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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
Jun 2, 2022 * Starr Report * Volume 77

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Welcome joyful June, an opportunity for you to see the start of wonderful opportunities and rewards come your way! Get ready for some fun in the Sun! The eclipses are behind us and messenger planet Mercury turns direct!

FIRST WAVE Positive energy rules the month. Let the magic begin. Brighter days are coming! Here is your chance to turn it all around. June is a 3 month in Numerology invoking creativity, self-expression, connecting on a profound emotional level, making people feel special, loved, and enjoying the arts. 3 is child-like energy. Forever young. Young at heart. Random acts of affection go a long way.

As we enter into a brand-new month – things will only get better from here! With June’s transformational energy, it is time to focus on your creativity and personal self-expression. June is highly creative. It is time to create the life you will love. You can unleash your creative power now!

My heart is open to receive the energy of love. I radiate this essence. I walk my path with ease and grace.

•    3 is the Number of Communication and is very child-like energy.
•    Enjoy spending time with those you love!
•    Your manifestation is on the way!

June is a 3 Universal month. The Empress—Number 3 in Tarot. The Empress can represent the creation of life, romance, art, or new business. You need to give birth to something that has never been. Tap your creative potential. Her nurturing femininity helps us give birth to new creative ideas.

3 is the Number of Communication and is very child-like energy. If you have any creative projects, it is the perfect time to work on them.

The number 3 is ruled by expansive, fortunate Jupiter. Ask the Universe for a favor in June — you just might get it. The spirit of the Number 3 is playful, joyful, social, and just sparkles. Let yours out to play in June.

Greater blessings are aligning for me right now. 

June is the 6th month of our year in 2022 a 6 Universal year—a number that is inclined toward home and family. Enjoy spending time close to home with loved ones. You are highly blessed in so many ways. with a focus on compassion and spending time with the ones that you love. Choose joy. Live a life of joy. Listen and tune in. Be present in June.

Plant seeds of intention and creation •Manifest abundance, love, and prosperity •Your dreams, ideas and visions are manifesting into reality •Brighter days are coming!

I am ready and open to receiving the blessings from the good intention I have set in my heart. I manifest prosperity in the pursuit of my Soul Dream.


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The number 6 invokes a beautiful, nurturing code. This vibration encourages focus on self-care and self-love amidst time spent with home and family. Connect to your heart and trust the timing in your life. Be open and be grateful.

The Number 6 is associated with the planet Venus. Venus rules (love, beauty, art, and money) and all matters of the heart. Venus is the planet of romance and the arts. Venus is a beauty loving goddess and governs sensual Taurus and relationship focused Libra.

6 is a NUMBER of harmony, beauty creativity, self-expression and love of HOME and FAMILY. There is a desire to nurture ourselves and others. Attend to household matters.

The symbolism of the number 6 is a pregnant woman with a prominent belly. The number 6 governs the responsibility of nurturing and caring for the family and the child. 6 is a number of balance and it brings great harmony to those it touches. 6 teaches true compassion and empathy.

We are in the 6th month in a 6 Universal year. This inspires a psychic awakening of our intuitive guidance with a 6th sense of what is to come in a year of freedom and change.

Family is always a priority for people with the number 6 as it represents security, balance, harmony, home, family, strong artistic flair, beautiful home environment, charm, and magnetism.

I am surrounded with love and peace.

What was hidden is being revealed. Use your THIRD EYE and pay close attention to the secrets that are being shown to you and what you can see clearly now.

Number 6’s are learning to recover self-love and their psychic gifts.

THE LOVERS #6 in the Tarot. •Love, loving relationships, finding a lover. •Your relationships reflect your inner balance. •Free to express emotions + trust feelings. •Astrology sign Gemini (the Twins) •A major choice, decision. •Perfect for June the 6th month.

The NUMBER 6 in Numerology speaks of practicality, being down to Earth & focused more on everyday living, caring for FAMILY, work & immediate responsibilities at HOME. Be extra loving to yourself. Number 6’s have a strong desire to SERVE others.
•    Male=1
•    Female=2
•    Child=3
•    1+2+3=6
•    6 is the FAMILY

Born on the 6th, 15th 24th and the 6 Life Path are natural born nurturers. You have a kind, caring and gentle nature. Be sure to take time for yourself every day. By taking care of yourself fully you are better prepared to take care of others.

Since June is the 6th month, how you may be affected could involve providing more care and nurturing with the ones you love.


Let go of conditions that restrict the positive flow of energy you desire.

Great things are coming my way.

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If you don’t have a map, you won’t get where you want to go!


6/3 Mercury Direct
6/4 Saturn Retrograde
6/7 First Quarter Moon
6/13 Mercury enters Gemini
6/14 Full Moon in Sagittarius
6/20 Last Quarter Moon
6/21 Sun enters Cancer
6/22 Venus enters Gemini
6/28 Neptune Retrograde
6/28 New Moon in Cancer

6/3 Happy Mercury Direct! Mercury has been retrograde for three weeks and that cycle has come to an end. Things will begin to run more smoothly now. Communication breakdowns will come to a resolution. Career matters will move ahead, and any confusion will be lifted. Steer clear of any stormy vibes as the energy starts to pick up when Mercury exits its shadow zone on June 18.

