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Naked Numerology Newsletter: Written In The Stars
November 21, 2022 * Starr Report * Volume 98
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The week of Thanksgiving ushers in an outstanding New Moon in adventurous Sagittarius, on November 23, the same day Jupiter goes direct, favoring holiday travel. Good fortune Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the New Moon, that will restore optimism and bring with it a major positive vibe shift in energy.

Expansion, happiness, joy, abundance, wisdom, and fortunate outcomes are highly magnified now. Aim and shoot for the things that you want. Be open to the miracles that are coming. One of the best New Moons in 2022 awakens the wanderlust in us all.

Just ahead of the holiday season, the bright New Moon will usher in new beginnings, a time to focus on your goals and to expand your horizons. Jupiter rules wealth. There’s going to be a lot of celebrations, good news, and positive energy coming into your life now. You will receive what you need the most in a very unexpected way. Your wildest dreams can and will manifest!

Wednesday, November 23, ushers in a New Moon filled with anticipation, generosity, and hope, as it sends loving trines to beneficial ruler Jupiter and poetic Neptune, on the same day that Jupiter turns direct in Pisces.

Set your intentions on what you would like to manifest and achieve by the corresponding Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3, 2023. Expand your personal horizons. Embrace peace, love, joy, and happiness just in time for the holidays!

With the New Moon occurring in mutable Fire sign Sagittarius, 9th house matters, ruled by Jupiter (expansion), are brought to light in areas of education, politics, law, sense of adventure + personal belief systems. There is a message from the cosmos for you.

Embrace New Moon in Sagittarius: • time to expand • very dynamic •revolution • breakthrough • let’s break things up • bring in new energy • shifting things up • new opportunity • liberation from the past • fresh new cycle • get things done in a new way

With the energy of the Sagittarius New Moon, I dedicate myself to my truth. I move step by step towards my dreams. I open to my destiny. I trust in my unfolding. I breathe in the magic of the Moon and embrace limitless possibilities.

ProTip: The 7th House in Astrology Rules Relationships
Information on the types of partners you attract, and your relationship patterns are found in your Venus-ruled 7th house, which focuses on long-term partnerships, marriage, business unions and creative collaborations.

VENUS ENTERS SAGITTARIUS November 16-December 9, 2022.
Moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, romantic energy shifts from intense to light-hearted. Sagittarius love is of a more universal kind. Romantic adventures, as well as a straightforward approach to love, are on the agenda.

Time to expand. Mercury enters fortunate, bright, easy-going Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of global expansion, on November 17, as we seek to persuade others to our point of view. A little tact goes a long way. Our thinking is optimistic, and your faith increases. Be mindful.

Silver lining: With the Sun in horizon-broadening Sagittarius for the next four weeks, our focus shifts to the desire to reach out to the world—and connect with something larger than ourselves. May your faith increase to trust the process — a turning point. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic signs with a great sense of humor. This is a time to celebrate, have fun, explore, seek out adventure and embrace the unknown. Embrace the good cheer!

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”
— Mark Twain, Sagittarius

Worldly, buoyant Jupiter turns direct in compassionate Pisces after a four month retrograde. Enterprising Jupiter is in a powerful position at the moment it is stationing direct, in forward motion, creating an opportunity for expansion. Time to expand. Enjoy enhanced abundance and joy! There is a window of opportunity open wide. Go for the gold. Act on your intentions. The spirit of gratitude will be strong on the day before Thanksgiving.

I embrace my ability to create anything I want in this life. I am a beacon of light to all who seek guidance. I am open to receiving everything I could ever dream of and more. I make space for love, abundance, and prosperity to flow to and through me. I intend to make my wishes comes true.

• The year’s only New Moon in Sagittarius will impact all zodiac signs, but (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will feel it the most.
• This New Moon occurs at 1° Sagittarius, affecting people born with personal planets at 0° to 6° of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) and 28° to 29° Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) the most. Embrace the new beginnings that are unfolding.
• The New Moon in Sagittarius is trine to fortunate Jupiter, giver of gifts and good luck – Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius!


MOON TRINE JUPITER: This New Moon will assist you in feeling more balanced as you embrace gratitude, while encouraging you to go after your loftiest dreams and financial goals. You can make progress with this New Moon in fortunate trine to Jupiter! Manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

SUN TRINE JUPITER: One of the most fortunate aspects in all of Astrology brings opportunities for good fortune, prosperity, and abundance. This is an excellent opportunity to ask for a raise and make big plans. May you receive a surprise blessing. Manifest your deepest desires and wildest dreams.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE: Intuition is heightened. What has been hidden may be revealed. Use your best discretion. Artistic work is stimulating with increased creative imagination. Create and enjoy beauty, music, art, and dance. Always be optimistic and positive!

