What you truly need to feel secure will be revealed to you.

Jupiter joined by Mars in Aries, is traveling through your money zone, giving you a preview of what’s to come for you financially in 2023, showing promising income increases. You’re headed where you’re meant to be. Feel deserving of receiving only the best. It will happen for you. 


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New Expanded Affirmations


AGATE – To get more clarity on your soul dream, meditate on an AGATE power stone for the Moon in Gemini. Agate attracts strength and vitality, bringing the body into balance. Focus on growth and healing.

I embrace total self-acceptance.

MOONSTONE (intuition) is associated with the Moon, and is the goddess stone of intuition, keeping you safe on the journey of self-discovery and magical illumination. Working with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra it connects us to Divine Inspiration, while facilitating self-expression. 

I cultivate heart-centered connections.

During the New Moon in Gemini communicate your true feelings and desires while planting seeds for new endeavors. Blue Calcite is excellent for manifestation work. Carry it in your pocket or hold it in your hand while meditating. Start counting your blessings now by focusing on what brings you joy in life. A new path is opening up for you. 

I honor the power of gratitude.

I am upgrading my mindset to allow new energy to enter my life.

I am speaking what I want to manifest.

The visions I have will manifest.

I choose joy and happiness in every moment.

As I give love to others, so do I receive love in gratitude.

May you manifest exactly what you want. 
The best is yet to come for you.
Have a magical New Moon in Gemini!

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