6/4 Saturn stations and turns retrograde for five months in Aquarius until October 23. Structured Saturn in Rx teaches self-knowledge and self-awareness. Be humble and persistent and taskmaster Saturn will reward your efforts. Look for new ideas in unconventional places. Game changing!

6/13 Get social and plan a party! Adaptable, airy Gemini is the intellectual communicator of the zodiac. Mercury zooms into Gemini working at its best and is right at home here for three more weeks until July 5. Look back to see what surfaced from April 29 to May 22. Mercury, the messenger in Gemini is great for writing and speaking. This could be a strong time for making powerful connections with summertime socializing. Communication will start to go smoothly.

6/14 Time to expand. The bold, adventurous Full Moon Supermoon in truth-seeking Sagittarius on June 14 is all about release so do not cling to your emotions this week. Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings. This is a time of letting go. Release yourself from the need to please others. It’s all within you! Anything you wish for can be possible. Embrace a personal sense of empowerment. 

Full Moon Affirmation:
I now release the need for those things in my life that are not serving my higher good. I am not afraid to let go. In their place, I receive love, joy, and abundance.

6/21 Welcome to Cancer Season! The Sun enters nurturing Cancer on the 21st, the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, a powerful moment of personal illumination. Those born with their Sun in Cancer are very loyal and able to empathize with other people’s pain and suffering. Have a great Summer!

6/22 Conversation is an aphrodisiac, while curiosity motivates us on romantic and social levels during Venus in Gemini season. We’re seeking variety. We may also keep our distance on an emotional level. Attractions now may begin with words, as we tend to bond more readily on a mental level. Love may be found in your friend zone.

6/28 Mystical Neptune goes retrograde in its ruling sign of Pisces on June 28 and moves direct in motion on December 3. Going forward your intuition and dreams will become much more intense over the next five months. See this time as a blessing to tap into your creativity. You may discover what’s been hidden from your conscious mind as you cut through the illusions. 

6/28 The Cancer New Moon arrives on June 28 revealing the depth and power of your feelings. New Moons always open doors. Cancer (privacy-oriented) is ruled by the Moon and is a Cardinal sign, so it is good at beginning things. Focus on family connections as Cancer rules the fourth house. A real estate opportunity could manifest and may come to fruition now. Take time to reflect on your blessings. Step out of your comfort zone. If you have something important to start around now, this is a good time to do it. It is time to embrace new beginnings! Soon you will be celebrating in a major way!

My boundaries are firm but flexible enough to allow for love.

New Expanded Horoscopes
ARIES – Doors open to new horizons with the Sagittarius Full Moon Supermoon in your adventure zone of travel, expansion and risk-taking. You could get a lucrative offer to launch a new business. Manifest and believe that it can happen for you. You begin to crave a little more variety and activity. To achieve your goals, just follow your vision.

Take a step back to boost harmony at home with family during the New Moon in Cancer during Cancer Season. Pay more attention to your emotional health. Take time to nurture and go easy on yourself. Achieve a goal. Life wants to take you in a new direction. Time to improve, evolve and grow. Manifest, you are in the process of a great outcome!

TAURUS – If an ending occurs it will lead to something better at the Full Moon in Sagittarius. How money comes to you through others could shift in a positive new direction with the eclipse in your shared resources and intimacy zone. Negotiate and get what you deserve. A dramatic turning point in a relationship may occur. Secrets may be revealed. Stay consistent. It is all about to pay off.

Think about how you are tackling errands during Cancer Season. It is easier to try a more streamlined approach now. Draw on patience and restraint in communications for best results. What you have to say is important now. Meditate on a heart-felt intention. Manifest and know that it is already manifesting for you!

GEMINI – During Cancer Season, take the first steps to shore up a financial plan. Be sure to tune in to your heart along the way. Reinvest in soul worth. You will be in a better position now going forward to take charge of your earnings, spending and possessions. You are very close to manifesting your dreams!

At the New Moon in Cancer, take the first steps to shore up a financial plan. Be sure to tune in to your heart along the way. Reinvest in soul worth. You will be in a better position going forward to take charge of your earnings and possessions. Be open to receiving a money boost. Your mindset will get you there. It’s yours already. Manifest.

CANCER – Stay connected to your intuition at the Full Moon in Sagittarius in your partnership zone. Think, watch, and listen carefully. Set your sights higher now. A higher power is working in your favor. Your primary relationship could get a huge boost. Let things play out as it should. What is meant for you is showing up.

Set your boldest personal intentions for 2022 around The New Moon in Cancer and during Cancer Season in your personality sector. Putting your nose to the grindstone expedites results. Make changes in any new ideas and ventures you embark on now. Light up! Take action and launch yourself. Go for it! Believe in it until it manifests for you!

LEO – The Sagittarius Full Moon takes place in your pleasure zone affecting matters with children, romance, social outings, vacations, and the arts, urging you to find the courage to just be yourself, expressing yourself with creative projects. Use this time for personal growth and increased wisdom. Positive change fuels freedom.