MOON CONJUNCT SUN, VENUS, and MERCURY: Venus will be in Sagittarius, along with Mercury, the New Moon, and Sun forming a stellium of positivity. With Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon) every New Moon is a chance for a new beginning. The Moon is all about emotions and the Sun (ego) is about the outer self. This meet-up creates harmony between the inner & outer self. This bond brings out your intuition and instinct. This can be a very positive time for communication, travel, signing contracts, creativity, and artistic expression. Go forward into the new energy and manifest.

MOON TRINE CHIRON: The New Moon in truth-seeking Sagittarius is trine Chiron in fiery Aries for Soul Level healing, courage, strength, ambition, and vitality. Be ready to receive. Let that bring you peace and give you hope. It is all happening for you now. Set your intentions and manifest your dreams.

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Aries – With several planets dancing through your expansion zone, focus on a specific intention around the New Moon on the 23rd, as you may be signing some important contracts. You will have the wind in your sails. Get out of your comfort zone. Open your eyes to something greater. This is the start of a brand-new phase of expansion or a journey for you. Break free of your routine by signing up for an online class. It could prove fulfilling now! Your dreams are coming to fruition.

Doors open to new horizons with the New Moon in your adventure zone of travel, expansion and risk-taking. You could get a lucrative offer to launch a new business. Manifest and believe that it can happen for you. To achieve your goals, just follow your vision.

Embrace new horizons in romance. An emotional breakthrough could bring joy. Get out of your comfort zone with Venus in your learning and spirit sector. You will be feeling eager for passion and adventure. Taking an impromptu road trip will bring joy! Trust your heart—and see what happens when you do. Open your eyes to new and exciting people, places, and things. Make future plans!

I am grateful for all the blessings I have in my life.

Taurus – You will get the green light to bolster your bond with loved ones at the New Moon on the 23rd. Your relationships may have been your primary focus for the last month. Your partner may want to explore what’s next in your relationship. You will likely shift your attention to focusing on a specific intention related to financial matters, long-term finances, and intimacy now. A joint venture could come together quickly. Manifest your dreams. Believe it!

How money comes to you through others could shift in a positive new direction with the New Moon in your shared resources and intimacy zone. Negotiate and get what you deserve. Put your words into action and share your visions until they manifest. Everyone will notice. Manifest it.

A relationship might get a boost with Venus traveling through your intimacy and money zone. Discover your passions—and your deeper desires. This is a good period for attracting the support you need in money and love. Now is a time of new beginnings—stay open to growth.

I have the power to create the life that I want.

Gemini – You will be drawn to projects best accomplished with others at the New Moon on the 23rd. Collaborating elevates your success. One relationship will be in focus with the New Moon occurring in your partnership sector. Love may well steer you to the stars. Dream big!

Stay connected to your intuition at the New Moon in your partnership zone. Think, watch, and listen carefully. Set your sights higher now. A higher power is working in your favor. Your primary relationship could get a huge boost. What is meant for you is showing up now.

You will be drawn to projects best accomplished with others as Venus transits your partnership zone. Collaborating elevates your success. Your social life gets a boost. Get ready for release into something bigger. Your willpower and determination will likely be at an all-time high. Jupiter is now in Pisces lighting your career zone and destiny in the world, and that should be going very well for you. You will experience a breakthrough from November 23-December 20. You deserve all of the recognition coming your way! Believe it!

I am ready to embrace the future.

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Cancer – Finding ways to infuse your routine with harmony comes easily at the New Moon Eclipse on the 23rd. Work, health and habits are likely to come into focus. New Moons bring events to a turning point with fresh starts. Giving voice to your emotions—proves empowering. Focus on your wellbeing.

The New Moon in Sagittarius brings new energy to your work, health, and self-care routines. You will receive a cosmic boost in your daily routine and how you feel. Think about new ways to meet your health goals. May good energy multiply in your life. Stay positive. The period for your best good fortune will be from November 23 to December 20. Manifest.

Finding ways to infuse your life with harmony comes easily with Venus traveling through your work and health zone, bringing out your natural charm and attractiveness. Work, wellbeing, habits—and routine connect to insight. Put your faith in others and enjoy the rewards!

I welcome abundance into my life.

Leo – You will be inspired to start a creative undertaking around the New Moon on the 23rd. The more you express yourself—the more you will shine! Your pleasure zone of passion, creativity and self-expression is lit, shining a spotlight on you. Let the fun back in your life. All Leos will benefit greatly from this sparkling New Moon, but those born within five days of July 25 will get double the good fortune.