Carve out more solo time relaxing, renewing and recharging during The New Moon in Cancer and throughout Cancer Season. Meditating on what you want may inform your next professional move. You may feel more confident and energized soon. Focus and you will attract. This will boost your motivation level. Manifest and mentally see yourself already there.

VIRGO – Your ultra-sensitive home and family zone is highlighted at the Full Moon in Sagittarius with a possible move on the horizon to something bigger and better. Heartfelt feelings and memories may rise to the surface. Shifts can bring surprise events, and a Supermoon is much more potent. What is meant for you is showing up. Strike a balance.

You will do well to join forces with friends and co-workers on a group effort around the New Moon in Cancer during Cancer Season. The experience prompts a sense of a new beginning. Get a fresh perspective, as it will do wonders for you. Doors to opportunities open with the key to your future. Every intention is coming together to manifest for you.

LIBRA – Exciting news could arrive before the month ends. You could have fabulous business ideas now. Hidden information may come to light. The Supermoon Full Moon in Sagittarius is in your communication zone and short trips. If you are going anywhere take extra precautions with travel plans. You may be taking a new direction. The Universe can deliver second chances. Believe in what is possible.

Reflect on a work-related move you would like to make during the New Moon in Cancer during Cancer Season. Small steps can help you achieve it. Do not be afraid to do your own thing. Push forward and go for it. A new direction with a sense of purpose arrives. Leverage what you have achieved. See all your manifestations come to life.

SCORPIO – Get ready for a profitable power surge. Feeling confident comes naturally to you. You will have an opportunity to boost your earnings in some way at the Supermoon Full Moon in Sagittarius in your money, cash flow and possessions zone. Your manifestation is showing up. You are headed in a greater direction.

Welcome the New Moon in Cancer during Cancer Season, it is time to take steps to advance your skill set. Make your move — you will love soaking up new knowledge. It is a good time to explore new topics and creative self-expression with a sense of adventure. Strike out in a bold direction. Believe until you see it all manifest for you.

SAGITTARIUS – Look for a breakthrough cosmic moment with the Supermoon Full Moon occurring in your sign, leading you on a new path. You are going through some deep personal changes this year. Relationship revelations are likely to emerge as you step into an empowered new identity. An important long-term love cycle could begin now. Build a more secure emotional foundation within yourself. Believe that it is manifesting for you!

Pursue goals with optimism and your spirit of adventure during the New Moon in Cancer in Cancer Season. A pathway opens towards new solutions for shared wealth. Intimate matters and finances are in focus. Move away from restrictions. Attract the resources you need. Manifest abundance. The story is unfolding now!

CAPRICORN – The Supermoon Full Moon in Sagittarius is occurring in your house of soul secrets, closure, healing, and release. You will be feeling more empathetic giving you a deeper understanding of the world. A difficult situation may come to a swift end. No matter what shade gets thrown, your intuition sees it through. Your vision and faith will sustain you. Believe in yourself.

Set a new tone initiating fresh starts with a partner during the Cancer New Moon and Cancer Season. Talking through your differences, paves the way for harmony. Make something happen by taking on a new attitude. Set some new intentions around relationships. Seek more balance. Focus on what you love. Manifest it.

AQUARIUS – Watch for a major moment with collaboration as the Supermoon Full Moon in Sagittarius arrives in your friends with benefits and groups zone. Whatever you set your mind to you can achieve! Someone you met around the December 14, 2020 eclipse could turn out to be an important part of your hopes, dreams and wishes manifesting!

You may be inspired to shift your work-life balance during the New Moon in Cancer Season. Creative tweaks to your schedule boost productivity. Solutions are possible now. Move away from energy drains and towards wellness. Take stock of your daily life and health matters. Trust in your own timing. Manifest it.

PISCES – Take your ideas to a new level. One of the best influences you can have arrives when the Supermoon Full Moon in Sagittarius flows through your career and destiny in the world zone. A major career breakthrough, recognition or professional change may occur. Exciting opportunities arrive that you have never dreamed of! It is all coming together as it should. Your dreams will manifest this year!

Follow your artistic impulses during Cancer Season. Love will shine! Anything joyful will keep you motivated. This can be a time of a turning point with creative pursuits, self-expression, love, and children. Be loving to yourself.  You have many avenues to explore. Keep your heart open for love.


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New Expanded Affirmations

I am strong in my body and mind. I can do anything.



•    Protection, Purification, Spirituality
•    Powerful and protective stone
•    Natural stress reliever
•    Soothes irritability
•    Balance’s mood swings
•    •Dispels anger, fear, and anxiety

I aim toward seeing higher truth.


Cancers are sweet and sensitive water signs ruled by the Moon.

Moonstone – brings inspiration and positive emotions.

I cultivate heart-centered connections.

Emerald – this Cancer stone brings clairvoyance and the ability to predict the future.

I use my inner vision as fertile ground to create. 

Pearl – strengthens relationships.

I fill my cup first so I can nurture others. 

Have a joyful June! May peace, health and happiness be yours.

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