Welcome to the pleasure zone of attraction! Pursue what ignites your passion. Ask yourself what you really want from life. There is a bigger plan for you. So much happiness awaits you. Enjoy expressing yourself with creative projects. Use this time for personal growth and increased wisdom. Follow your heart. Positive change fuels freedom. Manifest and live out your dreams!

You will be inspired to start creative undertakings with Venus moving into your pleasure zone. Your powers of attraction are lit. Your ideas will flow and wow others. Keep your heart open for love—you will likely be successful now. Share your feelings. Money finds its way to your door. A blessing arrives!

I am ready to welcome new opportunities into my life.

Virgo – Making memories with loves ones happens naturally around the New Moon. Making a favorite recipe can bring you joy! Consider what you need for better work-life balance, then give yourself permission to embrace it. You may be making changes to your living situation. You are entering a very magical holiday season filled with affection and romance!

Home and family take center stage over the next several weeks with the Sun, New Moon, Venus, and Mercury in your domestic sector. Use your mind and ideas to take the lead on a project. Some of you may be moving into a new home between now — and December 21st. Own your purpose. Trust the timing now. You have a very prosperous financial outlook for 2023!

Venus enters your home and family zone bringing a stronger desire for harmony on the home-front. Design your best life for everyday use. Make memories with loved ones. You are already blessed in so many ways. Boost your sense of self and abundance. Tap into your potential. Love is in the air! Virgo is the zodiac sign most likely to become engaged during the holiday season! Congratulations!

I am grateful for all the blessings I have in my life.

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Libra – Opportunities to connect with friends arrive at the New Moon on the 23rd leading to a revelation in your communication, expression, and ideas zone. A project could come to fruition. Stepping up to the plate leads to recognition. Move forward. Lead with your instinct and rely on your intuition.

Exciting news could arrive before the month ends. You could have fabulous business ideas now. Hidden information may come to light. The New Moon is in your communication zone. You may be taking a new direction. The Universe can deliver second chances. Trust your intuition and follow your own intuitive guidance.

It’s a great time to get clear on the best ways to exert your energy as your Libra Sun is compatible with the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, and ruler Venus in Sagittarius, traveling in your communication zone, bringing opportunities to connect with friends. These planets get support from compatible Saturn in Aquarius, too. You might come across a new idea. Share your thoughts and feelings. You may have a special interaction with your siblings over the weeks to come during the holidays. Live out your dreams and manifest your deepest desires. It all starts here! Embrace your social side.

I embrace my journey and each day is a fresh start

Scorpio – Set concrete but ambitious financial goals around the New Moon on the 23rd. Gather all the relevant information, then go for it! Reflect on ways your work supports your goals—or not. New Moons mark an important turning point in our lives with exciting new beginnings. Focus on what you value.

Right before Thanksgiving, good news arrives about financial stability and a cash gift! The Sun arrives in your money zone on the 22nd, joining Venus and Mercury, closing out your birthday season. An income boost is possible now, especially around the New Moon on the 23rd as opportunities open up. Use this energy to go after new goals. Move forward boldly. It’s your time. Success will be yours!

Set concrete but ambitious financial goals with Venus traveling through your money zone. Trust the process and how it’s unfolding. You are in good shape to attract the right resources into your life. Bank on intuition. Tap into your goals. Now’s the time for a new start! Get ready for a financial boost! Set a powerful intention for stepping up your cash flow.

I am open to change and new opportunities that are coming my way.

Sagittarius – It is easy to get clear on an intention at this year’s only New Moon in your sign on the 23rd, one of your most memorable days of 2022. You will be inspired to take concrete steps to make it real! Make some changes to your self-care routine. Put yourself back in the spotlight. Revelations happening are pivotal.

Wisdom will be granted to you this month. Something you’ve never considered may now be an option at the New Moon. You will want to accomplish as much as possible. Your planetary ruler Jupiter turns direct on November 23, bringing you good fortune for the rest of the year. Great things are coming for you. The focus will be on home, family, and domestic matters. Doors are opening for you to pursue your goals and plans. Believe in it!

This will be a special week for you, set a special intention and an exciting new goal! It’s easy to get clear on a very important intention with the Sun, Venus and Mercury arriving in your sign inspiring you to make it real! Explore romance, beauty, and pleasure. You may experience a burst of new inspiration, energy and feel more attractive. It’s a good time to freshen up your appearance as you may start a relationship now. Harness this amazing vibe and go for it!

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I am unique, I am talented, and I share my gifts with the people around me.

Capricorn – You may be feeling meditative around the New Moon on the 23rd. Taking time to tune into your heart can prove insightful. Your zone of closure, mystical soul secrets, privacy and solitude is lit—there may be a sudden turning point. Devoting more time to self-reflection will have you feeling more grounded and vital. Hone your intuitive abilities.

It’s a great time to pause and for introspection. Lie low and recharge your batteries. You may be reflecting on a major decision about your relationship. With Jupiter turning direct in your sector of intellect and communications, progress in these matters should improve through the end of the year.

Taking time to tune into your heart can prove insightful as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus travel through your soul secrets zone. Take some time for yourself. Relax and restore your energy. Look back before you move forward. Past commitments come full circle. Stay connected to your intuition. Progress around creative projects should improve for you until the end of the year. There may be potential for a leadership position that could shine a light on your future. December will be a simply magical holiday time for you.

I let go of any limitations that are holding me back from living my true potential.

Aquarius – Initiate an exciting group project around the New Moon on the 23rd. A collaborative spirit lays the groundwork for success. Make a commitment to a longtime aspiration. New Moons bring new beginnings. You may be stepping into an important new role or making a Soulmate Connection. Go for it!

When the New Moon arrives on November 23 life starts to bring more enjoyment. You may be considered as the top choice for a promotion or other major opportunity. Jupiter will bring more good fortune your way throughout the rest of the year, as it turns direct the same day as the New Moon. If you reach for the stars now, you might reach them, so show off your skills now.

Initiate an exciting group project as the Sun, Mercury and Venus arrive in your friends, groups, hopes and wishes zone. A collaborative spirit lays the groundwork for success. Your social life becomes lively now. Connect with like-minded people who are kindred spirits. You may receive praise for a job well done now, which could put you in the spotlight. Money seems to be on the way. Anything you do now is likely to bring a lucrative, positive outcome. This is about you. Go for it!

I have unlimited potential and I am ready to share it with the world.

Pisces – Step into the spotlight on a project at the dazzling New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd. People you respect will applaud your efforts! A revelation around a major life goal is illuminated with an unexpected turning point. Seek the positive in what is in front of you. Be your limitless self and own your life path.

With a New Moon arriving in your professional sector, the tide is turning. Your career prospects are looking better. Doors are opening for a promotion or a new job. You may be inspired to create an ambitious new plan.

Glow up! There is good news arriving with Jupiter turning direct in your sign at the New Moon, planet of good fortune and miracles, as projects move forward now. Build the life of your wildest dreams! It will be over a decade before you have ancient ruler Jupiter in your sign again once it leaves on December 20, 2022.

There’s a magical feeling in the air. Step into the spotlight as the Sun, Venus and Mercury arrive in your career zone bringing a chance to find more pleasure in your work. You could land a promotion, or a job offer with financial benefits! Own your path and your choices. Your efforts will be recognized soon—it’s time to shine!

I love myself and I respect myself.

Affirm Sagittarius New Moon:
I am fearlessly following my dreams. I release the fear of imperfection. The Universe is working with me to improve my circumstances. Find peace in the present. I am evolving. It’s all about to happen for me.


AMETHYST – Protection, Purification, Spirituality, Powerful and protective stone, Natural stress reliever, Soothes irritability, Balances mood swings, Dispels anger, fear and anxiety. Working with stress-relieving crystals are a wonderful way to keep you relaxed and grounded.

I am sustained by my passionate, loving spirit.

TURQUOISE – Used as a sacred stone, Turquoise helps with personal power, luck, and prosperity. “Turquoise’s message: True communication is about more than words, and turquoise can help achieve this. Carrying a piece of turquoise will help keep you centered, and wearing it improves all the senses, including the sixth sense.”

My boundaries are firm but flexible enough to allow for love.

Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 24. when we get in touch with gratitude. So grateful for you! Thank you for subscribing and supporting my work.

Remind yourself daily to give thanks and show gratitude for all that you have.
• be kind
• be thoughtful
• be genuine
• but most of all
• be thankful

I am grateful for all that I see, know and experience. I am grateful to be.

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Love is in the flow of the stars. The Universe is making some great alignments for you. Manifest and work diligently in November to achieve your loftiest goals and aspirations. Imagine the best for yourself. You are already on your way to what’s meant for you. Begin your journey and watch magical things unfold in your life. You’re about to receive abundantly! December will be filled with blessings.

Have a magical New Moon in Sagittarius. I am grateful for you.

Wishing you love, light and laughter – always and in all ways.


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